Washington melange

Wash._ DC melange_ supermarket text attached .pdf, Dear CinFin, That wasn’t me in that police report somehow. Another “taboo subject” is that there’s an enormous Walt Disney-fairy tale-like “LDS” temple right near Connecticut/Howard avenues and Plyers Mill Road location, a big banner strung across the road to show the route to there, me only seeing it from a distance as I was being driven to that shelter, pretty much forced to that area and wouldn’t have gone if I’d realized that that was there because of my specific “French Connection” problem-situation, at the bottom of how brain-eaters are finishing-up their world-takeover like described in that book of “Rev” and realizing that this will denoue in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION for reality. The area must just be full of it and somehow that was staged so that that was near to but not me. It wasn’t raining at all, it was a sort of pleasant evening and my clothes weren’t too dark, I had on a medium-blue long sweater under my gray raincoat. I’m glad you sent that to me. Just before I read that I’d found this blurb about the supermarket out here business that connects to this business with the entertainer Pearl Bailey’s being an abuse-victim similar to myself so I was looking for that quote and finally got it printed and then checked the email. In the 1950s she and her 3rd husband, who looked like the “French Connection” guy on the far right of the picture and Lenny Bruce, was from the same “spawn” I would guess, had bought this dude ranch in Apple Valley, California that had previously been owned by this same Mendelson family, and I’d just read the other day that the guy who’d broken the “sound barrier” which is really the ozone layer had lived near there, (check post #139, that Huxley had lived in Llano to the east of there and Muroc/Edwards Air Force Base now,) that it’s near this “Llano” area and I guess the LDS has been all involved in what goes on underneath the Southwest that then we out here have had this big Murry’s supermarket, but I’m not from here, I just mean compared to whatever the supermarkets where you are are called. There’s a little girl in the doorway of that top picture, with a big white muff or some such, and she looks just like me at that age (post #130 here, 1959 though,) and I was going to post that little picture as an example of some of this horror I’m going through and then it is useful for trying to illustrate this mix-up in that that isn’t me in that accident report somehow. She’s at some old little local church here that was/is down the street from where Pearl Bailey and her husband had bought a house for her father, male parent, who was very big in what’s really a super-important religious group here and probably all over the country now that I’m just learning about, but the little St. Anges’ Chapel there has become part of a huge church on Massachusetts Avenue close to where that location marked #2 is on the little map I’d sent you. Then I threw in John Carroll’s picture both because there’s some possible connection between that Autist Carroll fraud-family he was in and the LDS, but also because of this writing to P&G that I’m trying to do because I really have to find some sort of assistance because I can’t receive any donations alone like this that I am and I’m likely to die in all this “joke” exhibition of this Armageddon Program the global-system is really doing off of myself and the Universe, the whole of Creation, the Creator or whatever intelligence had come up with this Universe and solar system or vice-versa and ourselves that we’re in is going to be left with everything turned to swirling garbage for all of forever and ever if there isn’t some sort of an acknowledgment of reality while there’s still time to “straighten out” I try to say instead of “fix” things because these brain-eaters make a joke of everything and quip that sure they’ll “fix” everything, hee-haw, yuk-yuk, sort of a situation I’m at the bottom alone with, — and similarly I can’t use the word intervention, or like that I “need” someone to intervene into this for everything’s sake, etc., in that they “run” the brain serum into their veins along with whatever other ways this “French Connection” horror goes. This really doesn’t have much or anything to do with CinFin anymore but I’d always said/written on this that a donation to this Universe Rescue-attempt blogsite would be okay and forget about this law-business.  I read a hint that LDS’ Joseph Smith had come off of the Carroll plantation somewhere around Baltimore, like that his sire or bio-father had then gone up to that epicenter-like area of Western New York, not far then from the oil region in Pennsylvania as they’d then gone to and then across the Mississippi, settled in Salt Lake City. Charles Carroll of Carrollton must have been a huge Autist but the history to anything is so murky hereabouts. The other reason his “cousin” John Carroll is included is that I’d first had attention drawn to the book of Rev. by those old complaints about P&G’s logo so I’d looked up the other day to see if there was specific mention of that around 1980 and rather than the book of Rev. the to-do was mostly that the old man in the moon’s beard when looked at in through reflection in a mirror looked like that number of a man’s name was 666 and that that somehow had something to do with Mr. LaVey of that “Satan’s” church, and I’ve got this Siamese problem so I’d looked on the search-engine (Google) to see if Yul Brynner might could have parented Mr. LaVey but they are only ten years apart in age… and while doing that I feel that Brynner looks alot like John Carroll, as does/did L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology and all these Baptist churches largely come from John Carroll’s “donations,” as well as his own situation in being at the head of the Catholic outgrowth, like both Catholic and Baptist across this country at least are largely from his work for his “cousin.” Obadiah B. Brown’s little picture is on one of the pages in this blogsite, that he looks like Carroll’s lineage and he did the same as Carroll except for the Baptist denomination/s, and they’d both started the colleges here, Georgetown and George Washington universities respectively, and then since Hubbard obvious to me looks like Carroll it occurs that perhaps through the line of say Mr. Brynner or some close kin of his, like maybe from the same bio-parent, Mr. LaVey might have come from as Carroll seems to be the system’s do-all stereotype for founding the religions. Brynner comes up because of his work in that “King and I” big play and film and that whole historical situation is extremely important to what I’m trying to get across about this world-takeover and now I’ve just found this evidence or illustration of the brain-damage that I’m trying to explain was behind this world-takeover obsession and authoring of the book of Rev. threats, that I’m stuck alone at the bottom of as how they’ve been being sneak-carried through that will result in no planet’s being left with any biology on it, all, all memories, gone.

