“Blame it on God” and war against God problem

When I’d gotten surprised by this (horror about later, the “v&v** phrase for it, invisible warfare real trick-set, etc.,) “Armageddon Show,” in February 1993 as I was packing to become homeless again I’d discussed my business for about 3 straight days (to the v&v) and had covered most of the general subjects i’m still trying to get covered now on this blogsite, that whatever this all is it’s headed for extincting the human race though i didn’t know many of the details like about the cannibalism-base for everything via the cutting out of women’s ovaries, etc., the brain-eating base of the system, but i’d said that whatever the problems are they’re heading us for extinction and let’s forget about it, blame whatever the problems are on God’s having made some miscalculated error or whatnot that got us into this and let’s blame God and move along toward getting out of this and then restore our having eternity wherein people could blab away forever about the details of the little glitch or what, like maybe we got a little too much free will seems to be the general thing and the ones who’d forced their way over Beringia, which is what i’d come down to as being the source of the “glitch” of what’s got us headed to TPE now i realize it is, the “Autists,” would want to debate about the free will “issue” forever in place of doing anything about the emergency that we’re in, that had gone wrong, we could survive to talk about it later but now we’re supposed to get the situation “straightened out,” having blamed whatever had gone wrong onto God and putting it behind ourselves, is the concept.

12/5/17, a quick-jot to mention that I’d gotten set up for this “Armageddon Show” back in 1979 with this what I call an Aldous Huxley-type or the San Francisco Clown guy telling me these “seed lines” I call them about his awareness of some future war against God and that he’d try to do something about that except that no one else would do anything about it also and I’d said that I would, but now of course I finally realize that the underworld people call themselves “God” this or that all the time, it’s some common thing the people-breeders or what refer to themselves as being starting with that “God” of the Ghent Altarpieces, the one sitting in the middle of the group of the 3 of themselves as this people-breeding had gotten started off. That means that I’d inadvertently or been set up to be assisting for the good of those people-manufacturers, who turned out to be only such as the “Allen Ginsberg-type,” from the Bronx and Lower East Side of New York origins and “God knows where.” Also he’d mentioned something about its taking only to “decimate” a population in order to takeover them, (sic for my grammar,) and I’d had to ask what the word meant, asking that that doesn’t mean to cut off their heads does it because if so I wasn’t having anything to do with that and the guy had said that decimate is 10% of the population could be in charge of the whole or some such, so I’d gone ahead and agreed to what then years later turned out to be this nothing but 24/7 invisibly-done tortures of myself, and when that “officially” began with some big visions and voices Radio City Music Hall-type singing and dancing invisible “show” all invisibly around my skull I could see right off that whatever was behind doing that to myself, for a late-learning example of what the phrase visions and voices means, I could see right off that they were taking us to human extinction eventually because they’re brain-parasites, a spiral down to nothing eventually. I always try to describe that as being “self-evident” but like now couldn’t recall the phrase in time.

** v&v is visions and voices, a phrase I’m still afraid to use too openly for fear of getting locked up away, really. 7/2/18. The underworld just did it’s 2nd attack on me this year of forcing me to a hospital by diminishing the air in what seems to be a “magic”-made cage or “bell jar” that they have me in. All these people are making believe it’s my breathing ability that makes my oxygen-count low and I’m trying to figure how to get the morons doing this to me to quit and just mind their own lives somewhere else.