Botany = 1st They Extincted the Normal Drug Plants, then began this selling +

Parnassus, by Mantegna They extincted the normal drug-plants 1st.pdf

The sign says: I always don’t get a chance to mention that the system-people’s ancestors had EXTINCTED most of the planet’s normal plant-drugs, and that’s why “everybody” is tricked into this seeming-acceptance of what I’ve been calling this “brain-eating,” because the normal psychotropics or hallucinogenic-bearing plants have been disappeared over the millennia since the original disobedience of crossing over Beringia prematurely had led to this Autism developmental disability and recuperating in dinosaurs’ nests had led to “addiction” to hallucinogenic plants and toads and mushrooms and that had led to the psychopathy of eliminating the dinosaurs’ young in competition/greed for that babyfood mash.

Previously I’d jotted: They seem to have damaged the botany all around the world that the subject is really made difficult to learn anything about, it purposely obfuscated. That Linnean I think it’s spelled maybe, business I couldn’t figure out why everything’s so complicated and I suspect that it’s to cover-up that they’ve been tearing-up the flora, besides also that they want to keep everything just to themselves. The botany makes the air. Those plants take in nitrogen and release oxygen is how it goes?

And now the dessication of that whole, like a wide scar on the Earth from the West Sahara desert clear through that Cappadocia area to the Gobi and northeast of there, area reminded me that I’m always trying to bring up that the planet’s Botany seems to have been all torn up and ruined and sabotaged for Earth’s purposes, by this “bizarre” system we’re in, that I’m now tracing to this “Consortium” that’s living off of running this global-system off of this victimization with me at the bottom of itself somehow, however that’d worked out to be this situation. I cannot “make head nor tail” of the botany books, and I think that’s because the subject has all been sabotaged, and the system overlooks that enormous scar on the earth like it’s nothing, as an example of how out of touch with reality whatever they are are, heading us toward gratuitous TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as the only “cure” they’ll permit for their insanities. Then just getting to the library for today now I noticed this book and I might try to take a picture of this cover, will try to go do and send that now I guess: russell1russell , blame game, adam and eve shannon wheeler cartoon, I can’t, I have to wait a bit and get back, getting the signal that time isn’t being extended now and the cellphone has to turn on yet; I’ll try to send it and get back.


See where this book cover say “Mark Russell” right above l — there; that’s the guy that had written the “God Is Disappointed In You” book that its illustrator Shannon Wheeler drew this cartoon that illustrates what I’m trying to describe in this TPE-situation here on Earth where the “Counselor” would represent this “Jomon” race of people, the guy the Autists and the girl “normals” like myself, but I’m trying to explain that that’s her “normal” mate then in that basket next to her there, the “serpent” I guess that that is in the cartoon but in the real-life earth situation I’m alone in/with that’s what became of the “normal” males that were her normal male complement, family and mates, boyfriends, husbands, what’s become of the normal males as this “invisible warfare” has sneak-“disappeared” the “normals.” The caption reads that they both have to quit playing blame-game but when I tried to look up the owners of the copyright to the cartoon and also there is the chapter on the book of revelation and a few other cartoons that I can use as examples toward trying to try to get the earth all out of this TPE, the search-engine indicated that Mr. Russell had passed and the photos of Mr. Wheeler looked alot like the example in that book cover on L. Ron Hubbard’s “Doomed Planet” example I use because it looks alot like someone I’d known in a situation that was then connected to all this “Armageddon Show/Program” horror, so that I’d just backed off from using this cartoon till I could get a chance to write to the publishing group about getting in touch for a permission to use this which I do not have, but, this is just what I’m talking about about the “misleading” those “new people,” the Jomon now I’m tracing them to but have been referring to them as the “generational-slave #2” -type, the whole “You Were Wrong,” Merchant of Venice et al. 2 files being on this “Counselor” here type, and then the boy the “Autist” example, and I suspect that there they’re “arguing” over that the girl had tried to teach the boy by making like a writing-exercise book, In the beginning… sort of the thing and when the boy became unmanageably bringing his new “Neanderthal”-buddies to the girl’s house more or less the situation was out of control and he was asked to leave but demanded that he keep the book and an argument had ensued and that’s what’s being discussed in the office, who gets the book? And the argument “overlooks” the dead male family members there, the basket-now cases, and, I have to leave the library for the day right now too. Then the “Digging Dinosaurs” example is of this same “Counselor” -type and he’s dealing with the “rope” at his feet subject that’s come up with the Jomon pottery and the picture is clearly reminiscent of the “Ghent Altarpiece,” that rock behind him. Then under that I’ve got the quick example of the Babar that turn out to probably be the regular original Ainu people, a hybrid between the females of the Counselor’s Hokkaido type and the Autists. Sorry I have to turn this off now, have to make a post of it real quick too.

the Blame-game cartoon

Jack Horners "Digging Dinosaurs" book cover, 3-book set circa 2005

11/12, thrash and bashing me around, some trick now with opening the library a little late. I don’t have a watch to tell what the time is unless I turn the cellphone on and that takes about 2 minutes so I seldom bother and thereby didn’t realize they did a delay in opening this place, as the “magic” gets all its pieces for the “script” around me into place, till I sat down and saw it was 1:19, 1:23 now.

Vulcan, that main figure in this detail from the Capitol dome’s “The Apotheosis of Washington” ceiling painting. They did the railroads and then onto the subways and public transportation systems.

Then I think they’re “allegorically” represented by the Professor character in the 1960’s “Gilligan’s Island” TV program, this only picture I could find taken from (the late) actor Russell Johnson’s memoir but again it’s a subject I have yet to be able to write for a permission on, but I’ve hunted hard for a representative picture and this is about the only one with the 3 main “types” in it.

Back to the author Mark Russell from Portland before I get too far away from what I’m trying to get done in the shorter Sunday amount of time period today, and that’s first to mention that this short story by Mark Russell in that recently-published “City of Weird” book is hysterical, to a Prehistory-nerd like me, a short piece of letters to the editor of a 30,000 BC newspaper on the pros and cons of the invention of fire for cooking. This is exactly on my subject of all this Autists-to-TPExtinction situation we’re really in. I figure that when the long-lost and brain-damaged Autists found their way from their New World extincting-homebase to where the Old World peoples had been busy and they got some food from the Old World peoples they have never quit “mooching” then is the situation we’re in, that the developmentally disabled people tasted cooked meat and they didn’t know how to hunt for themselves or how to make fires and so they have always parasited to be fed.

While I was trying to type that all kinds of disturbance is being made for poor little innocuous me, part of the opening the door a few minutes late just to set me off on a poor start, where I’ve got all these other difficulties going on, but I wanted to get this early-starting point mentioned that it WAS from tasting cooked meat that this nonstop-obsession with cadging-onto the “normal” people that we’re still in, as with the system’s doing this book of Revelation and other world-takeover prophesies off of bothering tiny me all my life and still it’s like I wake up into this world doing battle against me every day for “no reason” whatsoever. The developmentally disabled people wanted to be fed first by the dinosaurs because the babyfood had the hallucinogens mixed in it and then when they tasted cooked meat they went like gaga for that and have been parasites ever since. I can’t continue this because of all the micro-horror confusion they’ve set off since I’d started trying to get back to this file with the shortened time today I can’t hardly get anything done, I’m supposed to be typing all those letters to that car-hit “Judge Morrissey” so I can quit having to keep the paper-copies, hand-copies that aren’t legible to anyone but me, and every day I can’t get to that yet.

— while I have only a few minutes and we’re on the Prehistory subject I want to get mentioned that after people had been feeding the smiling, innocuous-seeming small-sized feral-like strangers on and off for however long this went on for before then there was organized invasion, all the normal people ever got back is that the feral people wanted to crawl on the people for “relief” of their privates and then they wouldn’t “bury” their excrement as I figure people had generally covered theirs with dirt and the combination makes soil out of the plain dirt and then vegetation “magically” grows from soil, but the feral Autists couldn’t understand the burying process and preferred to mostly throw it at the others and in trying to teach them toileting practise they would only smile and then proceed to do it their own way of using the stuff like a weapon and when you’ve patiently shown someone around 3000 times how they should bury their own excrement instead of throwing it at yourself then, like the dinosaurs, you eventually get worn out from having patience with the smiling little-sized people and one day one person exasperatedly accidentally showed too hard and “kicked” some sand or dirt in the Autists’ face, and that became that beach bully kicking sand in the face of the 99-pound weakling boy who then seethes with how to get back at the big laughing guy but it wasn’t anything like that at all, it’s this Autism, a real hardware “glitch” that I’ve traced to that infection of the ventricle after big accident-set because they’d forced their way over Beringia, they got freeze burns to the sides of the head that made a hole and inner-brain fluid leaked out and was accidentally packed with “warm” packing that left a worse infection that’s somehow evolutionarily kept alive by this bizarre “Brave New World” “growing” people from disembodied ovae “method” they’ve been doing for around 600 years. I think it’s related to the “Fountain of Youth” of Ponce de Leon and I’m hoping to be able to research that and inter-connected goings on, but right now I have to sign off, still always hoping that anyone would find a way to real-life get some English/human-speaking person to assist me with all this but don’t even try because, for example, Ponce de Leon’s “Jomon race” that he’d come from I’m gathering have been lifetime-using/abusing me as being their LURE method by which they’ve been clearing the earth of whatever’s left of any normal people so don’t even try, as desperate as I am it’s the biggest part of this invisible warfare torture to know that the bums all live off of intercepting anyone who tries to contact me for any reason whatsoever, even just a passing interest in me as a female or anything so I can’t even ask for assistance yet but I’m working on being in a position where it wouldn’t be dangerous for any normal person to be able to assist me with this real Universe rescue-attempt because these “Jomon” and all their allies just do not care about anything except themselves as far as I’ve ever been able to learn about or see, like right now, etc. -30-

