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()  And I’m suspecting MisterMother Teresa and this Divine Mercy business includes a whole Saced Heart that is the fraud-parent’s line or type of people, when really they’re just a problem that the captives in northern Europe were saddled with, along the lines of that character in Mrs. Suzy Welch’s 1992 novel-allegory that she’s probably completely unaware that that’s what it is, and is similar to John Steinbeck’s work which is all allegory for the system, especially the George (Autist) and Lenny (Neanderthal) “Of Mice and Men” story but he’d also written one called “St. Katy the Pig” and that’s what i was raised for, to become a disgustig thing and type of people that could replace the “Jesus” -type of cannibals-victims and i could be researching the dinosaur-disappearance, and while in the kensington nursing and rehab. center i’d gotten the impression that there were alot of Autist/Autist-psychopath aPaleo-Americans along the missouri river and in the ozarks maybe that also captured and held newcomers hostage that went into this current global-system and instead of me simply being able to do book-research and type up and explain so the human race could get over this mess of the tiny error of the early forcing the way over beringia and getting separated from society and so growing wild or feral that had led to all this illness that’s doing the revelation-armageddon by hounding me all over the place, i just am always stuck with nothing better i can do about this than beg different groups to assist me a little, pleae, effect something. Here’s other: