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Sir Henri Deterding, big international oilman, 1866-1939.File:Henri Wilhelm August Deterding.jpg

Nederlands: Henri Wilhelm August Deterding (1866-1939) was directeur-generaal van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Petroleum Maatschappij en directeur-generaal van het Koninklijke Shell Concern.
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I can’t yet find a public domain photo of,  Sidney Gottlieb, the government’s big “Dr. LSD” I’d nickname him but it occurred to me last night that maybe he’d “come from,” been from a spawn by Sir Henri Deterding, where I think alot of this specific “fraud-family” from the Bronx curse came onto me from, and when you look up Sidney Gottlieb it seems he was from the Bronx, August 1918, passing March 7, 1999 somewhere, so I thought I’d set the 2 big figures together here on the excuse of the “Limitless” protagonist’s mentioning Getty Oil, which is another bad subject for me, that that seems like a real global-system-company stereotype or stereotype-set there also, and there’s some difficulty with all the photos that they have copyright too that’s too complicated for me to be able to figure out, that they seem to have most of the good ones and different rules for different ones, where maybe I’d accidentally use something that you can only use if you pay some fee and I can’t pay anything to anyone so I just have to ignore all their pictures but they have lots of the hard-to-find ones. The “Limitless” protagonist mentions the oil company in connection to ESPN just after an early MDT-48/NZT- blackout and then the central mystery of the novel during another blackout that same foray out while under the effects.

I don’t know how legal the links are, to Mad Scientist Blog there’s a file on the famous/infamous Dr. Gottlieb, from the Bronx.

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Dr. Sidney Gottlieb’s approval of an w:en:MKULTRA subproject on LSD.

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(that looks like a Kaiser Wilhelm II reference to me and I can’t be sure it isn’t some error.)