I don’t want to trivialize the whole thing by putting too many “bad things” under this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION topic-heading.

Visions and voices is a big reason we’re going to TPE for instance, should have a file.

The ovary-disembodying.

The cannibalism,

which is mainly so they’ll get the “junk” brains after the slaughter,

decomposing people to gasoline.

and like that, just the major things that make life unsustainable for Creation as a whole.

I guess that the rocket-manufacturing (rocket-fuel manufacturing,) might be a subject in itself for here but it isn’t by itself perhaps a major extinction-necessity, but then the breaking the sky’s ozone-seal is a big TPE-subject, a reason why we’ll wind up in TPE like no life had ever happened.

Previously jotted: I have to make this area organized soon, just now getting a chance to call up this file and see how it’d appear to a reader and it’s real overly-conspicuous, that that picture would go better in a more specific to itself sub-heading, that it’s one of the difficulties that is leading us to the total planet/biology extinction but not the ovae themselves of course, those aren’t the difficulty, it’s the cutting them out of women, and girls, that is leading to but isn’t the only extinction-causing difficulty by itself. Also “the boys” seem to have changed my computer-use to all a violet-colored theme for themselves now, it’s just disgusting, all these parasites all over my female self, it would be as disgusting if they were all over me if I was a male like this of course, as another example of this TPE, that which too-disgusting example is the more extinction-headed than another isn’t a real subject but it’s the sort of “doo-doo” that these invisible-world tortures thrive wallowing us away in. I’ll be trying to organize this section for better clarity, that there’s some small list of the unsustainable things that the system does, the ovary-stealing, brains, all kinds of things that each by themselves would nearly be enough by itself to wind us up extinct, like the covering-up that they’d (willfully) broken the ozone-seal on our atmosphere but call it the sound barrier as though there’s no problem in their having done that for trying to get at the “diamonds in the sky” that they’d counted on the stars’ being, as another example. I’m just drowning in it.

(10/16/17) I’m leaving the ovaries picture as the featured image here for the time being because the way I’m being barraged lately keeps bringing up that the disembodied-ovaries system of “growing” people disrupts the natural order of life, bringing us toward extinction because the natural order of life is disrupted, wherein in nature human females are alert to the subtle influences of the environment, like the food intake, onto the child or baby, the mother would be noticing if one food had a better effect on a child or baby than another might have and then what to do to go about ensuring that the child could get more of what is good for him or her or to get rid of things with negative or poisonous effects. Also for instance we’ve got alot of problem with the various parasitic and annoying bugs of the many different kinds, like houseflies and mosquitoes and that’s because that natural disorder is disrupted and they’ve been being grown for experimental reasons and not gotten rid of as they’ve been getting out of hand because the natural order is disrupted and child to adult regular patters aren’t there, the bugs just get allowed to get out of control whereas normally a female would spot them as being negative to have around a baby and they’d be gotten rid of before they got out of hand, but the Autists don’t want to do anything except what they want to do and flies and mosquitoes don’t annoy themselves enough to go after them, they are little problems.

goes with the disembodied ovaries subject:

from “How to Deep-Freeze a Mammoth,” by Bjorn Kurten, 

There are ways of eating brains and there are ways of eating brains.I’d sent a copy of that illustration with that “open-minded” way of attempting to try to start some little dialog on the subject, that perhaps life’s situations force everyone into different ways and there’s little else one can do in a forced circumstance, as a “Father’s Day” card to the fraud-parent in 2006, realizing about the fraud-biology situation only in 2008 then, as with the above example of ways of sneak-getting ovae and then those wind up being gestated by other unawares females, everything all mixed up.