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joined the nyc unitarian all souls church when he was 60, about 1942, 2 years before he passed. (house in greenwich with jimmie who passed 14 years later, 8 Nov. 1958 there, buried in first congregational church cemetery. March 1944 funeral attendees incl: La Guardia, radio commentator h.v. kaltenborn, publisher richard l. simon, netherlands ambassador alexander loudon, eliza bowditch, ruby fuhr, Josa Morgan, officiated by Rev. Laurance Irving Neale, Grace Castagnetta,

columbia prof adriaan barnouw

vc of God … if you knew all the answers, i myself should become superfluous, and i have no intention whatsoever of resigning, at least not for a good many eternities to come. (2005 book by Cornelis Van Minnen, rotterdam jewelry bs, st. lawrence church

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ck dr. l. arthur ries c. 1944, rene scudamore,

ck cast, 1958, the story of mankind, dir. irwin alien

alice bernheim, 1928-44 letters, etc.

5020 goodridge (avenue?) fieldston section nw bronx, la guardia’d long lived there and the simon & schuster van loon publisher richard l. simon, the 3 singing daughters.

On December 20, 1939, a great sympathy meeting for Finland was arranged in Madison Square Garden. In the picture from the left former president Herbert Hoover (chairman of the Finland-committee), doctor van Loon, and the mayor of New York, La Guardia.

Suomi: 20.12.1939 New Yorkissa, Yhdysvalloissa järjestettiin Madison SquareGardenissa suuri Suomi-myötätuntokokous Suomen hyväksi. Kuvassa vasemmalla entinen Yhdysvaltain presidentti Herbert Hoover (Suomi-komitean

puheenjohtaja) ja tohtori van Loon sekä New Yorkin pormestari La Guardia.

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Former president Herbert Hoover, Hendrik Willem Van Loon (pronounced as “Van Loan,” and then-Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, 1939.

— Now it seems a guy named Billy Rose who’d done an aquatics show at the 1939 Fair was also one of these types and then I’m reading about the head of the Fair, a guy named Grover Whalen, all of them working with the “staircase-type” then-Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia who I just found out had been living up in the NW Bronx with a bunch of the inter-related characters, like Simon from Simon & Schuster that had done alot of Van Loon’s publishing. All this and that time-period also have some difficult to describe connection to The Great Gatsby, that the “Limitless'” original title had come from. Gatsby was a criminal, a gun-runner I think it was. And it was all on Long Island which is the same piece of land, the same island, as Queens and Brooklyn are on, it’s all inter-connected like that. The Fair’s president’s father had probably worked on that landfill that the Gatsby book mentioned also that became the Flushing Meadows site of both the NY World’s Fairs. Trying to look into Van Loon’s time-period then could keep me enmeshed in this looking things up for weeks, that I have to watch out for. He’d be a great subject for anyone else to later look into while I did something more useful for myself maybe. The “Limitless/MDT/extra serotonin” -believers were/are a community of themselves that has grown all this time to come to include just about anybody anymore. My point is always that when their space venture didn’t yield what they’d believed they just made themselves less conspicuous, stepped back into the shadows and just enjoyed what they’d set up when they’d believed they were about to get rich rich, they omitted that whole part of reality, like with all that history-writing that Van Loon and Jay Gould had done that seems to have only been what their system wants mentioned that we’ve got now. And they’re leaving and keeping us forced on a path to the dead end for everything via this parasitism of theirs, sneak-parasitism that I’m always trying to gather evidence on but not only do the extra-serotonin-users not care to complain about their extra-serotonin relief from the real horror world we’re in, but these guys are apparently very violent in the underground hiding places, as with this little cartoon-illustration and the car-hit in Kensington, Maryland and that that’s still all covered up about, hundreds and hundreds of people aware that that was “just a joke” onto me, maybe lots of uninvolved strangers who’ve heard anything about it also, but it’s even worse than I’ve been able to describe yet because I’m always stuck trying to gather this evidence on the objective basis. I’ll have to leave this messy for today because it’s new material, but this Van “Loan” pronunciation, is a big real subject, running around sabotaging everybody here back in that 1918-44 period mostly in NY and before that he was here/there from 1902 and then I suspect he’d faked his death. It was a big funeral, with people like LaGuardia there, conducted by that Unitarian All Souls Church’s Laurance I Neale, where there are some coincidences with that Florence Sabin research I’m always trying to do, that they’re in this same “Armageddon-troupe” that’s been exponentially expanding us to eventual total planet extinction because they’re developmentally disabled and therefore parasitic people who’d built this global-system.