Armageddon “Show/Pgm” .

I hardly have a chance to get off of the complaining about the invisible torture and looking up library things for support-evidence that the system is taking us to tpe to get a chance to mention about some of the important things like that this “Armageddon Show” had opened with some sort of a script-storyline about Eve’s running off with Satan, Adam being just a big dumb and boring blond guy generally always sitting like Rodin’s the thinker statue. — as soon as i got a chance to type that much a doodoo conspicuously moved into the next terminal and it started creeping me out. i haven’t any idea what the system tells these hoards of these “Thunderville-types” but it’s been going on real bad since 2013, started that I’d noticed in 2010 with one small incident and then more of this each year till it was sometimes a hundred a day, and now some other scene-continuance, and this is why I — they completely changed the person sitting there now as i’d gotten up to get a better look at what’s going on around me and had muttered to please not creep me out, now they just had someone else sit here that the first guy might not have even been at the correct terminal, that that was just part of one of the scripted “jokes” for getting me upset for speeding up the underworld slaughter-machinery, etc., same old “Armageddon Show/Program” since 1992 I guess and that with “Saty” and Adam had been when this “show” sort of officially had started, 15-16 February 1993. But before that there’d been what I call a year of warm-up toward that grand opening of the visions and voices’ singing and dancing invisibly in front of my eyesight or what, and the worst character of all was what I now call the classic Autist/classic Autist-psychopath, classic Autist-psychoto-psychopath, a character that is like a chameleon, a small male like the St/e. Foy character or the Ghent Pilgrim except with black or dark-brown hair, sort of like the actor Michael J. Fox except with black/dark hair, that that character is a subject I nearly never get a chance to try to communicate about but it’s the worst because it’s the sneakiest, the “as a thief in the night” -type because it seems so innocent — the same as the “Patroclos” in the Iliad. Those 2 subjects, the charges that Adam was too boring as opposed to quick and witty “Saty,” personable-seeming “Saty,” and the insidiousness of the innocent-seeming boy character, that that’s where the Autism-psychopathy people-eating system, the dinosaur-egg extincting Autists, had come from. I’m just trying to get those 2 points mentioned in here and the “show” did a scene to mess up my typing-attempt, communicating this attempt. Previously written is:

The “revulsive” thing they’ve been doing all all along but I’m oblivious to all the tricks and only catch on after decades of the same old patters all the time. Lately they’ve been doing this real bad, they jump up and down the cartoons on my hologram’s skull and screech the phrase-question of as though they’re screaming out at unseen people as though I’m a microphone, the ask over and over, bombard my head all day long every day sometimes with the question of if some anonymous person or persons wants to, would care to, rescue the earth. This isn’t a voting matter, but it’s the system’s main scam, they seem to make believe that if there were voting-results that indicated a yes to that pseudo-question that maybe I’d get released from this nonstop invisible-torture torture, if the unseen anonymous “audiences” voted that yes they would like to do that. How many cockroaches agree that that would be nice now. One hundred, two hundred, three hundred times a day this “show” sneak-attacks up to my skull and screeches that through my skull. I paid no attention till around 2004 and then I started to catch on that that was some sort of a “LURE” scam, that by doing this the unseen underworld perpetrators are gathering people and when they get enough of them they mass-disappear the “volunteers” for agreeing that it would be nice to let me out of this nonstop torture so that I could proceed to try to do whatever the steps are that one would go about in uh trying to do that, as though that is up to the cockroaches. They’ve shrieked that about a hundred times or more into my head, they seem to be focused on the left side of my head for their shrieking tricks is maybe a pattern, and it isn’t 11 a.m. yet and this has been going on since 1993.

