Babylon Mystery Lady

I’m not sure what to do with this, there seem to be a bunch of my photos missing and I’ll have to re-do them and this one is especially important and was very difficult for me to find, I don’t know why since it’s only by William Blake and I looked through Blake books alot and found it elsewhere but all my materials keep getting “lost” and disappeared and then I found it again and all my materials got disappeared and then I got onto computer a little frequently in 2017 and found this again, maybe through the Wikipedia, and now it’s disappeared from my photo library somehow. I don’t have any immediate use for it now but I have to have it in the library for adding new information or write-ups, so while I’m trying to figure out what all to do about everything I’ll leave it here because it’s this same Armageddon promise-threat, that they’re taking over, and what she’s sitting on with all those heads all over it is like poor little me, and then there are all those souls that the torture-heads are eating, while going, ooh ooh, Julie-queen, look how beautiful. (4/2019)