#30, 4/15/16

K. Foshay, temporary address, 2800 , nw, 20019,

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Chief Judge John P. Morrissey

District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, ME 20850-2325

15 April 2016

Re: Citation No: 00SK0D47, in State of Maryland vs. Btley, TD

Dear Judge Morrissey,

I’m the pedestrian in crosswalk in this. I hope you’ve been able to keep track of these letters and please,  that I’d like to find anyone in Room 415 on April 25, 2016 that would buy this $25 Amazon gift card I’d gotten from the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless for the winter holiday as i haven’t any survival-funds right now by which for me to try pursuing this business should there by any continuance.

On the reverse here’s an old example of what I’m trying to explain about the alleegorical nature of this 1992 novel, “Judgment Call” by Suzanne Wetlaufer, now Mrs. Jack Welch, her husband looking just like the 1st Archbishop of Baltimore and founder of Georgetown University,


on the back- the 3 Reviews and the 10-10-10 Suzy Welch book cover pic:

In 1992 Mrs. Welch wrote an allegorical novel, “Judgment Call” which mostly shows that her type of the generationally-enslaved had never known what had happened but believed that the stranger young boy was a defenseless underdog-victim and only wanted to help and survive to live.


but also the Suzy Welch book has the “not too bloody” review-part w this note: the blook gets turned to petroleum-muck.

John Carroll, d. 1815

Archbishop Carroll and Mr. Welch are both important to all what I’m trying to explain and I’ve no idea why I ca’t get anyone to quietly listen to and let me talk, so I’m desperately trying to quietly get this little Universe Rescue-attempt blog-/website started and hope you’ve been able to find the 2 notes I’d written to you on it.

Now that I’m additionally in this “Mister-Mother Teresa” charity house I’m putting together many more bits and pieces of the long-ago and 20th century parts of this tital picture but i’m afraid tt when i get to Rockville for the 25th court-date i’ll only get further horrifying “evidence-bits” on how it is that we’re doing to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION for mere lack of any one person’s ever being permitted to assist me with any of all of this.

With Mrs. Welch’s book what I’ve been trying to explain is that her protagonist (Sherry) represents generally (her) the whole type or “race” of people that i’m calling the “#2 type of generational-slaves” as typicfied by the National Gallery of Art portrait, “Man In Oriental Costume,” and that I’ve been calling “Jesus-Jews,” or semites, etc.

(on back=6/23/15 flyer, Americcan University to Lenny Bruce in French Connection photo)


page 3, on back of the 2/24/14 letter to Pres. Obama with the 2 pictures

Here’s an example on the back of this page, with the boy like the Wetlaufer novel’s character “Manuel,” that they are too innocent-appearing and young to suspect that all the problems come from anyone that young and innocent-appearing.

God help me, another good example is Mr. Stephanopoulos. I think I mentioned before that he’s so popular that in these unacknowledged hundreds of letters I’ve written I’ve been afraid to mention him as an example of this [the big interruption here] “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogen-dependence but the subject keeps cong up in my mind here surrounded by all this religion because his background is very similar, and he was there I guess when I’d sent that “Inaugural Disk” to the Clinton Administration in 1992, etc.

Ms. Wetlaufer’s “Judgment Call” allegorizes how her people hadn’t been able to handle this whole massive situation and like that first review there describes everything became “into a vortex” of stupidity, evil and death” that the protagonist didn’t know what had happened, and I’m saying that in real-life there were millennia of goings-on before the protagonist had gotten into the situation and the boy’s type had serious neurological and psychological (guilt-complex) problems that couldn’t be descried in pre-literate days.

p. 4, on back of the Dec. 2014 flyer that ends “Ignore pornography.”

Then I got set into this disaster and I’ve done little but evidence-search and collect since 1992 but it’s some power-scam gimmick not to let anyone assist me and these descended-Autist psychopaths got me struck by this car (s) and I’ve been locked-away from communication since, plus:

1- my little cell-phone recharger disappeared so i have no use of my Lifeline or “Obamaphone” (from the Kroger company,) for messages;

2- on this schedule of seldom being able to check my (new to me) email I’ve realized that someone/something deletes my emails because ever time I’ve been to check it the only mail is items that have just arrived that morning and nothing else for the week or month previous! regular pattern it’s been.

3- This place won’t take my letters for the mailman anymore plus I haven’t received a single piece of mail in reply to any that I’ve posted.

And of course the Admissions lady-Administrator here went on a silence-Retreat, as an example that I’m just in a silence-vacuum that’s just a continuance of this same “Armageddon Show” or “Armageddon-making Show” that that protagonist’s type of people had long ago helped invent for the innocent-seeming underdog-type boys that has brought the planet into this extinction-bound real-life state.

(Pestalozzi, swiss, p5, 4/15

While I’m here I’m trying to learn as much as i can about this surrounding me, the Catholic-paradigm, and specifically this person i’m sure was a “mister” and an identity-thief of the name Sister Teresa too and the only book on this “mother teresa” that i could find in the silver spring library is giving me some insight into that what mother teresa was doing was feeding all mass-reproduced fertilizations of black-haired offspring from descended-ovaries — probably largely taken from the Hitler-holocausted victims, creating this false or unnatural planet-demographi s that we now have and its phony U.N. Also it’s paradigmatic that the Kraepelin-Lenny Bruce types had been under the belief that they’d be rocketing into space to harvest the diamond-looking stars and ruling Earth from probably the Moon, and for that they required the fuel for the rockets and that comes largely from decomposing us humans into hydrocarbons so that this “Missionaries”(of c) and catholic cs foubnders and partners were busy-busy doing all kinds of different money-making and business and mental-illness thinking and “brain-drugs” pursuing ventures, that then 1961-62 “French Connection” being a big one of those and i was put into that ritual as though some sort of a good-luck charm and those people are all insane-sadists and seek to continue this abuse of me by having me hit by a car/s and keeping me locked up.

(maybe this is a different note on the paper– Please help that i don’t get these armageddon-making tricks played anymore.)

then, 10/16/15, 930 now, note on the entry form, i was told to ask for ms. davis. i’m supposed to be in washington apartment-seeking today, on a dcha-boucher.

4/16/16, sat, threat-semiotics/tax day

bottom of page 5 of 5, 4/15/16, jm

locked up,) and pre-determind for that (V.A.) hospital near that fraud-parent and his “type” is some major role-play type in this world-takeover. I cannot find a responsible adult to get the Universe and human race out of this “Tuvan” takeover, please, “Be the One.” Kathy Foshay