retype to here: The Armageddon Show

(6/19/16) When I first got set up and experienced this “vision and voices” business I could tell it was some kind of a trick and I said (2/15/93,) thought-said and typed, to all these assembledlisteners that whatever this is it’ll wind up bringing us to extinction because it’s parasitism onto the brain and if it can be done to me it can be done to anybody, like I was already a last-to-find-out in 1993. Then all about what I have to fill in about the gimmick to doing this to me, and as the years dragged on and I couldn’t get any assistance in Washington I realized that the perpetrators are truly going to parasite until not only is the human race gone but the planet will have to break open in order to get rid of them and that that’s fine with themselves. Then last year I found this way of trying to describe the situation from the eternal universe’s perspective of the loss of the only biologically-living planet, with all those empty ones created and waiting for us to bring dirt and soil out to them, etc. (Gotta sign off, kf. I saw a sticker about voice-to-skull V2K mindcontrol that reminds me of the Y2K and the VfR first rocket-science club that started the space-race, 3 kids in Prussia.)

23 May 2017, I just want to remind that virtually every day for 23 years for me has only been like being held down so s***-throwup can be poured all over me, that this isn’t a small joke but the way this Armageddon-Revelation has been being made possible, this modern age being built while I’m kept like a ghost-prisoner to this Armageddon-making, that there isn’t any content to any of this that the system is doing to me, just anything while they’re basically just keeping me a LURE-blob, a retarded loony-blob off of which they do their LURE for getting rid of the normal people, etc. The little work I manage to get done through this “gutter-circus” is just happenstance and immaterial to the torturers.// 3 June, also the whole thing, paradigm even, is based on that s-excrement. When the system wanted to use me as a kill-excuse this weekend they did, besides all the general rituals by the strangers around me out here, they did insomnia torture last night so they could “produce and direct” then my morning and it was all about the ladies’ room necessity of toileting’s being caused to be difficult through the yelling and screaming going on, all about the excrement-process as the focal point for getting this horror-day started toward horror, etc. It comes from that the developmentally disabled New World-lost Autists who then invaded the Old World didn’t know how to care for themselves and they always threatened other people with their excrement. It’s TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION because their brains can’t stand to live with the knowledge of all that excrement-based old days’ terrorism, alot of shame about that.

8/14/17, Monday is a “standard” example of this sneak-Armageddon all toilet-level off of me, like s*** and throw-up mixed together, then eaten and regurgitated is how that phrase goes, then thrown-up poured all over me, all over me right now, one crap after the other, this with the computer-seat again set across so this freak-kid bum can see me from my right side and on my left some other of the sort of stereotypes that are used against me standardlly, with about five of them all over before I could get to the sign-in, that freak-boy always a disgusting presence, and it seems linked with the “Merchant of Venice” character that is the main reason I seldom come to this branch near the inferno-shelter. I’d usually put this in the Log for trying to normalize after this horror-ordeal just to get to anywhere but the toilet and garbage mixed-together affect is so “Armageddon Show/Program” that nobody knows exists except the global-system just happens to run off of all this c*** to myself that I thought I’d put it in this file as an example. I can barely think of any of this preparedness I’d had for today, that today’s supposed to be something like a day off for slight selaxedness for myself before the (new to me) Social Security ordeal tomorrow. I have to try to find out if there are any other offices I could go to because I can’t :”carry” this Allen Ginsberg-Armageddon monster down to the usual one on M Street, NW, invisibly on me like this if at all avoidable. — There are, but I don’t think either of the other 2 are that much better for my situation. I have to carry this animal-act to 21st and M Sts., NW from getting off of the van/bus at the Bethany’s and then walking back to there afterward, then “God knows what” to have to keep going back there over some detail or another ordeal might be coming up. That s***-eyed boy at this place wears cook’s pants and looks like a George Stephanopoulus homeless teenager that does tricks like going around and around in a circle. It knows it’s annoying me because I’m huddled with the mouse and keyboard over to the other side toward the other guy over here to try to scrunch away from its phony self, which the underworld does these feces-tricks with while my hands are trying to type, makes it seem like the boy’s hands are synchronized to mine or whatever other “normal” target-victim type it can bother for each time-segment, etc. Armageddon invisible-warfare horror all over me today.

7/14/18, Saturday — Now I recall that this is likely the “Bastille Day,” might be why everything is so bad today and last night, like timed toward me getting a little time on computer to try to make this site presentable.