I thought P&G might be interested and I can’t think of anything else I can do right now. There isn’t anyone in this area who is going to do anything. The better the evidence I find the bigger the LURE-exhibition off of me gets so as to drown out any progress I make. There’s about nothing I can find so far that would be interested in looking into this big scar on the left side of the brain that I can now point to even though I don’t yet have a good illustration-picture for the show and tell paradigm. — Come to think of it, there’s a mix-up also with people who look similar with “666” Aleister Crowley and Mr. LaVey. “666” looks like a bio-son or -brother to the Bishop Shahan of this area and Kensington that is somewhat connected to this car-hit on me, in doing some ritual on the 4th of November right there at that same spot where then the car hit me on the 19th, a ritual with alot of dirt in the air and some digging a grave-looking thing in that supermarket parking lot that I’d walked by both on my way to and from the store on the 4th of November.  “666” and the guy who’d been supervising that ritual look alike except for the hair on this guy’s head, and 666-Crowley was involved with a group called maybe the Odo Templis Orientalis that was connected then with the moon landing, that General Electric was a little involved in in that Jack Welch is one of John Carroll’s lineage-looking types, and then when he’d retired Cincinnati’s Jeff Immelt took that job, who’d once worked for P&G I think. LaVey and 666 could be mixed up for one another easily because of the shaved head look, or 666 might have bio-fathered Mr. LaVey for all I could guess, but he had gone out to San Francisco pretty young I think and there seems a regular “paradigm” of identity-thieving or -switching, that this on me is heavily involved in also, that I was/am in alot of difficulty with some horrible group that was all over me out there, the one that had forced me to Kensington, and there isn’t anywhere else I can go except these places I’m at here so I’d had no option, was/am cornered. “666” was involved with Jack Parsons the founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory though the Autist there also is usually billed as the founder, Parsons involved in that OTO similar to the later LaVey religion. LaVey’s might have been founded to distract from that the system was all mistaken about the nature of and riches to be gotten from space. L. Ron Hubbard went from Parsons to founding Scientology. The Autism is a developmental disability and I’ll be trying to get good illustrations of this scar on the left side of the brain that I’m sure came from freeze burns when they weren’t supposed to walk north and east up over Beringia, had gotten lost and sickly, then plopped down in North America around Montana maybe and started extincting the dinosaurs by killing the young and the eggs before they hatched because there were all drug plants evolving here that the dinosaurs probably ate themselves but gave to the young and the humans got that and have been high-oriented ever since but the brain damage is all denied about, etc., for how we’re going to go extinct and that’s happening by this longtime horror off of me being harassed and kept out of life as much as possible. I shouldn’t even be on computer because the system is reviled by me,  is the scam, gets angry no matter what I try to do. That reminds me that I’m supposed to add to the “You Were Wrong…” file about this “standing” theme that I’ve ever been a prostitute, that that seems to have been being used in this unprovable “show behind my back” again lately, and the worse horrors too of what had happened to me after that car-hit, that I was pretty much abducted but I haven’t any evidence for any of that. I was beat up real bad plus there must have been some horror perpetrated in addition to that I think I had a fractured skull and that was the real reason for the long hospital stay, 11 weeks plus 30 days in the Kensington nursing facility. Now of course I just finally found the evidence for that this Autism comes from where that big scar is on the left side of our brains, that all that is a massive cover-up that “all” big medical people might be aware of, but the scar led to the psychopathy that everyone’s afraid of with good reason, no pun for the word “reason” or “sense” or any of the other drug-slang for brain that’s been going on, no puns or jokes in any of this that I have to do in looking for some assistance and this blogsite isn’t even supposed to be looking for assistance, I’d just given up on this Autism-problem anymore, just can’t do anything about it so would like to focus on something someone could use if there was any “afterward” for the human race when some people could personally work on trying to re-gain our natural spirit lives, lives as spirit people that the Universe had been meant to be getting “filled” by, for us to be able to go on for ever and ever in.

(top picture is from a book by Nelson R. Burr, historiographer of the diocese of WDC, 283.73 B968 call number it looks like, the picture of Carroll is general, maybe from a book on him or from the Catholic Encylcopedia, and the bit about the Mendelsons is from Cultural Tourism DC”s brochure on the Deanwood tour on Sheriff Road, site #9 I think. There’s a picture of them I think on the tourist board there; if I had a phone with a camera I could go get a picture of them, and then that they were out in that area near where the sound barrier was broken, Apple Valley, Llano, etc.)

5/1/17, Monday, I’d put the top picture in because one of the girls that “looks like” she might be from my own ovae had possibly gotten me starting to get ill with this thing I call “slug pneumonia” the the girls or people in general bring up here from after they’ve helped with what I figure is a “big kill,” where unsuspecting normal LURED people are dosed with those things and then find out that they’re locked in somewhere with it and they’re “disappeared,” mostly into the petroleum-system I figure, but then Saturday in addition to that worry about the illness I’d written the above and all these horrible things have been going on like in continuance of that “big LURE,” so that I’m really a wreck now and only have a few minutes and want to get this sent off today because I likely won’t be near a computer again for a few days while at that women’s center, where I can check on the mail and see if that from you has arrived yet. I doubt that you’ve been following all the different subjects that go into this TPE and situation of mine but a main one now is that “District of Columbia” was really set up for the underworld narcotics types of Colombia, starting back in 1492 they were claiming sections of the world and by 1804 I think they had maybe Jefferson as a sympathetic “drug buddy” and this area that I’m in at night and haven’t been able to get to anywhere else from seems to have been always inhabited and then a hospital from that time that I’m trying to get more specifics on but it’s over 200 years like that and as I mentioned once I think it really is the intended Inferno area from that book of Rev., and things aren’t going well since that email and then this file I guess, if you could think on how you might be able to get some sort of assistance through to me so I could get safely out of there and up to that Smith College project that I think would do some real-world good for all. I’d somehow managed to get income tax paperwork in that I might be getting a small “earned-income” refund they call it for some who’d had no income at all like me and I’d forgotten about that in all these years but maybe I got the paperwork in okay on the 17th, that that might be giving me some relief but otherwise I’m just stranded and now with the brain-damage evidence subject this is too much, too exciting for those involved in that, wearing me out with these sabotages, so that I’m frantic to mail this to you now instead of relaxed, etc. I was trying to type a copy of my first letter to Mr. Brown with you to show that there was that location discrepancy but never received a reply on that from him or then Ms. Emily with the Baltimore group, never heard from Lerch, Early or anyone on any of this, but there have been being equipment problems, as part of this “Armageddon-making Program” that the LURE off of me is for, and no one in this town is going to help me because there’s this long-ago agreement-set about using this area as like a clearinghouse for the “drug-understanders” in the different states to send their disliked people here to be looked over for how to get rid of them is what I figure has been increasingly going on all along that now there’s this obvious massive covered-up brain damage problem and absolutely no one could care less because this process of weeding the “normals” out, as they do with this LURE since I’m like 8 years old for instance, has been going on for so long. I’m just looking for a little space for trying to reach mature medical-types about really getting things done about this, and am sorry that all I ever do is write desperate-type letters like this. Think on this for me if you can and I’ll be looking for my copy of my letter to Ms. Emily, that this has really all been, a “Satanic” hoax onto myself, nothing good able to come from such. I’m looking at the book about the astronauts called “The Right Stuff,” 1979 by Tom Wolfe and it looks like Alan Shepard was one of those “Shahan” types. Twice they came to the night-shelter as firemen this weekend, like a bad-luck sighting for myself it’s been. In fact they might be that “Pilgrim” picture I use all the time in trying to discuss where that book of Rev. had come from. I hope you can bear with my writing to you like this. Kathy Foshay

img 20170714 1726381

img 20170714 1727051

I should have a copy of the full picture, that it’s around here somewhere. From a book on Saint Agnes’ here, now Saint Agnes and the Ascension or some such on Massachusetts Avenue at 12th Street, NW. That little girl looks just like I used to except my hair was parted on the other side.

