Chief Edward F. Carey

French Connection agent Edward F. Carey

(then this is the famous Lepke Buchalter-turning himself in photo, etc:)

french connection agent edward carey.pdf, Could he have been working when Lepke Buchalter turned himself in, I think it was 1941 to J. Edgar Hoover in New York City, with Walter Winchell assisting the event, Buchalter being the boss of the Murder, Inc., contract-murder business, this agent involved in the 1962 French Connection business, in the usual photo I use but also in this one and the book has another photo:

Lepke Buchalter turning himself in, 1941

(It looks to me like Carey had begun his career doing that phony photo of Lepke Buchalter. I found a copy of a write-up or the write-up, probably by Walter Winchell, in one of his books I’d likely finally found the specific sequence of that turning-in event and there wasn’t anything about any photos being taken or anything, it was very dark and quiet and quick.)

I’ll find out the post # on the “Usual French Connection photo” I use file and add this there then. The caption says he’s Deputy ChiefInspector or NY Narcotics Bureau, Edward Carey,  and I have another picture of him I’ll put in here, and the book has a good one of him smiling at the camera. The first photo is from The Life and Times of Lepke Buchalter, American’s Most Ruthless Labor Racketeer, by Paul R. Kavief,f, 2006, published by Barricade Books Inc., 185 Bridge Plaza, North, Suite 308-A, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, book’s dedication to Rita Davis Kramer, the author’s soulmate. I really think that that is Richard Nixon dashing behind Buchalter there because Nixon had just graduated from law school in North Carolina and spent some time in New York and was looking for a job through J. Edgar Hoover, who’d gone to pick-up Buchalter, that that photo is supposedly from that night. That’s said to be Cecil B. DeMille cropped off except for the hand in the lower right, the uncropped version of the photo giving a good look at him but I’m not that familiar with DeMille to think whether it is actually him or just someone that looks like him, what DeMille was doing at that time. But I’m thinking now that that might have been early in Edward Carey’s career, and then he helped with this phony “French Connection” in 1961-62.