Erich Mendelsohn, (1888-1953, architect)

new book adina hoffman on mendelsohn architectMendelsohn, 1p German0459 Mendelsohn photo0458 Mendelsohn, 3p., Current Biography, 1953 — Type in the “Why This Architecture/?”

(Mendelsohn made a 1924 visit to the U.S. on the same ship with Fritz Lang, probably in the same party together so I’m including this as being sort of the mind-set Mendelsohn was in throughout his life, the gestalt he was in:

Image result for frau im mond images borwinfrom Ross Verlag/Postkarten, on the Frau Im Mond 1932 Fritz Lang film, Woman on the Moon, Borwin Waltha and Mahmud TerjaThose 2 guys are “investors” from a gang called, in German, 5 checkbooks and a brain, looking over the rocket plans.)

I’d come here and found a copy of that architect Erich Mendelsohn’s poem, the system-bums’ disappearing it on me 2 times that I’d had it here already, disappeared those 2 files in the “games” of crawling all over me and anything I try to do, etc. So that’s the first 2 pages of the little pdf that I somehow managed to get despite that there’s something convoluted about how to operate their fancy copiers and they were doing the sending me from floor to floor to try a different machine -bit and I finally somehow got, it should be 4 pages actually. Maybe they only reproduced every other page I’d tried to scan. There was supposed to be the title page with the copyright info, but first there was supposed to be something I’d unexpectedly found in this “Einstein in Berlin” with Mendelsohn’s poem happening to be in it, as Mendelsohn had built that Einstein Tower, where I’d just found that public domain copy but where the Astronomical group’s specific name is is in a different file right beneath here, the one that had had the gecko and now maybe the Barn Swallow stamp picture from USPS.


Through Wikipedia this is the Potsdam Astronomical Observatory’s group saying it’s okay to use this picture of this “Einstein Tower” I think English calls it that Mendelsohn had allegedly built and started his career bigtime off of back around 1920, 

and today I found this page about Albert Michelson where I was about to search for trying to find his name because I think he’d used to work at the original of that building that Mendelsohn claimed to have been the builder of it from scratch or some sort, but I’ll have to wait till next week to be able to look into Michelson’s business of before that better, was the first page I’d scanned and it should be in the pdf. — Yeah, the 4 pages altogether are all there, me figuring that the 3 pages of material are the Fair Use and the copyright page is for writing to the publisher but I don’t ever get replies either because my uses are so trivially small to themselves or because replies are confiscated by the system-bums that crawl all over me and have turned the weather to this unnatural business so freezing people will “vote,” yes, use her for the greater good of the necessity of the warmth then for this coming winter, but the system is doing this freezing off of all their parasitism back, for instance, from when the Mendelsohn group believed they’d be ruling the Earth from Mars, really, they’d thought that and “sacrificed” and sacrificed nearly countless millions of humans for their rocket fuel and this is similar modus operandi, as though invisibly-torturing and ignoring me is worth it toward the greater good in the so-called long run, the system propaganda is of the type as that, sic sic sic.  Then, the 5th page on the pdf is the main thing I’d come for because I want to see if there’s a familial resemblance between Sean and Phineas Gage, that’ll also have to wait till after this phony “holiday” and its murderous LURE the system does off of me virtually every singe “holiday” back at least to 2005-6 specifically, targeting each of the 13 or what yearly-calendared holidays as times to gather people to the “show” they do off of me which is like marathon variation depending on the situation at the time, pornography, comedy, and the worst one of course is this b.s. they do of telling people that I’m out here doing the “saving” of the entirety of everyone, etc., etc., that they sucker-gather people and add whatever porn and insult-comedy as the weekends go along, then they lock the doors and turn nasty, were doing that all the time when I’d been stranded back in San Francisco circa 1994-2000 in the … maybe I can’t say the name or address of the cheap “residential” hotel but I’m in a similar situation now in an “inexpensive” small rooming house but there’s area all around that the underworld works off of this “show,” — on and on, but back to that I’d finally found this photo of Sean and will have, again, to try to reach him or the publisher by mail. I’d reached the publisher of the paperback version, here in Austin, but the company founder had just passed, the one person who might have taken an interest in what I’m trying to get across, that Sean’s book should be done to even better than what I’m trying to do in the footer with taking apart to explicate the “Limitless” novel and its connection to this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION that the Prehistoric-descended accident-set has us on, then exacerbated by these primitive “Jomon” people who became partners in this mass-reproduction racket thought up off of the brain-eating. Etc.The next page on the pdf is the publisher’s cover blurb, summary of the book and why you should buy it, that is concluded just above on the authors’ photo page then. Then I got pages 101 and 102 because I think about them alot, not having had a copy of this book for a long time, that nearly each page of the book has something useful for me trying to explain this Prehistory accident-set and the Autism then onto everything that we’ve got, that it’s permeated into everything, — I’m getting a little difficulty and have to leave here. It’s also very dangerous, this subject that I’ve been thinking about this part of the book for. There’s another pdf of Sean’s work in the Autism section but I don’t think this part is on there, mostly that page 119 which seems to me like symbolic for then the pyromania that the whole planet was terrorized by as the Autists have gone around the world, etc. I can’t really describe this bit about the meaning in the brain/subconscious about the crayons and I don’t know any whole story about anything, only “poor God” having to watch all this destruction all these millennia could follow what the situation is. — Etc. What I’m beating around the bush about but loving to communicate is that I think this is subconscious reflection for the time-period when the ovary-harvesting Autists began experimentation with “coloring the egss” and coincidentally or not I’d gotten that car-hit in 2015 right after I’d started trying to explain how the system’s been doing that, because one of the girls in Kensington then was an African version or “offspring-descendant” or what of that, very dangerous to me by the way as well as that fraud-parent and who else of that “dynasty” of product-people that I’m also trying to explain about the Dutch factor in the Bronx about, that there was some African girl that I figure is an offspring-descendant of the mass-reproductions off of that phonied-up “designated relative” per the “Limitless” mention of that subject, and I’d typed something onto here about it and had given up trying to get the girl and the fraud-cousine together, and the car-hit was like right after that though there were alot of other reasons, — 2 in fact are still current, — alot of other directions that hitting me with a car might have come from, that maybe the vsrious underground “wells” had all voted so out there in Maryland where I was a stranger in a house rigged-up with these fraud-family people, but the subject of color or skin color as mostly being done by dyes seems to get the system-moguls annoyed because it’s their big key to their personal “bigwiggedness” or importance or wealth, that’s probably what it is, that they’re wealthy over this b.s. over who isn’t wealthy, and then this “Allen Ginsberg/Tsiolkovsky” “possession” 24/7 of me since around 1998 or back to my birth, as with this Joseph Nasi stuff I keep trying to get across, that Nasi had stolen the ovaries he’d started his people-mfg by and most of us on earth anymore seem to be with that “stock.” I have to leave this like this. I’ll stick it under a continue reading sign. I’m trying to work on the copyrights to anything that anyone might hold on anything I use but the system keeps me like “an animal trapped in a washing machine,” like that cartoon of a cat going round and round and trying to scratch through the glass, I’ve been living like that back to this Armageddon Program’s 1993 and then back to the 1962 it was all similar and even before then too. I don’t want the monsters using me as their “system’s
slaughter-excuse and they do it twice as much on holidays and nobody normal can try to assist me out of this mess because that’s the gimmick for the system’s catching and disappearing the normal males and females out from existence, don’t be one of them unless you have some big company the system wouldn’t hurt because you’re already a bad guy, or gal.