I’ll try to find that too to compare.

iThis was at 4th and New York Avenue, NW,

just around the corner from where the Peal Bailey and Lou Bellson photo on the Cultural Tourism DC signboard is. There is some other Cultural Tourism signboard across 4th Street from where I think this St. Agnes’ Chapel was, and I think it’s largely about a pharmacy that used to be there. I don’t have this photo on me right now or I’d type the caption. That leader there, like peeking out from between those 2 boys on the right side, fourth person from the right, I’ve known two people that look a little like him, an elementary school principal and then a 2nd lieutenant in the Army, both of them odd and only specifically spoke to me once. I’m wondering if they aren’t some bio-relation to the line of Adolf you-know-who maybe. Probably. To my situation, even though Theodore Herzl had passed allegedly in 1904, at age 44 I think, I think he’d gone to underground Vienna and gone into one of these “magic show” acts off of Adolf Hitler, young then and orphaned and in Vienna and then Munich, where Kraepelin was, that alot of the set-up for this came from Herzl’s relation with young and unawares up here Adolf.

#291, Murry of Murry’s Family of Fine Foods

This is a little complicated for me to be able to explain let alone to explain it right now. It’s on the DC Cultural Tourism signboard out in the Deanwood section and I recalled the Mendelsons’ names when I used the “Page-Brin search-engine” to look up about the dude ranch that Pearl Bailey and her husband Lou Bellson had bought in about 1954, and read that Mendelsons had previously owned the property,* with their son Murry for some reason mentioned, who has become a big supermarket-chain owner out here that I’ll still have to look into, but that there’s a connection between the “French Connection” -lookalike Mr. Bellson and the supermarket industry through that property, that the Bellson’s had paid some exorbitant amount for and given up after six or so years. Offhand Murry Mendelson looks like a “John Carroll-type” to me, who’d brought us most of these religions we have here in this country it seems, but looking at the photo, on the left, here now he also looks like he’s got alot of the “Babar-type” also too maybe, so for now I’m just putting it that there’s a supermarket-connection around Mr. Bellson, and I’ll try to move along due to lack of much time today. * in Apple Valley, California, and Chuck Yeager had moved to Apple Valley around then sometime too.

free space for now, not a pdf anymore, can’t just keep their website here!  7/13/17 Email or message I’d written or some such — Thursday, The cell phone is going defunct on me, big underworld “power show” against tiny me, closing the library twice this week for “maintenance” so that the work for the Blogsite and therefore the actual Universe rescue attempt, plus my own “storage/is-to-rage” paperwork-reduction attempt to help me walk so I can get out of this brain-harvesting and petroleum LURE abuse situation is all backed up, these emails for the background photo-file just being queued-up; over 40 of them I can just trash from the front screen when I can get into a library, but I can’t move along to get them all done because I don’t know what this “Merchant of Venice” or other system-parts are going to have done to me next at any given time. I’ll try sending this now but everything is kept to be negative just “invisible warfare” pollution all over me. -30-

Still frozen.

On Jul 16, 2017, Sunday, 8:30 AM, wrote:

The smart cell phone’s email isn’t working so I’m trying to do this as a check. I’m suspecting that “forcing” me onto computer in July 2015 was for the system’s motive of closing-down computer-use for “normals;” it uses me as an anger-excuse, for going after those of my *kind,” which are just the non-Autists. Send now.

Thursday 20, 2017, They are just doing all the same patterns now at the Shaw branch library as they had all these years at the MLK, across from the Catholic Charities and that church that I call the 1794 seat of Autism here. I had, and have, to do some of this camera work in order to throw my little belongings away and again there’s a delay in getting the files to here so that what’s been done and what’s still to be finished and what hasn’t been done at all is always getting mixed, as they’re just doing the same destructo patterns, the Merchant of Venice or “Jew” or whatever is the “magic” of the “invisible warfare,” all over me as I got through taking and sending some of the “storage” photo attempt, is-to-rage I figure they’d turn the word storage into so that I’m afraid to use that too. Then I started walking to here and they were cutting down trees at the place I was going to do the camera work at and across from there some other loud construction job so that they were a corridor of noise-pollution to have to walk through that increases the “invisible torture” to the head, then the “Thunderville-faces” started appearing and I tried to evade one of them and nearly got run over and had screamed so that cop sirens (planted!) nearby “synchronicity” started to go off and make the morning into complete garbage before I got here and then they’ve got idea-of-reference around that they’re doing more of this “Armageddon Program” off of me, and then I notice that I got a good keyboard, a computer with a nice but clickety-clackety noise keyboard, as it’s really bad with the “invisible” tricks like that right now. I have more than just 24/7 complaining to myself about this torture that i really should be doing instead of this.

Image result for public domain images of outer space

#292, 12 June, 2017, 11:49, (this was a Gmail I’d tried sending myself when I was too-inundated by all this Armageddon Program this morning. The horror calmed down, but if I didn’t have a way to “talk” about this it just wouldn’t quit like it did, where this taking notes has always seemed to work to calm the invisible-warfare back into its “shadow” way more. Then I got to a library-computer and added to it, but I don’t like for my days’ time to be wasted complaining about what this nonexistant stuff is doing to me now, it’s always bottomless, etc.) “Crisis” for me and the Armageddon Program is obvious-to-me just practicing for destroying me next Monday over the Jury Duty. Without the stipend from that I’d just be stuck here till the system gets me hospitalzed on one underworld fabricated excuse or another, and it looks like “they’re” going to make the jury service impossible by mixing me with the petroleum-LURE, standardly LURE-tricking people to “watch” me “save” the human race, now “trying to rescue” the whole Universe, sit around and watch while my bladder and poo-poo are pulled on and I somehow cope and try to show up again the next day, etc. — 30 — — I don’t know where the technology got the 11:49 time on that from, it was at about 7:49 this morning, as this nonstop torture is suddenly wild in preparation for the jury service fiasco, where apparently it’s a petroleum-LURE scam off of me being called to that location with all these horrors I’ve got all all over me. I don’t know what will happen. This Armagddon-making calls me its “stupid, crosseyed girl” that does everything wrong and then, oops, millions get killed, but the whole thing is totally unprovable and doesn’t exist according to this phony global-system all around me. It was just awful, like rehearsal for next Monday of thrashing and bashing me before I can struggle into the place over the forty dollars a day, as well as just the g.p. that that’s supposed to be a normal thing, a citizen’s duty that everyone’s supposed to participate in and I’m always discluded. In fact I could hardly begin to describe all this “crap” all over me, like it’s a game-part that I can’t get any normal-level work done because my time’s taken up trying to describe the tortures-set. It’s largely a Nepotism-based global-system scam by the fertilizers of the disembodied ovary-ovae, they only want their own “creations” to live and the rest should be food for their creations and I’m by myself so they use me for LURING unsuspecting others like myself or just anyone who’s not in their families-business, that there just isn’t anything much for anyone from other genealogical lines, they can go disappear or be disappeared, really. I can’t explain that and the “convoluted” nature of all this onto me, that the torture seems to be led by slaves that you’d think would want to be freed but that isn’t what is what’s really going on, the Nepotism is mostly what’s on their minds, and the economic-system pay-offs that I don’t know anything about. I’m unable to get out from under this “Man In Oriental Costume.” Allen Ginsberg is a good example of what an “offspring-descendant” of those is like, and I’m like invisible-warfare nonstop-jumped up and down on by an Allen Ginsberg type when they feel like doing that sort of the tortures, it’s just sprung on me like out from invisible nowhere and there isn’t anything I can do about all this but give up trying to get the jury pay. That’s how they’ve kept me out of work and broke, that the only job the system’s allowed me to do is nurse’s aide work for the most part and that isn’t enough money to be able to keep an apartment so I’d always wound up homeless eventually as all this Armageddon-abuse is always all over me, since back to that French Connection time. Through all this horror I’m also trying to figure out if I can use these photos to make a “slide show” out of the pages I’ve been putting into pdfs, now for the Procter & Gamble company, trying to do that next and also to write to the people in Montgomery County, trying to get anyone to make some donations to the Universe — see, that’s what I’m stuck without choice about doing so this Armageddon Program is mixing that and the jury service and the whole thing seems to be about petroleum. The Prettyman Courthouse I’m thinking maybe sounds a little like Petroleum courthouse, and then I usually use the old letter-page with the cartoon of Rockefeller with all oil barrels that the Capitol building is made of.  I’m thinking to try taking pictures in order of those pages that I use and then sending that to here so one wouldn’t have to push the button to see the pdf pages pop out, they’d already be there on the screen. Then the ones I tried to send last night were all sent the same way, through Gmail to here but only one send got here intact and I can’t figure out why and will never know what kind of technological fiddling this invisible torture might be doing. God help, just now there was one of those “tricks” just like that except involving the toilet, that this Armageddon Program is always dragging everything down to toilet-level. I’ve tried to explain all I can that this is not anything for this side of the planet, everything is for the other side of the planet’s good and this side is supposed to just be enslaved to support the Autists over under Siber-Mongolia, but I can’t get people to quit competing against me. And with the jury duty next week I was just inundated so that I couldn’t clean up at all this morning, that a week from now I’ll just be falling out of this shuttle bus thanking God they’re gone and trudging to go through the security process and worrying about carrying enough food without anything’s spilling, all the usual mess like trying to hold a job while this sneak-underworld torture is going on. I have to just admit that it isn’t possible to go through like that anymore, and the system just won’t let me get any reasonable amount of money out of it so I could get a bus to go get away from Washington, try to touch base with some terra firma humana maybe with those letters.

