letter to the Seekers Church

5/3/17, Dear Seekers Church, I”m desperate for a safe bed for myself and am hoping you might have or know of something that’s available for getting me transferred out of this shelter at the former DC General Hospital location, by the Stadium Armory Metro station-area. I’ve written to you 3 times I think but kept sending the emails to question@seekers instead of this new address I’ll try to try today. I’ve been writing hundreds of letters to people and groups here since 2005 that the system has me stranded at the bottom of how it’s been getting those “Armageddon” threats at the back of the Bibles snuck-through and I’m always unable to get through to anyone. I’d gotten tricked out to a shelter in Maryland and hit by a car and now realize that there’d never been any police report, that the police report was about some trick-staged car-hit one block away to get it mixed-up with the real accident onto me and I got out of about 7 months in nursing care and have been stuck at this Catholic Charities shelter by the Anacostia and suspect it was set up to be that actual Inferno-site and I just can’t get me and this “Armageddon Program” safely out of the place without any human assistance for me ever anywhere, that it’s very dangerous also to get involved in this. Because of that I’ve been trying to hear back from you before sending you my blogsite address where all these various interlocking problems are described as well as I can do so far, but all I can offer is a percentage of what donations I could get if I ever get a safe address for people to contact me safely by, and the same even with my email address/es:


and UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail.com and the less-secure kathyfoshay2@gmailcom.

I’d first heard about you when I’d been able to use a computer at that shelter in Kensington and I’d signed onto Twitter and there were a couple of little ditty-poems from Mr. S***** but they’d disappeared and in trying to find out what he meant or knew about “Capital Hill Kathy Foshay” in those ditties I’d learned about you and then at N Street Village this past year I’d tried to get this note through to him last November but there hasn’t been any reply:

((Dear Mr. S.,

Around Sept. 2005 I’d signed up for Twitter and you’d sent some little poem-ditty like “Capitol Hill Kathy Foshay” but it disappeared and I wasn’t able to reach you thereafter, where it seemed you obviously know something at least about this horror-situation of mine where none of it is voluntary, just the opposite, I have the worst situation in the world, being used for what I figure will end up in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION that I’m always writing to people about but, as with you, I never get to discuss this or hear back from anyone. I’m totally destitute and have to get myself out of this horrifying LURE abuse-situation I’m in but as far as I can tell my letters for help are twisted for disappearing people so that I have to be careful that no one gets endangered by letters like this or uses them for endangering others, which is my biggest problem, is how this system’s been  getting itself supported for way long now, decades, maybe back to 1964 even. I’ve no idea what sort of thing you might think about this “Capitol Hill” business but if you’d be interested in getting the system exposed and straightened out please find a way to get in touch with me.))

— that was accidentally a draft of the letter, the finished one went:

Nov. 22, 2016

Dear Mr. S.,

About Sept. 2015 I’d joined Twitter and saw a ditty-poem from you that went “Capital Hill Kathy Foshay…” but I hadn’t had a chance to read the rest and couldn’t get in touch with you to try to find out what you’ve heard about my situation, which is the worst situation in the world, no exaggeration. I’m stranded in this “petroleum-LURE”  and have virtually been so back to 1964, and was used like a “lucky charm” for that 1962 “French Connection” narcotics-scam the movie was based on, where that had real-life ended up near the Bronx Zoo and involved this unreal “fraud-family” F. that’s been mass-reproduced all over the place for the collapse of the normal world and Western civilization, no exaggeration. I’ve got some letters out to the government and a few other places for trying to get me any sort of witness protection or protective custody possible because I’m too destitute to survive another winter here like this, as this LURE-trick object, but the underworld must be forbidding anyone’s interfering back all of my life and these letters-for-assistance have been the worst trick of this LURE as normal people see what I’m saying and would like to assist me and get intercepted by these sadistic underworld “brain-eaters” as they basically are, of different types working together, etc. My belief is that the system/global-system comes from people with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with dependence on hallucinogens, whose ancestors had forced their way over Beringia prematurely and “accidentally” extincted the dinosaur, the situation snowballing to where they won’t quit till Earth’s extincted, but I’m just stuck used as a LURE-gimmick. I always offer 10-50% of future-profit to any group that helps me out of this LURE, but there’s personal danger.

