ICU Nov. 26, 2015

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I’ll be trying to manage to pull all the little pieces that o together with that car-hit and one of them was that when I woke up/was awoken in the ICU and told that I was okay from the accident or whatever that they’d said as I was awoken, there were 12 or 14 of the hospital personnel all busy in the room but also watching something on TV that they said was a shoot-out where the bad guys were caught and killed, in San Bernardino. I think they mentioned that it was a holiday/Christmas party and a husband and wife, and it’d seemed a little like when O.J. Simpson had been followed in the SUV, seemed like they were watching a chase-scene like that and then it was over and the room emptied and I went back to sleep after whatever nursing care and lights out went on then. I have to mention this as being extremely important to the whole thing because that shooting-massacre incident then didn’t occur until the following week, on Dec. 2nd, Farook and Malik unhappy Pakistani married couple had felt forced to the party it seems and he’d “exploded” over that, but that was a week after I’d woken up, that what on earth were the nurse-people all watching? The whole thing was part of this “2 accidents” with 2 Kathy Foshays scam. Then it was figured that I’d see the incident on TV the week later when it really did occur but I don’t watch TV and almost never see a newspaper or hear news, just a little bit lately, as the TV and normal communications were all turned off from around wherever I am back in the summer of 2008, just like that the television at the shelter was forbidden, only videos or dvds could be watched on it anymore then and so I got out of the habit and have been okay without TV since but the Nov. 26th trick didn’t work because I didn’t see or here anything about the San Bernardino shooting the following week when it did occur. I guess I was supposed to “freak out” as I was dealing with that bizarre “1st car accident” that must have been a hypnosis-dream done to me when I was asleep in that “nutcracker” new room at the Kensington shelter, shelter-place (that I’d dubbed the Amityville Horror in one of these files.) I had then those “2” car accidents on my mind and was unaware that there were the 2 simultaneous Kathy Foshay accidents on 11/19/15, and then there was this “deja vu” San Bernardino business. The only thing I made of that was that maybe it was symbolic for the McDonalds company that had started in San Bernardino to my recollection, and this eerie-creepy feeling that the “couple” had anything to do with me being car-hit and that bizarre mass-reproduced “race” of the fraud-parent that’s always running all around me sneakily since around 2010.

7/20/17, I’ve hardly had a chance to get into all what was going on around that ICU business. I found out that the entire car-hit didn’t have any police report so that it essentially never happened, the police report being on an accident car-hit that happened one block north at the same time, with my name given for that victim there, somehow. The whole thing is unreal, like we’re going to have become from the TPE.