11/16, Thursday, I don’t think I got to that trying to learn to cook led to the fire-making pyromania that is likely how the planet’s botany has gotten all changed in addition to just the drug-plants’ all being scarfed to extinction. I have to try to check on that datura plant, if it’s possible it’d grown in japan, and then there is the question of why cherries would mostly be there, that they’re native to japan and not elsewhere, i should check on. then there’s the shoe-making, that i suspect what’d happened is that the Autists kept leaving the excrement around so that people complained of stepping into it first thing every morning, like a gift-trick and the burying-it lessons never worked and instead the Autists told their new Jomon friends that “the others complained” about the mere excrement so the Jomons maybe had begun the shoemaking industry and said to give the others that pair they’d made for feet protection like in exchange for the error by the Autists, to make up for that inconvenience, and from there there’s been no end to the cursed and blessed goings-on, the shoes cursed that they became “shows” now, as that’s just the language, that I describe as being the “lingo-wingo-dingo” of the Autists’ world’s twist on most of the vocabulary into some other language, just one of the examples where shoes and shows they have mixed in mind.

The horror-circus off of me by which they have this happy -seeming global-system is like in full swing on the gimmick of that run-out prescription, the “medical-trick,” it’s what they’ve been doing all these years and I have to wait till after the weekend to see if that’s all it will take to get back to normal but in the meantime it’s nothing except feces-horror all over me. based on that the Jomon do the ropes-trick around my torso like on that Columbus Memorial fountain.

That little figure in front, she’s like tied to the prow for hauling those bums to the Capitol, they use me just like that, with hallucino-ropes “tied” all around my torso.

By Lorado Taft, in front of the Union Station here.

It’s 11/16 and I have to sign off, —



File:Portrait of Andrew W. Mellon.jpg

Andrew W. Mellon, 1922, Wikimedia Commons, public domain because published before 1923.

Image result for public domain images of the painting titian's schoolmaster

Titian’s Schoolmaster, (NG of Art,) by Moroni, circa 1525,

My point is really to find/show similarities between this anonymous portrait subject and the Flexner brothers from Louisville, Kentucky to New York and New Jersey circa 100 years ago and less, but curiosity drove me to get a picture of Ponce de Leon and it’s oversized, maybe I’ll have to delete it soon, and then I’ve been curious about Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Dept. of the Treasury who’d donated the “The Turk/Man In Oriental Costume” and the whole National Gallery of Art to this country, the U.S., in the lower-left corner there,

(collage of this “stereotype/race.”)

because their Armageddon is killing me off possibly with basically all the usual tactics, so that I’m feeling really desperate to summarize that these were probably the Japan-evolved anonymous “Jomon culture” and the Autists found and misled them through the Autist obsession for fellatio, that the whole world is going to die just for that Prehistory-time difficulty gone amok with “s***-power” only.

also i have to get mentioned that Steinbeck’d written a short story, St. Katy the Pig, that seems to be allegory for my “type.”

Bennett Young described burial mounds six miles from Louisville on Bardstown Pike,

31st Street and Portland Canal artifacts

cache of artifacts found in Louisville opposite Sand Island, mentioned by Rafinesque

artifacts at High and 26th Streets

File:Picture of Abraham Flexner.jpg

Abraham Flexner, 1910, from The World’s Work, contributed by WM Hollinger to Wikimedia Commons, and from Elias Goldensky from a 1913 The World’s Work his brother Simon Flexner, the Flexner family of Louisville, Kentucky,

