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Image result for frau im mond images borwinfrom Ross Verlag/Postkarten, on the Frau Im Mond 1932 Fritz Lang film, Woman on the Moon, Borwin Waltha and Mahmud TerjaThose 2 guys are “investors” from a gang called, in German, 5 checkbooks and a brain, looking over the rocket plans.Image result for brainard warner images1847, Great Bend, (now Halstead,) Pennsylvania,  1866 work for the Treasury, to Joshua Whitney and company R.E. (Paul K. Williams, the house history man blogsite, from there,) B.H. Warner r.e. company. I think it says he’d passed about 1916, here. — 1890 he founded and owned the town of Kensington, it says in a book, (Herringshaw’s blue book of biography,) and he’d been at 916 F Street, NW I guess, which is like the big area I’m saying the Autism had settled in in 1796, then buying up all those lots over the years with their various church and other groups, Obadiah Brown years, Brown had had as stable right there.My point is that Warner is a big deal in Kensington where I’d been tricked out to and then hit by the car and have wound up still in this same “Armageddon Program” end-of-the-real-Earth horror-situation. Also there were early airplane enthusiasts that looked like Warner. Maybe Ortega of that prize Lindbergh had won looked like from this line. Warner had also written a tourist guide to Washington. This blogsite by the House History Man has alot of background on his dealings here. I’m saying that it’s part of all this Armageddon from Siber-Mongolia business based on that 1928-32 photo still from the Frau Im Mond film and that Sam Giancana’s nickname was Moonie, that all along the Siber-Mongolian underworld was working with this and the stereotype that JD Rockefeller was a part of.

My point here is my early belief in seeing this part of that film that the guy on the left looks like maybe a son of JD Rockefeller, Sr. And that the guy on the right is perhaps similar to Robert Goddard. Finally procuring another look at the picture I’m a little less sure.  It is only a still and I might have scene a slightly different view if it was in a film clip that I’d seen it. I think that that’s their names, Waltha and Terja, probably having them in backward order. I’m getting this now because Florence Sabin used to work for the Rockefeller Institute, after Johns Hopkins’ many years, and I’m thinking to write them about support for my reading her papers for making a selection-book of them because this system is taking us to the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION unless we quick-do something about the rampant psychopathy, Autist-psycho-pathy. I’d need a better view of the guy, actor, on the left. The first I think president of the little-known country to Tannu Tuva looked like Rockefeller, Sr., a stamp made of his face, more clear than this still, but I think that TT is a dangerous place because maybe it’s the system’s petroleum-collecting area of the planet, I’m not advocating to go get a look-see in mentioning it, etc. I think that Rockefeller Sr. might have “come from,” been progenerated offspring-descendant from Mongkut, Rama IV posthumously, that King from the famous The King and I story, based on real life but all to the Autists’ perspective and even then they complain wildly about the portrayal. I have to leave this subject here for today. This is the gang of “investors” called A Brain and 5 Checkbooks, and those must be 2 of the checkbooks that spend as the “home-brain” directs them to, looking to invest in the rocket ship. Offhand I think I’ve read that the story ends sadly, with a couple in love stranded alone on the moon to fade off together.

 Men Inspecting Rocket Ship Model
Still from 1929 German movie Frau im Mond (The Woman in the Moon). Investors examine a model of the spaceship Friede. — I didn’t realize that copyright category “Rights managed” means that you can’t use a picture or what without a fee, I thought it meant normal fair use of copyrighted materials, so I’m quick taking down the still with Borwin Waltha and Mehmud Terja, the 2 investors going over details about investing in the space rocket, but there’s that small-sized one I think from a Russian maybe a German site up at the top of the file I think, where I’d guess that copies of these important things ought to be available. I’ll still try to check the Library of Congress files for one, because that’s real important to all this about that the system comes up from underneath way over there in southeast Siberia according to my figuring for about 2 decades of this now.
And one of them, maybe Terja, looks to me like from the “type,” genotype, of JDR Sr. — #187, JDRockefeller.pdf, John D. Rockefeller photo in 1933 Siamese Kingdom Exhibition book
Image result for robert Goddard images
(from Owlcation, a blog maybe) 1882-1945, Goddard, Worcester, Mass. (La Cosa Nostra

BirthJune 15, 1908 – Chicago

DeathJune 19, 1975 – Chicago

Image result for Sam Giancana Images
(from the Mob Museum, probably, )1908-75, Sam Giancana, “Moon” or Moonie was his slang-name.
And that astronomer Adelaide Ames had drowned in 1932 and the friend she was with was from Goddard’s town of Worcester, has been on my mind alot.

#201, 1929 Minneapolis’ Wilbur Foshay,  no relation, but noticing now that maybe he looks like JFK’s brother-in-law through Jacqueline’s sister Lee Bouvier Radziwill — I moved this up to the post #206 with the Foshay Tower little picture, pdf

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#320, L. Ron Hubbard/Scientology

Mission Earth: The Doomed Planet, ©1987 by L. Ron Hubbard. (#10 in the Dekology) Original jacket by Gerry Grace, Bridge Publications, Inc., 1414 North Carolina Street, Los Angeles. CA 90027, but while I’m trying to add this “the boys” are playing yet another new game with freezing the blogsite and giving me a click-on either choice of waiting till the server is okay again or killing it, the use of killing my own post-file or what a new word in this “invisible” terrorism world that I’m basically totally alone it and with its making its big-deal world-takeover off of, all these brain-damaged mass-proliferated boys, it’s really unlivable every day. (9/10/17) I think they’re doing some new as*****e trick too of pre-designating which seat/terminal I’m supposed to sit in so they can parasite-live off of me the best, with their armies of themselves then behind them.

