sherry s., 3/22/16




temporary address,, please don’t give-out this peculiar current address because of all my horror-LURE problem-set! 20018, and the 443-630 defuncto number


pob 531, carrollton 44615 OH

March 22, 2016, Tuesday

Dear Ms. Shriner,

I hope i’m not bothering you by any of my own bad luck, i try to warn anyone before they naively get involved because i’m stuck with always trying to look for assistance and i’ve got super-big “Watchers” and shadow-world problems, if you check that UniverseRescue-attempt blog-/website i’m trying to get started, especially its “ScienceFiction” file, and then i’ve got small files on facebook and twitter too, kathleen foshay @ kathy foshay.

I’m 60 years old and have hardly ever had a chance to use computers because of all this world’s-worst problem-set i’ve got but i was able to use one for a little bit from july to november and then i got hit by a car and am still in “nursing care,” so please be extremely careful not to get too involved, but while allowed to use a computer and desperately-as-usual looking for assistance with my unique problem-set i’d noticed, briefly only, your website and had jotted this address because it


seems you’re an innovative person and maybe you’d have some website-starting advice for me, so this is the first time i’ve had to write, just now supposed to be getting 7 hours a week to go out and get out to use a library-computer or another for that little while, and check my voicemail that once a week also, if you’d be able to respond to this.

I really didn’t get a chance to read any of your work but i noticed the website was nice and colorful and you have some sort of a way of getting shareware-style type donations; maybe you’d had a bright-green “Donate!” button and anything like that is what i’m trying to get installed but now i’ve been away from access to any computer to speak of since 11/19/15, and i’ve been trying to contact PayPal Inc. about how i might be able to get them to work with my peculiar circumstances, because it isn’t really safe for people to try to contact me, really, so i’m hoping paypal might have some idea so people wouldn’t have to donate directly () though a button, “Donate!: on the UniverseRescue-attempt small site, these “Watchers” that I’ve got always keeping me like a ghost-prisoner and i don’t know what happens to people

p.3 of 3

who try to contact me, everything really horror science-fiction heretofore in my life, but i have to keep trying to reach responsibly-behaving life anyhow, so now this little note to you. God help me for real, i hate, dislike very much to burden strangers, but i’ve got to (no) access to a map or anything too much right now, so i can’t find out how close carrollton is to cincinnati, as coincidentally or whatever the guy who’d been driving the car that hit me’s insurance company is called cincinnati insurance companyies, of cincinnati finance companies or some such, i might as well mention in case you’re anywhere near there, as i’m totally serious about this universerescue-attempt and there’s no telling what might come in handy toward that. but don’t get involved if you don’t feel comfortable after looking at the material if you do, and etc. for all this verbiage.

i couldn’t get anything but a little 2005 if-card photo (of me) uploaded so far but i just look average or small, dark-haired and wear eyeglasses, little photo in the flyer hand-out examples i’d posted where i also had that unfortunately scapegoated-girl’s picture too, me trying to get in touch with her for mutual-assistance but i hadn’t realized she had/has those tattooes all up both her arms. i figure she was tricked into that, poor dear, and i could just keep trying to explain but don’t want to alienate you. Any suggestion let me hear by email or whatever. Love, kathy foshay,

p.s. on the back of page 2’s space:

p.s., i neglected to try to credit and explain that photo-picture. it’s from a 1980s book, pittsfield, massachusetts, looked up on the web that

from tank town to high tech (left blanks and filled in_,” by

now the picture doesn’t look like either of those ladies? spooky. The book’s mostly about the G.E. Company there in Pittsfield. I’ve been trying to track this mural down but pittsfield has many murals. to me this has alot of symbolism and i like it but the book was extremely boring. i have some material on this subject too i’m trying to disperse. please excuse the handwriting and used papers.