In January I’d tried, Dear Seekers Church,

I’m offering 30% of future-profit to any person or group that has a safe place I can stay till I can receive income from either my blogsite or this incident where I was hit by a car in late 2015, me now 61 years old. I don’t have any secure way that people could voluntarily send funds to me, that could then be shared with anyone who’d assisted me, because I have this extremely bizarre “underworld” situation and I can’t yet give you my blogsite’s address because the material is too “controversial” and easity taken out of context but please look over the samples enclosed and see if your group or any individual in it could try to work with me a little this winter. I’d stayed at the hostel next to you in Oct.-Nov. 2000 when it was called India House Too and that John Muhammad-Lee Malvo DC-Sniper from Takoma spree had occurred as I was leaving here for NY, but I’d would up back here and homeless since 2005. Chaplain Cynthia brought a note on all this from N Street to Mr. S. with you but I didn’t get a response from him and figure she’d have some/a conflict-of-interest if I asked her to assist me: (then page samples on some of all this were supposed to be enclosed in a pdf.)

The only “good” thing I’ve got is that I’d finally noticed that this “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” that the system’s core people have got that I posit had come from an accident-set in taking newborns across the trek from Siberia into Alaska and the New World, that infants’ heads had gotten freeze burns that caused the developmental disability that resulted in the “sign” of black hair and now I’ve noticed this place called the “Sylvian fissure” and lateral sulcus on the left side of the head, that it’s actually a scar from that freeze-burn “hole’s” being healed but the brain being re-organized into all this language-ability that we’ve got instead of the intended flying and other abilities we’d been expected to achieve so that we’d be “breaking through” the sound barrier/ozone layer naturally, and such bizarre circumstances as that that our present “civilization” is made up of. This car-hit in Maryland seems to have all kinds of the religions’ being peripherally around it. The religions seem to mostly be nepotism-based ways of warmongering for food. If you’d assist me to be able to sit and use the Takoma library equipment for some safe while till I can get some sort of money-assistance in for myself we might be able to get this planet-destroying situation straightened out, but out there at that Anacostia shelter I’ve hardly got any breathing air at night and have been getting weaker every day as I get to sporadically do a little looking-up about it and I think the area really was intended for the Inferno-attack and that in fact this whole place was long-ago given to “Colombia” underworld, called New Grenada back then, for this big drug-problem I keep trying also to explain about and that this Bronx- “French Connection” problem I’ve got is all about working with that decapitation-industry, and the whole global-situation could possibly get straightened out if anyone would assist me, alone out here with that book of Rev’s being done off of me being ignored like this and writing these letters to strangers all these years, and the LURE-abuse since about 1964. I hope to hear a reply that maybe you could find me a quiet place to sit and work as I’m trying to get up to Smith College in Massachusetts to read letters of a lady that might have explained alot of these connections back around from 1890-1940 or so are stored up there and I’m trying to get there right away. I maybe have an Earned Income Credit tax refund coming in soon that I could go do that on while trying to get a safe address for donors to the real-life Universe Rescue-attempt so that these brain-damage cover-up obsessed mere childhood Autists don’t get us all extincted gratuitously. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

7/7/17, I’m still desperate for a different shelter-bed and didn’t receive any response from you. I’d like to be able to use the library branch in Takoma. I’ll try to give you a call on Tuesday. If you click-on the highlighted “kathyfoshay” under the 1st line here you should be able to see a copy of the whole blogsite, instead of just the Read More for this letter. Hope to hear from you. Kathy Foshay