File:Picture of Simon Flexner.jpgandFile:Simon flexner.jpgand from Popular Science monthly 1912 and Wikimedia or Creative Commons, me as usual running out of time, this well-known photo of Simon Flexner, here because they were both very influential over Florence Sabin and it’d come up yesterday that they’d both guided the publication of that odd biography on her mentor Franklin Mall and I’m realizing that it was like a curse then on all published biographies because there wasn’t any mention of his wife and children in it, which had shocked me so I’ve been trying to figure out why she’d just not mentioned that whole part of his life, was she crazy or what,File:PSM V81 D622 Simon Flexner.pngbut now I’m pretty sure it was just planned sabotage not only of her but from the Jomon culture onto the whole country. And it’s looking like maybe from Ponce de Leon the “Consortium” had founded cells of themselves along the Ohio River, where Louisville is, with big film maker DW Griffith coming from nearby Bardstown. (11/28, Now I read in a January 1934 letter from Florence to her sister Mary that it was Mrs. (Mabel Glover) Mall’s request that the family be left out of the biography, her demand or whatever. I find this to be really interesting because it seems to be all wrapped up then with all this torture-set to me, which is going to wind the planet up as though nothing had every lived, which worries me.)

ck John R. Hardin and Herbert Maass circa 1939 with Abraham Flexner and Einstein.


Under the subject of the “Lingo Wingo Dingo” Autist-linguistics should be that they seem to have the word Public mixed up with licking pubes and therefore then they’ve got the word Publish similarly in the mix-up that they don’t have much in common with my way of thinking and that leads to this peculiar view of copyright that’s difficult to get straightened out because they’ve invented the legal and medical and other fields to suit their world-takeover by “making” people from fertilizing disembodied ovaries. Similarly I’m thinking the word “fountain” is translate-interpreted as being f’= for, f ‘; oun = own, f’ own; tain, ta in, ta= goodbye, in = inside, under the ground or behind public somehow.

I’m thinking alot of it maybe comes from that they’d, also, stolen Cappadocia from its original owner/builders, that they’d invaded and taken it from those unknown people maybe, who’d been attempting to hide from the invaders. Similarly there’s the pyramids. I think I’d have to actually be there to see how they are in their real setting to get a feel for the situation, but I’ve long wondered the Pyramid originals were from people trying desperately to make a way to keep their babies safe from the invaders, to stick the kids up there out of reach, and use them for look-out places too but when invaded then grab the kids and put them up there, then they tried digging hideaways in Cappadocia and no matter what you do these anonymous invaders come unrelentingly after you and anything you’ve got. I have to leave for the day again already, 11/18/17.

(11/25/17, Saturday)

cages2.pdf  I found this in a book I’m leery to be citing and noticed that the photo is a govt. one so that itself is public domain. Anything published is actually in the public domain, that that’s what publish means, and it’s out there for community discussion, but everything is backwards, etc. I’m too downhearted so am trying to get some old keyboarding done but it’s important to me that I get mentioned that this “invisible-torture” to myself seems to be that I’m kept in some sort of a “magic” -made cage for like spectator viewing circus that I can’t see, but there have been alot of clues or hints that I’m kept like that, like that candle-set is inside of the see-through case. That business was in 1979 while the Iran hostage crisis was going on and that’s heavily a part of all this “Revelation” business, etc. I want to mention that if I could proceed with my look into the Ponce de Leon and his “fountain of youth” business that I think was for people-growing that there’s also the aspect that the Autists and their Jomon-partners were trying to claim (and succeeded for the most part I guess,) all the nice-climated places for themselves, after millennia of being trapped in cold and out of the way seclusions they went to some opposite extreme and discovered and wanted all the nice places for themselves so that I believe that de Leon and then Henry Flagler and the railroad people had cut off entry into Florida by setting up boundaries across the north of Florida from say the St. Augustine east coast to the west coast of Florida, bullying-ways that people couldn’t cross from the north to live in the good climate that way and that if my thesis on that is correct then they were likely only repeating their standard pattern of doing that sealing off areas for themselves and that that had started with doing that to Africa, maybe where that little town Eliat is or some such, setting up to seal off from visitors into Africa way back maybe in the so-called Dark Ages, which might have had to do with caging people also. I’m thinking to start a file called Private or Censored or the like for things that I’m too small to be able to address openly yet like with this photo, found (finally) in Joseph Telushkin’s 2014 “Rebbe” book about the late Menachem M. Schneerson, me just reading a little more of it now to notice that it was perhaps himself who was/is supposed to be the “messiah.” There’s a big theme where I’ve been since the car accident actually with or of people who have that specific slant to their features, that he’d had under his later-life beard, what I’ve been calling then being of the Babar or now “Ainu” type of people, pronounced eye-noo, that the Rebbe was of and I hadn’t realized that till finding this book recently. This “Armageddon Show/Program” comes from there near him in Brooklyn and especially it’s from Coney Island, that when I saw that beach I just loved being there and then this “visions and voices/Armageddon Show” had started while I was there, but there was a “warm-up” to it that had started a little earlier and I’d gone “To Brooklyn With Spirit” then, but I’m not even supposed to be typing today, just doing the old keyboarding.

