letters to Northampton

August 15, 2017

Dear Historic Northampton,

I’m trying to get to Northampton to read paper at Smith College from a circa-1890 graduate named Florence Sabin, M.D., 1871-1954 but I have the most awful situation in the world and so am forced to always be trying to locate a little assistance in any way possible, etc. I’d be glad if your group could find a way to safely take some interest in my efforts and so am trying to get a copy of this blogsite of mine to you for anyone to look into having interest in these subjects, and maybe you already know that you can call up a whole copy of the blogsite instead of just this one letter by clicking-onto my name in this “gift box” from the WordPress company instead of the Read more little click-onto highlighted sign. After the WARNING/S file on the MENU, at the very bottom of the MENU list, are 3 files on this Northampton trip that I’m trying to make, and then here’s a little pdf example of some of the larger situation,

historical assn

where I’m trying to describe that Edwin Drake, “the Father of the Petroleum Industry” seems to have been indirectly involved in Ms. Sabin’s early life and his kind of people seem to be great directors of this “Armageddon Program” life-difficulty that I have, and I just noticed that Mr. Drake had been in the town a little south of you called Chicotpec in or around 1850 and so that is likely connected to what I’m trying to get at, that the whole global-system comes from those long-ago machinations that haven’t been updated in view of that the petroleum-enabled space-venture did not pan out the expected riches it had been motivated by, and I think that by my interpreting Ms. Sabin’s old letters I might be able to try to get some of the mis-direction our species is now headed to because the system is otherwise too complicated to be able to explain and unravel. I’ll send you this and then send an email saying I’ve sent and hope you’ll read/look into my materials in anticipation of that maybe there’d be mutually-beneficial contact future in my venture to try to get to Northampton. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay, homeless and hoping to get bus fare soon.

This file was originally to Northampton Homeless Services, and here’s also a pdf on a letter I’ll be trying to mail tomorrow:

florence ma

June 11, 2017

Dear Northampton Homeless Services,

I’m a chronically-homeless 61-year old female who’s got the worst difficulty and has a strong desire to visit Smith College to read the papers, letters to her sister, of a lady named Florence Sabin, 1870-1954, who’d done laboratory work for Johns Hopkins and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and then Colorado Public Health, but I think she’d had this real unfortunate type of life-difficulty that I’ve got, was a forerunner to it with being a victim of underworld “magic show” all bothering her, like I’m always being bothered and harassed by the underworld, and I have to somehow get some sort of assistance because this underworld “magic” is heading us for TOTAL PLANET-EARTH EXTINCTION and I haven’t been able to get anyone to take this to do anything about that in many years of trying here so I’d like to leave trying to do anything from here and go see what I can find in Florence Sabin’s letters that would help to substantiate everything I’m trying to say. I started a blogsite, http://UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.Com and if you press the highlighted “kathyfoshay” just under the first line of this communication-attempt, email, a whole copy of the blogsite should pop up, whereas when you press the “Read more” only this and maybe a lead to a few other pieces comes up. What I’m most trying to find is a safe mailing address where donors toward the real Universe Rescue-attempt away from otherwise this total planet extinction could send assistance so that I could continue trying to work on this, where the system just keeps me desperate and writing wild-seemingly sounding letters like this, and then they “muscle-in on” the recipients, like I try to describe in post #255 in the blogsite, that it’s dangerous. There isn’t any hurry as I’m supposed to do Jury Duty this month but I’m afraid that I’ll be left destitute and won’t be able to do anything but sit like a blob and be victim to this underworld “magic” way of doing what I try to explain comes down to be fulfilling those prophecies like specifically in that book of Revelation, 16:16 and thereabouts for instance. I’m sorry to have to jot hurriedly like this but it’s all I ever get a chance to do, if you’d give some effort to getting people to look over this blogsite, see if you could find anyone safe enough to be able to get donations for getting some assistance through to me, maybe be a partner in a website or this blogsite or any sort of combination on that theme. Post #197 I mention that Northampton’s author Tracy Kidder’s latest book title seems like just one of the many curse-rituals the system is always doing to keep me like retarded here, and there’s a letter to the Forbes Library people on the menu and I’ll be trying to work on a letter to Smith College, and I just sent this long pdf with descriptions of the pages to the Clarke School as I’ve noticed that Alexander Graham Bell was significantly involved in all this system-situation and had lived just 2 blocks from one of the regular places for homeless people here that I’ve been spending alot of time at for the past year and occasionally since the beginning of 2001. I’ll try to do something better than showing up homeless in Northampton but that might be the best I can do for both myself and all this real-life Universe rescue-attempt I’m alone with, and I’ll try to post a way to get in touch with me onto the blogsite soon. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay — The extra picture of Pearl Bailey and her husband is there for right now while it’s waiting for me to complete the explication that it’s related to how our supermarkets were formed, isn’t necessarily a logo for this blogsite, just that it took me so long to get the picture and be able to post it toward explaining some of the (weird) goings-on that went into this total planet extinction direction it appears the Earth and species of ourselves is actually in.