The close-up shows the skull in the stomaach and that’s the same as the St/e. Foy statue in Conques, southwest France. This was a 1982 book, 10th in a series called Mission Earth by Hubbard, and I’ll try to find the pdf on the last page of this the last book in that series. I’m thinking they’d gotten this “Doomed Planet” concept from the 1979 trick-set that was played on me in San Francisco because the picture looks alot like one of the main trick-players, and this about St/e. Foy is connected to all this and to me, — and to the Eddie Foy and the Seven Little Foys even.

— I’ve been having a difficult time finding the last page of this book to include here, both a pdf and a photo now of the page. It was Hubbard’s 10th and last book in his Mission Earth series I think. He was the founder of the Scientoloty group, church group, and a friend of Jack Parsons the prime mover of that Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I should look for youth pictures of his co-founder Frank Malina because I’m sure he’d been one of the main Autists in all that and how we got here hen to this TPE real-life real situation. Hubbard looks descended from John Carroll, 1735-1815, to me. There’s a post on John Carroll that probably should be turned into an item on the MENU.

I haven’t been able to find the pdf of this page but here’s a photo of it:

Doomed Planet last page:

I don’t mean to give the story away but it was published 30 years ago, isn’t a big surprise now, and I think it’s relevant to all this “Armageddon Program” that’s actually how the real Revelation 16:16 is being snuck-through. It’s “a.k.a.,” also known as, the war of the sons of light against the sons of darkness and it’s just from that prehistoric error of one group’s forcing its way over Beringia in futile attempt to try to catch the sun before it seems to lift up off of the earth in the morning. Nature could not say in words to explain WHY not to go over there where it looks like it is only a small journey ahead all the time, just don’t bother, hey look at that, look at that over here, have a baby, stay and play with that, no, don’t take the baby with you, quit it, quit, don’t go over there, etc. — it’s really still here because I’m trying to type those words in so they can be read. I just can’t get the piece of paper and the time to do it in together on myself yet.

And then at length establish here

Your culture as a proud veneer

Upon our peoples far and wide

So that their semen runs like tide

Up into your legs spread wide!

For with your culture, we will nurse

A whole enticing universe,

And from your womb, tomorrow springs

As you lie weeping with slashed-off wings.

So cower there, O, Earth, we come!

And we will beat the funeral drum

For bodies slaughtered on your plain

That died in agony and pain.

Don’t plead, O, Earth, for mercy now!

Your time has come and this I vow:

Each thing you know we will suck up

And toast your death with blood in cup!

Surrender? No, it is too late.

Just week while soldiers fornicate

Upon your grave up there so high,

So soon to be our Voltar sky.

But, cheer up, Earth! When soul has flown

It will in Voltar find its home.

Your wisdom wise like graveyard flowers

Will come to us and will be ours!

So, Earth, just bare to us your breast

And let us suckle you in death!




(9/10–) I can’t believe that he’d written stuff like that in 1987. What audience was he writing for, Scientologists? It’s what I mean that there isn’t anything positive going on with this direction we’re in. I guess that when they realized there aren’t harvestable riches in space they went into this go there anyway mode as an excuse for continuing the system-patterns of more and more petroleum made out of people who were “grown” from disembodied ovaries.

#212, Moved this to the 300’s, the Doomed Planet book cover.  L. Ron Hubbard.pdf; I’m trying to get a photocopyof that Doomed Planet cover because to me it looks like this “Saint Foy” whole aspect of all this Revelation-author’s Armageddon problem-set that I’ve got, the character grown to be larger over the centuries for this image on this bookcover. L. Ron Hubbard was close to the famous “rocket scientist” Jack Parsons and so comes into this research I try to do and I figure he’s from a line of the descendants of John Carroll, Archbishop of Baltimore, d. 1815 who was/is a main prisoner-slave to the Autists’ system type. The system works us like generational-stereotypes and knows how to “play” people and I guess Mr. Hubbard’s life with the tricks played on him as he grew up is a good example of how that works, getting the John Carroll type trapped into this inexplicable situation-set.

Old Navy Yard picture. I call it, “Be Careful Who You Work With” because someone’s feel are sticking out of that big drum.

— that’s really the “hero-in” way of this system, that all the guys are threatened in this “jet age” by that they might get surrounded and dumped into those big “drums” that all the planes are centered around having been engine-built like, the whole 20th century one big threat to all the normal males that they’re sneak-surrounded by psychopaths. One of the first things the system did after the moon-landing was to go set up some “nuclear device” and all the nuclear devices are centered around the cyclotron, these big drums that spin to puliverization of the “ions.”

— That picture comes from right around here, the Navy Yard. It was a munitions manufacturing place and I have the idea that the system had made it their inferno-site when they learned that the world isn’t flat but round and there’s this area of it also, that they expanded their Revelation to here and I happen to be stranded near where they’d expanded their anti-Babylon business to, here. In the Bronx, I have to try to get it logged in somewhere, that I finally recall the name Martin Cherkovsky, (Cherkasky I found it on the search engine but the book seemed to have had a different person in its photo maybe, and no telling how long till I could find another copy of that,) of Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, that I’d wound up with “pleurisy” after the bizarre-type (saline/at-home) abortion I’d had in late 1971, had wound up in Montefiore in January 1972, and that they’d done a “D&C” while I was there and that ovae/ovaries had been taken without my awareness is possible. I guess I’ll have to try to search-engine for a picture of Mr. Cherkovsky, where I’d used to have one from a book on Montefiore, and I’d looked around for and found a picture of his son a few years back and they don’t look anything alike, as is really what’s going on. Now that photography is everywhere it would be so simple to expose this disembodied-ovaries “Brave New World” way of manufacturing people as the farce it is.