older “jottoes:”

last night I realized that I’d sent again after that “Joseph Nasi/Josef von Sternberg” set and the material isn’t here, it’s missing, and that that paper had probably had my secret email address to this on it as well as the 2 regular emails that I have because the first one seems to get robbed the same syndrome as how any mail that’s arrived for me has always been being robbed but I have no way of knowing that I don’t receive my mail until this where it’s official (the food stamp) mail that’s been taken on me too now so there’s proof-evidence to that, (the new email probably has been being “tampered with” the same way too so there’s no point to giving it here yet I guess,) but I live in this isolation-vacuum and after I’d sent those 2 Nasi/von Sternberg pdfs I’d gone to the ladies room before leaving the library and there was a scene going on there that’d horrified me and I went downstairs and quick-jotted this 1-page note that was trying to explain how this whole “holocaust-system” works these “marches” and for that not to have anything at least to do with me if you did want to do something like that but out here alone I can’t guess how naive everyone might or might not be, just don’t involve me, don’t fall for any LURE-tricks off of this horror-situation life that I’ve got, etc., and then I was out of time and didn’t send a second copy to my email for my own use and verification-purposes that I always do, and I left the paper on the copy machine glass. duh. — Probably any “reader” follows that I messed up real bad, especially if you realize that that “library” is one of the biggest difficulties in all of this TPE situation that “I’ve” got, am all alone isolated and being sucked off of with. In fact I have to get out of this little branch library so won’t be able to explain these 7 pages too well right now if ever. The first one you could call the “Gilligan and Skipper got the Professor prisoner” description I try to get this explained by, that the Autists found some cave-bound because of the larger problems big “Neanderthal” guys to go team up against the normal people by and I guess post-Trojan “War” then the buddy-team then found these guys as represented by that bottom portrait on what I figure was an island, Japan, and took them captive for the team against the normal Earthlings, down to this situation we have today, but then I’d added the general summary 5-page letter on this car-hit problem from Nov. 2015 with after that this “collage” of the two portraits at the bottom of this pdf in attempt to explain that the nowadays duo-buddies behind that car-hit, these “offspring-descendants from the fraud-parent” situation I’ve lifetime-had without realizing it till 2014, and these “ambulance-driver types” offsprung-descended from this d. 1932 local bishop, that a close relation of his appears to be the self-proclaimed, Aleister Crowley, “666” of this old “book of the Revelation/s” that I keep trying to explain is simply what all is going on today even if it has a hundred other names and descriptions for all this that I don’t know anything about, it’s just obvious to me that this is what the warnings and threats were about and I’d happened to get stuck at the bottom, but the point is that the bishop had founded the national basilica that I’d spent yesterday at, and will try to get back here…. Now I’m reminded of another important point, that with that so-called “French Connection,” that word “heroin” is like system-code reference to this personal situation of how I’m used in this horror-LURE scam, that “heroin” is criminal-code for normal guys who seek to go rescue a female in situations of any kind, that the Autists put girls like me out as though we’re, unawaresedly, bait, and normal people even now, referencing this march that I saw was going on today while I was on my way here, those ladies are like “heroes” for going and marching and congregating or saying anything about anything and the developmentally Autists and their drug-buddies set up these traps and there’s no “conscience” involved in capturing anyone who falls for a trick LURE, a LURE-trick like this, and disappearing them and they’ve gone around the world like this until it seems like their aren’t any normals possible to be left but the Autism is treatable with things like normal life and fresh air and sunshine, so there are “suckers born every minute” and this goes on and on because that’s how the Autism is, they go in circles like when they were lost in Prehistory. So last week I’d requested these 2 books and just checked my email and the one that’s like a follow-up on the French Connection isn’t on the shelf and that reminded me that that “heroin” was/is a scam, a double-scam even where the whole thing was some ritual about the “LSD” that’s not visible, is what that 1962 photograph is really about. I can’t explain these things any better right today but the point is to not try being any “hero” or even complainant where I’m concerned because I’m some sort of a total goon-covered prisoner with this “magic” like making some sort of a “transition” now that makes it even worse. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to here, maybe not. (1/22/17, Sunday,) It’s “too controversial” always for me to work on personal things like this blogsite-attempt or its larger purpose but when I’d signed off yesterday I didn’t really have anywhere to go so I looked up on Google finally to see what that November 26, 2015 news report that had been on the television when I woke up in ICU after that car hit was and it wasn’t until like Dec. 2nd that it happened! When I’d woken or been woken there were like 12 medical personnel in the room and they were mostly watching the television and cheering over some big news story similar it seemed to how that watching O.J. Simpson’s car was, watching a chase scene and then it was over and I could only learn that it was about a couple in San Bernardino who’d done a shoot-up at a Christmas party and took off in a car and were chased and killed. I was slowly waking and checking to see if I could think or was now in some gradation of a vegetable-state. They told me that I’d been “out” a long time and Thanksgiving was over with, I couldn’t get a straight answer on whether it was still Thanksgiving, i.e., Thursday, night. It seemed like the news story might be somehow symbolically connected to this horror-business over me where the cheers were that both I and that “fraud-parent’s offspring-descendants” problem were over with.// These bums are all over me, messing with my brain, messing with the computer, the theme being that they’re going to be robbing me blind all year. They just make these things up. I just got through, while somehow they’re shortening these fifteen-minute time-limits I’ve got on computer, they are hiding the “save” button on here now. I guess the file is too long now, where I just lost this whole description of what I guess the rationale for hitting me, the excuse was for hitting me with that car that somehow allows them to get away with doing all this to and off of me, the whole global-system of bums. I’ll have to send some fresh pdf instead of taking a chance on losing all this typing again like that, because it might be that the file is too long, that I’d just gotten through with unloading all about this stuff that isn’t that much, it’s just realizing more about the past rather than proactive about the future anyway, and to go through it once and go through it again for nothing and God knows that it doesn’t seem like I ever make any contact with any human. I’ll send some little light subject I’d just noticed, but these bums are always all over little me, all my life doing these creepy “eerie” things that make crap out of each of my days.