11/26/17, Sunday, all kinds of computer problems, the internet allegedly going out while I’m learning about some problem onto the email. Etc.

11/27, from Wikimedia Commons, Pinturicchio’s The Disputation of St. Catherine, painted on the Borgia Apartment walls in the Vatican, circa when Alexander VI started as pope there, in 1492, the main figure figured to be his daughter Lucrezia. I’m sticking it here real quick because it’s a public domain copy due to its age as opposed to the close-up that I’ve used where I have to track down that book I’d gotten it from way across town now I think:

File:Pinturicchio - St Catherine's Disputation - WGA17820.jpg

From a book called The Artist, the Philosopher, the Soldier, approximately.

but I’m thinking Lucrezia looks like or brings to my mind Juan Ponce de Leon, and to coordinate the dates of their lives isn’t easy for me and I have to sign off right now too, but I’m wondering if with the new “fountain of youth” made from disembodied ovaries if Lucrezia and Juan weren’t close-related biologically. This line of thought would run into eventually that about Ira Levin’s horror stories including that “The Stepford Wives,” that the Autist-Jomon relationship was/is largely fellatio-obsessed and in business together for growing people and 50% of people come out women, so maybe Lucrezia or Juan was from the other, Lucrezia a female-version of a Jomon, and in raising their own Autist-loving females over the centuries we’ve then got this “Stepford Wives” type of happy beautiful women, except that they’re from this underworld “fountain of youth” consortium of the brain damaged brain eating brain invaders that do their world-takeover off of harassing me all my life to this point.– This example of El Greco’s mass-reproductions:

File:El Greco - The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.JPG“The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” Spain, south of Madrid and El Greco from Crete’s Toledo, Spain base. The planet was meant to feed people self-mass-reproduced unnaturally like that/this and it’s this whole way we’re living in/under, “Brave New World” and them self-evolving themselves.

(11/29, Wed.,) I guess I’m leaving the “Botany” here till I describe that (I think that) somehow the system-groups have changed most of the planet’s green-stuff, that that’s ALOT of damage and cover-up, too enormous an amount to be able to conceive of, that how on earth could that be true, etc. I tried to learn a little botany for some reason i can’t recall right offhand yet, is like why I’m just leaving it like this, because it’s so important, that that green-stuff is the beginning of biological life that leads to us, for instance, so how could that “secretly” be all messed up and nobody notices that somehow the system has screwed up all the botany. Alot of it went to the pyromania of the Autism, that they like to look at fires, but the amount of then cover-up for the missing botany is so huge that no one can figure it out, that that crime is so enormous that I’m trying to get some attention to it, that not only are the drug-bearing plants all scarfed to extinction but they did some weird other big big work-projects to mess all the green-stuff up or the most of it and if you try to learn botany it’s all obfuscated so that we can’t see the obvious, somehow. I’m from the Bronx so I don’t know anything about green-stuff to begin with, there wasn’t much of it, though when I visited the Bronx in 2004 it did seem relatively green and idyllic-like, but I think that “the real world” is there under that nice-seeming now surface, etc. The Siberian “Steppes” are like one of the major messing-up the earth “work-projects” I suspect, suspecting that somehow the system had gone around pulling-up all the trees by the roots, pulling them up out of the ground and left that “steppes” mush-world effect, for instance. They likely used the wood to make heat-fires because they were cold, but they shouldn’t have been in the north all the time, and then to the opposite extreme of learning about and quick-claiming all the nice-climate newly-discovered places for themselves alone, like with that 1492 “Line of Demarcation” that seems intrinsic to this TPE, total planet extinction that it’s come down to me being used toward that all my life and today is a real typical bad day, I’ll leave off with this mushy-type typing, unable to explain this botany problem because the subject’s so difficult to learn about. And then people who do catch onto that there’s been worldwide disruption of normal green-growth get “triaged” toward disappearance, that the system just keeps getting rid of the normally intelligent people, like the microbiologists are said to have been being disappeared and I generally figure that that’s what’s happened to the archaeologists in general, the field that I was looking to learn. “Jeffrey Goodman” of that “Psychic Archaeology” and numerous books to that We Are the Earthquake Generation, he seemed like one of those disappeared or kill and replaced ones but they’ve likely got someone that says that they’ve always been him all their lives or some such, etc. Now I’ll go get in more trouble because I saw something that really intrigues me but of course there’s some “copyright” on the image so that I can’t use it without permission or find another copy of the same thing, just a teeny little thing, that there’s some “Random Gaming Board” carved into a windowsill in the Vatican’s Borgia Apartments. In fact there’s even some weirdo indirect-connection to some of this morning’s horror with that Borgia/Alexander VI subject, that isn’t safe for me, like with the car-hit.

