Rescue God attempt

10/8, I was trying to figure how to fill the 6 lines on that open area on the header where the “Rescue-God-attempt” little sign is now and in describing this Prehistory accident-set the word “infection” had occurred to mind and it seems to fit the circumstances really well, that it is possible that before the “burn-hole” healed an infection might would have set in, but, then I lose all credence to the subject likely when it would then follow that the freezing people might possibly have applied some-, something in trying to pack the infection to keep the innards from oozing out, possibly pus, and maybe the materiel for the packing might have come directly from a parent themselves and accidentally further infected the area. It sounds peculiar but it is the pattern, the modus operandi and so it is some possibility…. — this site isn’t for tourists, the underworld just disappeared a nice explanation I tapped out — because they are running the big LURE, –10/9/17