9/2/17, Saturday, I don’t really know what to do with what they did to my morning so far, that it seems a place to put it under that pdf photo with that “Mr./Mo. T. ‘saint,'” and that “unfortunate girl” that I guess Diana was, because I was barraged by the Catholic Charities’ types this morning, connected to yesterday’s set up, that I’m in this invisible-warfare private-person war zone and I can’t just let barrages like this go unmentioned, unnoted, that they never happened in the reality of life, is how this Armageddon/Armageddon-making is done off of me, but I don’t want this crap to sully the picture of Diana either, which is maybe what the whole LURE for this “holiday” weekend is focused on, making me type this crap into that recent post here. I started calling these people “horror-beings” instead of or in addition to the “orcs” word-use description for this c*** that’s doing that book of Revelation world-takeover. I brought up (finally) that Anghiari/Angara business but the da Vinci type is all mixed with the CC, Catholic Charities b.s., so between them and the “Michelangelo-type” now too I’ve got to call the “Merchant,” generational-slave #2 types, between those 2 stereotyped typed of beings the world is now populated by’s moving these “horror-created beings” around to do this LURE “entertainment” LURE off of me, (stranded me,) I’m in real bad shape. It was obvious yesterday morning that the person was only carrying out these invisible directions that everyone seems to get, but it got carried away and I’d “snapped” at her not to bother me anymore and so today it’s like invisible secret Vietnam all over me and uh gee therefore this weekend-holiday LURE that the sneak-ArmageddonArmageddon-making is sneak-carried out by, over me so much as saying that much to any of these horror-beings planted all over and around me, that are always head-hunting off of the unsuspecting populace. That’s enough of this for now, it was about nothing but they’re making a big LURE entertainment off of when I finally get to turn to trying to do this blogsite, then they trail straight down this D Street to that inferno-making shelter that the da Vinci/Michelangelo-team-types’ gave that dumb instruction to that nobody-stranger to harass me just the slightest and carry that out for about 10 minutes till I’d made that “snap”py comment in trying to get out of that artificially-produced b.s. scene about nothing except a teensy purposeful morning irritation, and that was after they’d pulled a whole midnight fire alarm big deal scene for this holiday-LURE-weekend extravaganza off of me that I hadn’t bothered to type about any of this crap yesterday about because it turns all my time to doo-doo, endless, bottomless doo-doo this system is made of, till there’s no planet left, honest, till there’s nothing left to annoy with themselves anymore.

12:30 p.m., the animals did it again, 9/2, Saturday, in this Southeeast branch library, after nonstop torture and then I got the 70-minute session here and worked on the “There’s as Boy In Here” post finally a little, got started, and my time ran out and I tried to go to the ladies room but it’s usually some set up there so I went outside and ate a little lunch and had no choice but to use the toilet before sitting down to another 70-minutes because this book of Revelation-Armageddon is done at least 30% off of my toilet necessity all these years, they just play toilet-oriented “tricks” as how this book of Revelation has been being pulled off off of me so I have to be careful and take as much care not to get, — One of the shelter-girls “accidentally” just knocked all into me as she sat at the next terminal, coincidence that this is just what I’m being forced to jot about, etc. Really the whole break I’m trying to bear in mind to get back and do 2 specific things for this blogsite and it’s real-life attempt attempt, and these things, horror-beings, are all over me as then I’d tried to get back here to do this and I can’t just do this complain-writing that is also an enormous percentage of how this Revelation-world-takeover underworld etc., has been getting done, have to go do those 2 real-life attempt things now, etc.

#272, P&G.letter.practice.pdf  I can’t reach them unless I can send a regular envelope which will have to wait till I can buy a regular stamp to go with it, that I’m only referred to a shareholders group at Wells Fargo back in St. Paul, Minnesota. That’s across from the Foshay Tower in Minneapolis

(this is from #272, that I can’t afford to print it out but it’s just gibberish to myself., from May 19th I think. I have to look it over so will stick it here for the bit) … and the first page requires a fresh photocopy that would explain this with the big brain pictures, which I guess I hadn’t yet realized the Sylvian-fissure white elephant scar on our brains when I’d jotted this cover-letter attempt here. I’m going to try to send them an email today in case they’d like to start perusing this concept of mine that the entire Universe and eternity are being sadistically trashed because of this world-takeover by brain damaged brain-eaters who won’t admit that their/now all of our ancestors had had an accident in early Prehistory. Those lobes aren’t supposed to be like that, it’s supposed to be a unified, integrated brain but it got all broken up. All the doctors are afraid to say anything because the head “authority” of anything is the one with the most of the brain damages in the first place, they got psychopathy and the psychopaths rule, are obsessed with rule-making because the brain damage had come from “disobedience,” by pretending they couldn’t hear “nature” telling them to quit walking north and east, dumb trying to catch the sun in the mornings before it seems to get too high up to be able to reach anymore, is all; a simple-enough error, but malicious to keep ignoring nature and force their way until they were trapped by snow, and eventually newborns got hurt by the forced-trip across that enormous expanse of Beringia. It takes me so long to try to get back to terra firma after being mind-battered out here, to figure out what I should do next. I’m waiting to hear back from Cincinnati Insurance on how on earth they’d gotten involved in this Kensington, Maryland car-hit onto me and it’s made me really nervous because I never have anyone to speak with about anything because nobody knows anything about me or my business out here, it’s always a world full of strangers out here and then I only get strangers who’ve been system-approved to be around or speak with me, coached what to do and say it always seems. That “Selective Insurance Co.” is from the Orlando area and I have one fraud-relative down around there that now I’m also worried about and have nobody with which to discuss this. There’s also the factor that “Select” is the name of the house-brand of the Safeway supermarket company and the car-hit, and the earlier ritual for it, had happened right near one of those, the two-week earlier ritual on the border of their property and then the car-hit just outside that border and into the public street. It’s difficult for me to explain because I’d have to go back to 2014’s tortures to describe then the bizarre situation I was in in Kensington and I seldom feel like going into long stories in files that are for something else.