Ms. M*, I don’t know where to find another picture of that “Random Gaming Board” from the windowsill in the Borgia Apartments at the Vatican and I’m extremely intrigued by it, want to use your photo of it in my research-attempt that there’s something wrong with everything on the planet that has us headed for not-any-future, so to try to describe without controversy. I can’t really give my blogsite-URL to strangers because of the everything-wrong’s controversiality but could possibly if I hear back from you about my using a copy of your photograph in musing on where that “Random Gaming Board” might have come from that’s connected to this everything’s-wrong situation I feel we’re really in, etc., and hope I’ll hear something back through the email address, that I can use the photo, in which case I’d likely send you a copy of my musing-post. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay

12/1/17, then, about the global botany disaster, there’s also that they have us “going” into those water-based toilets that then the big sewer-underworld had come from. I guess Paris’ was the first and biggest. Likely from there they got to all the subways and that’s a big part of this Armageddon off of me then, that the fraud-parent had been a subway supervisor all those years I was growing up and I can’t ride public transportation without this Armageddon-invisible-warfare’s going into a whirl as much as brouhaha as possible, is what i’d meant by them looking to “upgrade” this invisible-torture-“show” or Armageddon-making “Program” off of me, that with the new “ssfund” I could afford to ride public transportation, so all the “invisible boys” go into employment off of making my trips as messed up as possible, and that’s just the above-ground buses. I have to stick this here for now for me trying to read it later, in this attempt to figure out how the prehistoric-era doo-doo infection’d led to the black hair and what I call Autism: atlasofmedullami00sabirich – Getting Sabin to make this model and its book was likely meant to be a curse to cause her to seem “dull and mid-smart” toward abusing her toward then this that I’m in that’s then toward the TPE.

Carl Ludwig, Leipzig 1816-95, (one of Franklin Mall”s big teachers, then Welch, Halstead and some Dr. Councilman;) also a good 1856 lithograph in wikipedia, this figured to be public domain,

 File:Carl Ludwig (physiologist).jpg
File:Wilhelm His.jpegWilhelm His, Sr., 1831 Basel, 1904 Leipzig
add about the Catch-23

by illustrator Shannon Wheeler in the 2012/13/14 “God Is Disappointed In You” by Mark Russell from Top Shelf Pubs., Marietta, Georgia that I still have to try to reach about copyright permit to use these 3 or 4 good illustrations, me altering the sign here slightly from the “Disappointed.”

I’m trying to get this mentioned as long as the “Blame-game” cartoon from the same book is here but the “Armageddon Show” by this type, this huge stereotype maybe mostly from the King Casimir III the Great of old Krakow or all what, from the original Jomon people I’m thinking they’d originated from and King Casimir had been a big successful leader of theirs, their “Armageddon Program” has me all torn up, 12/3/17, so it’s like no point in trying to think, the parasites’ “Consortium” of all the narcotic-addicts and whatever the underworld is mass-reproducing, they seem to have an invisible-torture set-up set up no matter in which direction I might try to take myself, ruining any plan for my own day that I’ve got, and they’ve been doing that all my life without my awareness until these last “Armageddon Show/Program” decades.

This is the main “You Were Wrong, Merchant” etc. figure, the type that seems to have been the “director” of this invisible and nonexistant and unprovable underworld “Armageddon Program” off of and onto me. I’m pairing it with that above cartoon as being similar and I might as well add the figure from that “Deposition” by a follower of the famous van der Weyden, and the figure from the Hahnemann Monument:

 (image of a Ghent-type from the Hahnemass Memorial, sculpted by Ch. Niehaus around 1900.) They’re all what I’m calling now the old and undocumented “Jomon” culture off of Japan. “There’s nothing there.” I hate to say things that way, nobody’s tried more than me to get along with people, and my invisible-torture is all entirely anonymous, I have nobody that knows the least thing about all this world’s most torture ever that’s been being perpetrated onto me, especially these last “Armageddon Show” 25 years. Now I’m “digging up” that they’d hounded Florence Sabin in all these same modi operandi toward this same that I’m calling “Armageddon” but it’s a world-takeover Plan by whatever all lingo it’s gone under, they go from town to town and takeover. I don’t have any idea what exactly they’re doing in that, by Charles Niehaus, Hahnemann Monument panel, but it’s probably worse a fraud than someone like me could guess. I was never supposed to have to try to guess at any of all this but there aren’t any responsibly-behaving adults ever allowed around me, I’m used as a LURE-trick for disappearing that type of person, anyone with normal sensibilities, that wouldn’t care what you were thinking to have probed your and anyone else’s mind, that that is a deviant behavior’s developed “talent,” it’s a deviation from what humans would do, etc., the “brain-damanged brain-eating brain-invaders” whole thing seems to come from this type of person’s being “discovered” long-isolated on Japan by the Autists and their other partners and a Consortium of these “party-boys” that you can’t catch seems to have been formed and it’s like in my face all day long every day that their system is having a ball getting worse and worse, all that media business. Today I walked into Safeway and National Geographic had yet another issue on a subject I’m trying to deal with in all this, a cover story on Jesus, and one of these guys’ young and dark-skinned versions that looks like that cover picture did a walk by along my footsteps as I noticed or my attention was “subliminally” drawn to noticing the cover on my way in and past the cashiers and my days are one “silent screen” scene like that after another especially as I’ve been having to watch TV a little to catch the weather reports. It’s built for hallucinators. I just found the address of Alexander Graham Bell’s father here before he’d passed in 1905 and that’s likely where the research that’d led to these computers had come from. Like the mind-reading “trick” they’re a deviation, but we’re adaptable, malleable, only the system-people won’t allow life except for their preferences and they’re — living off of having been using me as a LURE-gimmick and before that they’ve always been plaguing me. I have a set of teeny scars under my chin that now I figure had come from a “ritual” of decapitating me back in 1956, and then there’s that little “Kindergarten” article I found the 1959 lie-photo of me in (possibly it was 1960,) and then the 1962 sneak-use of me in a sneak-ritual over those “French Connection” -used suitcases, that are likely still in police storage. They were just doing the standard LURE tricks yesterday, their “Ainu” partners are all over me. After the Jomon anonymous culture there was the Ainu culture and I think that those are/were only then what I’ve been calling the “Babar boys.” I just saw a picture in the French Connection file, I’ll try to go get a copy of it.
 This is Mr. Scaglia on the far right here^. I think his first name was/is Francois, and he’s from Corsica, where I think Napoleon was from too, that coming up with the homeopathy today. M. Scaglia went to jail right near where Kitty Genovese lived, when that big 1964 scandal happened, that is a real big subject here. Etc. That reminds me that I haven’t been able to check on the newspaper write-ups on the (alleged always anymore with anything) suicide of Elise Cowen two days after the French Connection bust, 2 days after this above photo was taken I guess obviously then, this on the 25th of February 1962 and then Elise passed on the 27th and I’m trying to look that up but these Armageddon-Program people have been keeping me away from the library of congress all year and they do violence behind my back over anything I don’t know that I’m doing out here. I have to sign off now, coincidentally probably as yesterday they had the computer run out of time by now too because they don’t want to have to kill everyone because I might have to be walking when there’s not any daytime light left, walk in the evening sort of a thing they’ll lie and do the usual trick-script tricks that are all unprovable, that I’ll get scared alone out there so not any potential-troublemakers can survive, etc.
File:Franz Xaver Winterhalter Napoleon III.jpg1855 of Napoleon III by Franz X. Winterhalter, that this “Jomon” plagued I would figure, little Queen Victoria and then he had a “offspring-descendant,” grown however, that became the Dr. Adolf Meyer “psychiatrist” new field then and I figure that he was a plague onto Florence Sabin at Johns Hopkins and then then in my time-period the well-known Philip Zimbardo might have come from this line. And then that the words, Once upon a time you threw the bums a dime ……………HOW does it feel???? to be on your own, with no direction home, a complete unknown, etc., seem designed for this hallucino-relationship that goes back to that “Parnassus ” painting by Andreas Mantegna:
Parnassus, by Mantegna, with the red cloak on the left center, but “Parnassus” is likely some reference to Joseph Nasi who I think was a real-life person probably, born 1520 in Portugal and is said to have passed not long after the infamous Battle of Lepanto in 1571, and that he’d gotten the ovae that “created” the line of people that became myself and those ladies wrongfully, that everything is founded on wrongfulness, heading us to real loss of the whole of biology because there’s not any way to get rid of this parasitism except to lose the planet, and it’s the first planet and work on the others had ground to a halt when all this trauma became unmanageable like it is. My point is still so far that these “Jomon” -type people had gotten involved naively, that they are angry at the “normals” because their buddies told fabrications from their “Autist” thinking, which came from the early-early misstep into brain-injury. I keep thinking lately of how Sean Barron mentions an obsession with twirling his finger in a hole when he was around 3 or 4 years old, in that favorite Autism book, “There’s a Boy In Here” by himself and Judy Barron, and I’m thinking that that was the brain-injury that I’m figuring went into the Ventricle that seems tucked inside/under the corpus callosum but again recall that with people who get high off of brain-fluid chemicals’ being near-everywhere now and lifetime gimmick-living off of me I can’t easily try to look up this stuff in books, can’t raise the subject unnecessarily, have to try to damage-control and keep this circus calm.