File:Einsteinturm 7443.jpgAttribution: Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam;  Einsteinturm in Potsdam. Einstein Tower in Potsdam, Germany,  (first de:wikipedia upload date) (former de-WP-File “Einsteinturm 7443.jpg”) Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam. The copyright holder of this file, Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed. Redistribution, derivative work, commercial use, and all other use is permitted. — This was “built” or “architected,” designed or what 1920-22 by Erich Mendelsohn, (1887-1953;) he’d passed in San Francisco, by the way. He’s like my historical “nemesis” in that I think he’d done more work than anyone else individually toward this TPE situation. Also, I think I read about a University of Chicago professor who’d actually used the original observatory there around 1890, I’ll have to check for names till I re-locate his, that this had existed and Mendelsohn et al. had just confiscated it and claimed it was their place and original from themselves, for proving that Einstein relativity theory and I think they had a cousin of Einstein’s working with them but I can’t re-find his name and will try again since the subject came up since my day was so sat-upon yesterday that I couldn’t think of anything else I could do while in this “vice grip” the invisible-torture does while I’m in libraries and it’s “too exciting” for them to be “saving the world/feeling themselves off of” me and the planet, so I’d run out of things and was looking into old NY and Mendelsohn had been there taking pictures in 1924 and that brought my mind around to finally getting a picture of this famous little place. Real-life, I suspect they’d gotten the idea for claiming that observatory in order to spy on Princess Viktoria Luise, Kaiser Wilhelm II’s only daughter. I don’t know exactly how far their property there was but the observatory wasn’t far from it, and I’ll try to look that up, Mendelsohn being some pet subject of mine, him over in Palestine hooking-up this global-system of underworld slaughterhouses. Here’s what else is in the Wikipedia file, which is another subject from yesterday’s torture-set.

Deutsch: Einsteinturm in Potsdam
English: Einstein Tower in Potsdam, Germany
Polski: Wieża Einsteina – obserwatorium astronomiczne w Poczdamie, Niemczech
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© The copyright holder of this file, Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed. Redistribution, derivative work, commercial use, and all other use is permitted.
Attribution: Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam

— Trying to get another copy of that “Why This Architecture?” poem of Erich Mendelsohn’s I just learned that the nearby college has got a bunch of books on him, including the one that has the poem but before that I’d looked up a general book that I’d also seen the poem in, “Einstein in Berlin,” and that’s just in the regular Houston central library. Of course it’s a terrorism on my mind that in this “Armageddon Program” off of living off of myself the system had wrecked the lovely, — “Mies van der Rohe” -architected, but that wasn’t Mies, Mies was jumped and “disappeared,” I really believe that, we Americans being naive they’d identity-switched all they felt like doing in the years leading up to the moon-landing and then they were busy trying to make themselves scarce and duck people they owed loaned money to, etc. The system had had a “Mies” -designed library built and erected in downtown Washington DC and I got there in late 2000 and they started like one book a day or so wrecking the place, one of those rolling carts of books worth of damage each day from then and then I’d been gone and when I got back in 2005 it was that amount of wrecking the lovely research-good library into the shambles they say they’re re-doing, but all they’re doing is replacing books you can check yourself with this “internet” surface material that won’t let me get in-depth into any subject, etc. It’s really bad when I try to use the library downtown. I wrote a note about all this to the person in charge but Houston was like allegedly “invented” by these system-bums posing as that Charlotte Baldwin-Allen and all those pirates in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, Henry Morgan’s descendants mostly probably.