I’m having alot of difficulties in that I haven’t heard back from Cincinnati Insurance and I guess to pass the time I’d started fiddling with parts of this blogsite and broke the MENU now. What I suspect it really is is that I’m new at using this particular library and its computer-area now and they’ve loaded it with these system-goons that are what I call “offspring-descendants,” wrongfully-made people from fertilizing disembodied ovaries/ovae from this bizarre fraud-parent I’ve got. I can’t believe the new contact at Cincinnati Insurance has left me so totally alone like this, not an adult anywhere ever that I can speak with and then I’ve let him know all this background to this unique situation I’m in viz. the real end of the real world, God help us all, and I didn’t know what to do till I find out how Cincinnati Insurance got into this, which way to go with trying to get myself some assistance or safety and I got tricked into just sitting like a sitting duck in this new malicious situation with lots of “copies” of this fraud-parent all around this horror-location. I fell for the set-up of playing with this up here, the computer, while the underworld “shadow” people like the fraud-parent comes from specialize on playing these other-world system-tricks on pigeons like me, always problems with technology and unprovable sly tricks. This car-hit that Cincinnati Insurance somehow got involved with and contacted me about is I guess a good example of the sorts of things the system does but nobody knows anything about this. It was a year and a half ago and I’m only learning about it now. I guess the system wanted to turn it into something like that controversy over the scandal around the girl named Tawana Brawley around 1987-89, because that had happened right near where the fraud-parent lives, seems all tied-into then this Armageddon situation I’ve been in and the bums were trying to figure how to make “a big stink” whereby they could reap lots of deaths and this car-hit got thought up, possibly involving this branch of this fraud-family that’s down around Orlando but until I could get further details from Mr. Andress I just have no idea, am sinking in quicksand all the time, and, again, I could only think to just sit here and see how maybe I could fix this blogsite up a bit. Somewhere I’d jotted a note, see how it seems the system is acting nice in letting me sit here but it’s really a lulling-con, they do it all the time to me, one trick after another. During the Bush-44 Administration I’d had about 250 tricks a day played on me, barraged all day long every day with different ones and it’s never changed except they’re more blended in to one long smear all day long every day. I don’t like doing this complaining-writing, that isn’t what the blogsite was started for. They snared me into this — when I got out of nursing first I wrote letter after letter on trying to find housing, then it was letter after letter about this new court date on the car-hit and then it became this letter after letter with this insurance business, and it’s all been go-nowhere system-waste of time on purpose, to make me do this instead of productive anything. I sent an email to Procter & Gamble yesterday because that’s really how I’d first heard of the book of Revelation to notice that it was peculiar, the prophecies, and then there were some other details and now Cincinnati Insurance. Then I saw something interesting in the playing around with the blogsite yesterday and I came in to do it today and that vanished and I fiddled anyway and now my whole MENU of different parts of this’s total picture is gone and that’s really bad. I’ve “broken” this site I think twice before and WordPress has fixed it but this is diabolical like that it’s these “shadow” fraud-parent copies that are crawling all over my life inside and out like this all the time and increasingly now that I’m stranded trying to work in this new location more regularly. I’ve been coming to this library branch on and off and when I’d started coming here regularly as a break from downtown in 2013 there was a big, 13+ people dead, massacre at the nearby Washington Navy Yard, which seems a particularly “sensitive” place, difficult to find out historical information on much of anything in this town unless it’s what they want you to only know about the place. Really I think the whole town is mostly stolen from whatever anonymous victims had lived here before. But it’s all a big mistake, and they’re pursuing those Revelation world-takeover threats off of using little me. I don’t know what is the main factor I should look at this as, why I can’t get any assistance. It’s all so disgusting all day long every day is disgusting only for me all this time. Of course I can only try to survive through this stuff and figure that perhaps I’ll make it to Social Security age and finally get this Florence Sabin work I’d like to look at looked at, see what is there in her letters, and nobody but me would be really interested enough in her to be able to look at them that closely, and it could be all kinds of new medical-science realizations, that things are much more simple than the system lets you realize everything only is. Plus yesterday I’d written back to DC Revenue about the EIC tax refund so I might get a few dollars or maybe as much as $50 from that, either six dollars or fifty dollars, them saying they’d send me six dollars if I do an identity-assurance on myself but that identity-assurance test was more about the fraud-parent. This morning I was trying to describe that these people want you to get excited because that makes your brain chemicals more active and available for when you’re decapitated and they wring its “juices” into a collection-bottle for getting high off of and for sales**, that’s the sort of fraud-family I’m talking about that I have to find some sort of protection from. Then, if DC tax refund is coming maybe I’ll receive the federal one I’d also applied for, goodness willing, and that would be some actually livable amount of money that I could definitely manage to go get a look at those Florence Sabin letters. If I could do that and there is stuff there then I could follow up by going to see her letters at Johns Hopkins here in Baltimore, back down this way. I think I mentioned yesterday here somewhere that I suspect he was only an Autist-pervert, that I’ve seen 2 guys here that I think might have been descended from him and they were both weirdo-types like that, that maybe that’s really all that was going on. That’s with my assumption that those “generational-slave #2 types” really are slaves and not prime movers of this whole world-takeover because they seem to do the Armageddon Program. ** also jogging, that it breaks my heart sometimes when I see people jogging because it seems like they’re on a regular route from underworld-orders to do that and they think their time or something is important but after so many years of that always-strangers pattern I figure they’re “visitors” being sent to get their adrenaline or epinephrine flowing and when they get back instead of a good meal to replace the energy they’re expending they get trick-killed, is what I think another of the “stimulation” scams is.