Black and white portrait of bearded young-ish man from shoulders up, looking left.

Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Smithsonian Institution Archives, local number SIA2012-1090.
(I didn’t send this next part but it arrived here before I pasted the photo:)
Black and white portrait of bearded young-ish man from shoulders up, looking left.
Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Smithsonian Institution Archives, local number SIA2012-1090.
  It doesn’t really seem to look like Bell, more like Laurence Brumidi maybe.

Hand-drawn map of 7-9 streets in Washington, DC

Bell drew this map of Scott Circle himself for an experiment in improving telephone transmissions over longer distances. See that letter A marked in a square off of Connecticut Avenue, toward the upper left half of the map? That’s where he had his lab. We know it was located at 1221 Connecticut Avenue because he announces the address in one of his experimental recordings. Courtesy of Library of Congress.
— me again; that that’s where that Samuel Hahnemann Monumnet is too, just north of Bell’s house and that’s all slightly north, about 2-1/4 blocks, of where I’ve been most of the time since the car-hit, since May 2016 then I’d gotten stranded near that area and the “motif” that I was trying to get photographed the other day that didn’t show up in the photos is an X-design similar to that, like 2 rows of long X’s like that, so 4 of those but stacked in 2 columns it looked like offhand, way up over the figure on the right side at the top, stirring that brouhaha In fact HE did look both like Bell and like an older version of this boy pictured above there, more or less. People have been playing “lookalikes” games on me since I got here in 2005 and so I don’t even like to think too closely on all this stereotypy, just trying to get real about a future for the planet and biology because Bell’s people, who I guess were the anonymous old Jomon culture, had merely been misled by people with Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy who look and seem real innocent and Bell’s type “championed” them against what he was told were mean normal people and it’s just that the Jomon were isolated from the millennia of invasions that eventually everyone learns you can’t get the Autists to quit bothering you, throwing doo-doo at you, they won’t quit, it’s everywhere today and everyone makes like nothing unusual is going on and I call that the Autists’ “haze” that they disseminate with this brain-damaged perspective they’ve got, what I’d thought of as being “dyslexia of thinking” and then led to noticing the big fat scar called the Sylvian fissure on the left side of all of our brains, and that that was the healing scar from the brain injury that’d led to this “Autism,” etc. I sent more copies of this picture because I’m also looking into that Bell’s father, the real brain of the family I think, and he had had houses on 35th Street, NW, and I’m thinking that there might be patterns that’d led to these computers and there are so many “twisted” uses of these, that they’ve gone from the original trying to signal for help to get away from the psychopaths to being belonging to the psychopaths, have been twisted into weapon-use just like everything else and etc. for my specific having everything twisted on me. I have to figure what to do with the new– I recall now, I’d taken pictures of this so I could try to make little blue-paint ink marks where Bell’s house was/is (now the Hungarian Embassy,) and where the Hahnemann statue is. The thing of course with homeopathy is that it’s an excuse for giving brain-chemical “medicine” to Autists with headaches, in place of tracing the real situation that the cause of the headaches comes from the Prehistory-descended old injury-set.
I’ll put this somewhere later but here for now, that this does look like the Shahan type:
File:Pope Alexander Vi.jpgPope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia,) by Christofano dell’Altissimo (1525-1605,) in public domain from Wikipedia.
File:Kmska Titiaan - Jacopo Pesaro bisschop van Paphos voorgesteld door paus Alexander VI Borgia aan de heilige Petrus - 28-02-2010 13-56-55.jpgIt looks like someone called Paul Hermans gave this photo from Antwerp to Wikimedia Commons in 2010. By Titian, titled, “Jacopo Pesaro presented to St. Peter by Pope Alexander VI.”