That 1962 “French Connection” that the 1970 film was about had actually wound up in the Bronx and I’d used to play with those suitcases the heroin’d wound up being stored in, that’re probably still in a police storage somewhere. In 2004 I’d finally gotten a chance to get on a subway and visit that part of the Bronx for the first time since 1964, and when I got off the subway, down the steps from the elevated toward one of the Bronx Zoo entrances, and crossed the street to where I figured Longfellow might be because I’d seen a room for rent ad and was answering it and the address was Longfellow Avenue is how that had come about come to recall, there in or just off of the intersection under the elevated tracks was a synagogue that looked like it was from the 1700s, a tiny, 1 small-room-looking synagogue, and I can’t find it mentioned anywhere on any of the search-engine sites, not liking to use the name “Google” instead of search engine much. Because I can’t find it mentioned anywhere I wonder it wasn’t thrown-together just so I’d see it and that led me to believe that there were Orthodox Jews that controlled that Longfellow Avenue and area, the synagogue at what seemed to be the head of Longfellow Avenue but it was really near the middle somewhere by the maps I see now. Then the rented room was near there but in like a field of rubble near the Cross Bronx Expressway and in fact the guy renting looked like a guy I’d known in San Francisco but I didn’t take the resemblance to mean anything, always thought things were coincidences. It was really bad by the way and I lied and said that sure I’d be bad but that was just because it was too spooky for a girl by herself to be in that place where the room was and you’d say anything to get out of a tight quarter like that, like afraid to tell them I wasn’t interested or they’d block the door, as had happened one time near that “alternative” library branch to this place that I’ve only got, like which is worse. From there I walked to the 174th Street shopping area and found my way to the old apartment and got a look at P.S. 66, which was way bigger than I’d even recalled, is an unreal size. My apartment with the fraud-family 3 other members was on one side and the Fuca apartment where the heroin picture was taken was on the other side of P.S. 66 more or less, just a few blocks apart. That’s a big part then of what goes into my thinking that there were always generationally-enslaved Jewish people held underground involved in the system, its underworld and the narcotics, seeing that ancient-looking 1-room synagogue. Then in that year the book by David Valentine was published, “The Strength of the Wolf,” that has 2 pictures of the agent that the fraud-parent is said to be in that “French Connection” book’s caption, agent Ben Fitzgerald, except the book says NY State agent and really he was with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, had met with Nixon about drugs the following decade, is all I could find on him so far. I found that book after I got to Kensington and the photo of Fitzgerald gave me pause for thought for about three weeks that maybe I’d been too hasty in thinking that that wasn’t Fitzgerald but on closer look it’s obvious that the 2 guys merely looked a little similar. There’s an important detail here that’s slipped my mind now, how Fitzgerald looks similar — that there was a snipe-attack and 2 robberies on Longfellow Avenue, that perhaps those acts of violence had been perpetrated for the ulterior motive of keeping Fitzgerald away from the site, away from actually physically going to the area, so that that was a cover-story for using a proxy for photographs. The sniping was of a little boy who’d been nice to me, a brother of a little girl who’d befriended me and I’d been invited to dinner once or twice and the boy had taken me for a ride around the block and then he was shot right in front of me in front of the building. The family was/is black. The neighbor’s mother told her in Spanish that the sniping had had to do with drugs but the boy was only 8 maybe 9 years old. The 2 robberies were at our apartment, the fraud-parents saying that the thief had taken a pair of scissors because the fraud-parent was sleeping on the couch and they might have stabbed him if he’d woken up. Besides that about the synagogue’s shaping my thoughts to believe that the neighborhood was headed by Jews, that P.S. 66 is a really strange place, like there’s some big “real world” under there. Then it goes into alot more about covered-up Bronx history that’s difficult for me to talk about because of this being all alone with shark-like dangerous system-workers all over anywhere. If I get the DC refund and then the federal refund and then the jury duty pay and then the social security that I really don’t want to have to apply for because the system despises me and uses me as an excuse for making Armageddon-making moves against the normal types like myself, “goes after her seed” I quip from the Revelation Chapter 12 part about the dragon doing that or however it’s worked out in real life to be now, with the federal and jury duty I could get to Smith College and probably apply for the Social Security up there but I can’t live in cold weather anymore, including even this location, for instance. That leads back to that 1492 Line of Demarcation, that the Autists — file #126 I think it is, that First they’d stolen the Vatican, which was probably just a nice place people had built for themselves and the Autists snuck in and tricked the people out of house and home, then they issued “bull” proclamations like that Line of Demarcation whereby they got all the New World but the part with the good weather especially for themselves, and then I think it’s extended up to here in their thinking. They’d formalized it of course into the Treaty of Tordesillas but then when the world turned out to be round they added the Treaty of Zaragosa/Saragossa to also divvy up Asia, and the Autism keeps things the same, that repetition for sameness is what it is along with the selfishness, self-ism. I have to sign off now, hoping my menu will miraculously reappear.

Dear Procter & Gamble, I seem to be having extra difficulties because of this down-time on my hands, and it hasn’t anything to do with the real Universe-rescue attempt, that the system was designed to placate psychopaths and it’s done that by there’s no let up. If you were “teaching and gambling” that the education would pay off I really don’t think there’s going to be any such pay off, it seems that the system is unrelenting in demanding EVERYTHING for themselves, the people of the system, which I’m long trying to explain is under Siber-Mongolia, not on the side of the planet and you can’t deflate one side without doing-in the whole planet. I hope I’ll get a chance to explain further to you. I’m really the most-tortured, albeit “invisibly,” person that’s ever lived, twice-over, because I’ve been stuck into how that book of Revelation/the global-system world-takeover is being worked out. They’d gotten bad brain damage in an accident-set maybe 40,000 years ago and had lived in the New World like raised by wild animals and developed all differently and the whole thing’s a big secret but sneaking off of me is how their Revelation-prophecies have been being fulfilled and it’s a done-thing, it’s all theirs, but they’re heading us to nowhere but eventual extinction one way or another, fire or ice or whatever, there isn’t any real eternal future for our species. Then I got into this bizarre “car-hit” and somehow this Cincinnati Insurance has been in contact with me and I’m waiting to find out how they’d even gotten involved because this is a real “diabolical” incident that’s been perpetrated and I’m always all alone as each day the system gets more deeply entrenched. I have a terrible personal-problem set of that this bizarre group of people I’d grown up with thinking they were family turn out to be like a conglomeration of strangers mostly with longtime underworld-connectivity, mostly with the problem of the obsession for the brain’s hallucinogenic properties, as narcotics trafficking, and it’s just disgusting what I have lurking around me all day long every day, plus this “Merchant of Venice” like on this pdf where I’ll have to straighten it out better but this is an example of what it would look like when it’s finished, where the “Merchant of Venice” tall statue is like what runs this “Armageddon Program” that I’m at the bottom of with this “fraud-family” all over me — time to turn off the computer, — a few more minutes it sounds like before I have to sign off. I don’t think anyone is going to do anything for me about the fact that I was hit by a car. After the car-hit something diabolical happened and I’m just alone without anyone to even speak with about that yet. I was dealing with Cincinnati Insurance as the alleged driver’s alleged insurance company but they sent me a copy of the police report and that accident was a block from where I was hit and I guess my purse was taken and used for identifying that other party; the whole thing is terrible but now I don’t even know how Cincinnati Insurance got involved and I’m waiting to find that out and then I’ll try to figure how to proceed but it looks sure that nobody is going to assist me about that let alone the whole Armageddon’s going to actually kill off the planet. The planet wasn’t meant to be owned by anyone, those were just people with a prehistoric-days’ insanity, that I call “Autism-psychopathy” with their hallucinogen dependence from the New World’s having been full of evolving hallucinogen-bearing plants. We could easily get this straightened out today, especially since now I’ve finally noticed evidence of the prehistory-accident’s brain damaged, the left side of our brains has this lateral sulcus, “Sylvian fissure” and it looks like the brain was seared there, a hole from freezer burns I figure from the errant trekking prematurely north and east across Beringia under the false hope that the sun could be reached and I believe that they wouldn’t let themselves be stopped from trying to reach it. A Youngstown, Ohio person wrote a 1992 memoir on his Autism that I think is full of symbolism that backs up my beliefs, “There’s a Boy In Here,” by Sean Barron. I think he’s working for a newspaper there called The Vindicator. I’m hoping Procter & Gamble would take a real-time real-world interest in having someone look into in any way all of this that I’m trying to get across because we live on a planet where the global-civilization has been designed to make the Autism-psychopathy afflicted feel comfortable and placated, to distract and teach them away from the psychopathy, which nature can’t create with, nature can’t bring new life into being only to become victims to this underworld, so I’m alone in trying to find assistance for modernly getting out of this dead end that our species and planet is in and we’re the first biology-producing planet so there isn’t anything else. They’re probably still spending the fortune on the SETI and other projects’ looking for “intelligent life” out there and we here have been the intelligent life but they’ve been steadily destroying everyone unlike themselves, who have that severe damage, leaving the whole species into dead end.


 Image result for public domain images of kensington mormon temple
Wikimedia copy of Kensington’s Mormon Temple/temple as seen from the “Beltway.”

 Image result for public domain images of kensington mormon temple

Image result for peter paul rubens' st. bavo imagesfrom Useum.org, St. Bavo sketch by Rubens, ck wikidata.org, St. Bavo enters the cathedral at Ghent, various titles this sketch for the finished 1-piece for the altar at St. Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, goes by. I’m only looking at the boy on the horse on this far right front; I think that that’s Dagobert.

Download MP3 Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – Let’s Hang On! Live in Concert 2013 (1:42) – online-mp3


I have a little of my type of “bad news” and thought I’d try to “cushion” it with an optimistic piece of song, this Let’s Hang Onto what we’ve got, but of course I’m not sure it got on here okay so I’m going to try to attach it onto here again, assuming it isn’t a copyright infringement
The “bad news” is that likely the “brain damage’ might be with the place called the corpus callosum, like a major communications thoroughfare between the 2 hemispheres. It’s such a big, deep deal that I didn’t consider that the difficulty could be there but now I’m thinking that that seems real possible, like maybe insulating fluid had leaked out from the accident-set and neural fiber connections deteriorated and fell away, leaving lack of connection-area.
I can’t find a copy of the song, but I sent the link as a message just before. Hope he doesn’t mind but I wonder if he wasn:t behind Tupac. (kf)

 — I moved this here just to get rid of it while keeping the notes.

See how much better the big-

sized copy in the above-this one post looks than after it’s gone to the background-file and then called up and is only this size, that that’s a consideration in how I’m getting stuck with some of these new posts I’ve been sending pictures for, that I’d like to keep the big-sized picture. In this instance this seems important to me in that I think you can see Catholic University of America way in the background. There used to be 2 of these maps in the area I got this picture from and I don’t recall if this or the other one had the better view, and then I figure that most of the property here is stolen from the original owners, is why I like the larger-sized version of this picture, which I’ll lose unless I leave it in a post to itself, taking up room on the front screen like it is right now. I have to take some time to look at the Cultural Tourism DC website that I’ve accidentally got here just below this Ella Watson photo/portrait because I can’t just leave their whole website sitting in my blogsite, that doesn’t seem too wise. I also am supposed to try to figure the difference between the Ural mountains and some other set; Ukraine mountains? God help or forgive but I did hear some news the other day and haven’t anywhere to put the mention of it yet, that Russia’s president took 2 hours to get a pike/fish out of L. Baikal, how can that be, that that’s one of the least-damaged places on the planet and it took that long. My going-belief is that the system comes from somewhere under between there and slightly to the west of there, like in that little map I’d made, (afraid to use the word “draw” because my problem is I’m used as a LURE by the system-monsters,) etc.

9/6/17, wow, i’m having some difficulty with this paragraph-set below, that it was in the Basilica/Page/Shahan post and when I checked it in the View just now it was all blackened, the letters all squashed into 2 lines only, like 2 black bars on the screen instead of the paragraphs. I probably don’t have to use it anymore, but still: Things are going really badly for me out here and there hasn’t been any email-receipt, 8/24 now, so I haven’t been able to get back and explain these illustrations yet, as it’d taken me months to finally even get that “the root problem”  gotten back to, now I’m trying to coordinate it with this big-deal ceiling painting from this Basilica here, that these dark-haired boys are not the natural mates to blonde females, the blondes have been their obsession for thousands of  years, like the sun had previously been their obsession that led them to force their way over Beringia against nature’s attempts to keep them back from that northern area where they’d then gotten lost and we’re going to lose the Earth and therefore the human species because their psyches keep everything covered up. I have to get off of here and will now try sending that mate-ceiling painting to this Creation one, that then leads into some other whole kind of Armageddon-disaster type-problem for me but they do go together and it’s all relevant to what I’m trying, safely, to get across. (8/27, as usual everything is generally rotten for me. Like, out of nowhere I realized that this housing-employee is likely also one of my relatives, through “Brave New World” writer/author Aldous Huxley, that that’s how we’re getting that BNW in real life, offspring-descendants of pro-“LSD” people like Huxley working for the brain-serum they feel good off of, all over the place in “diverse” disguises. Plus the place is making innuendoes/ideas-of-reference that they’re going to get me psychiatrically confined or hit by a car or whatever other means of getting rid of me, as I’m getting all this insight to how this housing/real estate business is being run, off of those generationally-enslaved captives’ thinking for all the different types of “Autism” and “Neanderthalism” that there are in the system holding captives so they can get what they want, which in the Huxley-line seems to be mainly the narcotics, but now there’s also the odd factor that I’d grown up with this fraudulent-relative female as something of a role-model and I can see how she was, to put it non-euphemistically, always a liar and coverer-up for the horror-situation I’d always had but with no idea how such could be possible.

I’m having a little trouble getting this matching ceiling-painting onto here, that goes with the “The Creation.” It was difficult finding out who’d painted these and after many books and some questioning there I finally got the name Bancel LaFarge and that he’d passed in the early 1930s, a son of artist John LaFarge but they don’t look alike, me assuming that Bancel looked like the “Adam” figure as that’s the same face in the “The Last Judgment” painting I’m trying to get onto here, and then they have this huge “Christ in Majesty” that’s important also that I’ll get to, but also now there is a 1959 photo-lie of me to do with housing I’m going to try to dig up out of the Library of Congress soon as I can that might get in the way of trying to keep these post-files in some sort of organized order for trying to get across what all I’m talking about. That “aunt” had never noticed anything wrong about the way I was being raised and I couldn’t figure it out and all of a sudden I realized she was likely the “egg-mother” of this housing worker. One of my college teachers in retrospect and then comparing pictures I figure also had come from Huxley, a well-known lady, and the guy that tricked me into being the doof-bait in this horror-LURE “Armageddon Show” was likely one of Huxley’s offspring-descendants I call the “Brave New World” disembodied-ovae-fertilized “products,” for lack of anyone to assist me with all this. I don’t know how to describe it all or why there’s never any comment-feedback to all the writing I’ve distributed or not to this blogsite. I don’t want to advertise for readers because tricking people through my writing is how these system-people have been doing their getting rid of the normal people, kill and replacing the normal people out here and wherever they all are, the undergrounders, because people who like to stay high on LSD/brain only can stay underground to feel secure against getting caught or bothered by others, they just want to sit and enjoy themselves.