Sylvian fissure

#260, Autism’s brain location = “Sylvian fissure”

— I had to delete this pdf, not noticing there was something “controversial” in it, in my handwriting on it. It’s easy to look this up in the World Book Encyclopedia, I’ll try to get the page number in the “B” volume, the article on the brain, that little drawing with just the upper part of the brain, had been here, me having to open any file just to try to ventilate a little to get some of this LURE-torture off of me a little. — it’s possible that this big “gash” on the left side of the head/brain that is called Sylvian fissure or lateral sulcus or a couple other terms is the Prehistory-accident that led to the Autism that I’m saying is taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and was behind authoring that book of the Revelation and all those other “religious” things. I’m trying to figure out about this “Dyslexia of Thinking” that I think the system and its Autists have got and now and then I get a chance to try to find how this “dyslexia” that gets things mixed up exists, where it comes from in the brain, and I ran across this “Sylvian” term and it’s that deep gash and it’s only on the left side, the right side is instead only a groove in depth. The system has everything about itself so covered-over that most brain pictures are only of the left side. I’m using this little pdf of the neocortex I guess that is to trying to point out the the asymetry (sp?) shows that something is wrong and that that likely comes from whatever had caused the Sylvian fissure. I think it is that during the errant premature first trip across Beringia in trying to catch to hold the sun, find where it starts out from before it gets too high in the sky to be able to reach it concept, that mothers had accidentally laid infants in the snow to sleep for too long and the same as freezer burns onto meat had happened onto babies’ brains before the trekking got them to normal climate. I figure that the freezer burning had left a “hole” in the babies’ brains that closed up as it healed but left that gash-scar that’s covered-up about and whatever all those lobes are and do and were supposed to have been doing, that that’s all re-architectured during the healing, didn’t go back together, is making up for whatever had been burnt-out, had been re-organized into what exactly each part of each lobe does now. For instance, we have voices because our vocal cords are “broken” and flap around as air goes through them but if they weren’t broken maybe we’d be think-speaking through from our brains without using our mouths, and such as might be different. And the whole reading and writing thing is real complex. The planet’s had as many as 7000 different languages over the years, and that might be toward trying to make up for whatever the accident had wrought, but all that is way too obscure even to be bringing up here. I’d sent this pdf to open a file because I’m really complaining tthat this “Armageddon Program” LURE of innocent normal people to feed them to system-people is all over me, feed off of Earth Day -type people is what they’re especially doing that it’s at a level of just trashing me to get a LURED audience and murder excuses of themselves off of mistakes that I make due to this “Armageddon Program” all all over me. Just now I was trying to make an email for names of neuroscience groups I might could write to about this Sylvian-cover up and the 15-minute library Express computer I can only use turned off of me, leaving the email account not signed off on and that’s just a typical thing this “show” is always doing so that that makes me more upset, but they had one of these library clerks come around looking to give a machine to someone else and my time was up but I had the “emergency” to try to get back and sign out and I didn’t get up because my time was up, that everything is always rigged around me like that. I think the homeless shelter did the standard also waking us late without telling us it was five-thirty instead of five a.m. When I realize that I’m half an hour late it always leads to trouble and “domino effects,” as how this longtime abuse for Armageddon off of me goes. This LURE may have been going on as far back as 1979 with this gimmick that they’re killing by today, which is the worst part of this whole torture I guess, is that they LURE for the nicest, most normal types of people and “disappear” those to feed the system people and keep the system people in “fuel” for their houses and cars and rockets to devestated space crime-scene the Autists don’t recognize there’s anything wrong with. After all these years I finally noticed that that gash is only on one side of the head primarily and is probably the prehistoric-accident brain-damage I’m talking about that’d caused the Autism problem that’s everywhere and runs the system by thread of violence to get their houses and cars and toy electronics and computers now, but we’re going extinct. Behind my back maybe since 1979 the system’s been doing this LURE “Armageddon Program” of lying to people to attract them into lock-up positions and it’s, sign-off time again. Some other error I have to go do or straighten out or whatever now I hope.

#266, Sylvian fissure, – the brain damage we’ve all inherited’s main scar “sign” of itself

Sylvian fissure .pdf, it looks like a crease from being folded over like when you wrap a package and I was starting to wonder about that and was looking for how dyslexia of vision might be connected to this “dyslexia of thinking” that I believe the system’s “core” people or Autists have got and came across this “Sylvian” terminology while generally mulling that the “Bishop Shahah-type” that I’d met in San Francisco in 1978 had had a girlfriend named Gloria who looked like a lady named Sylvia who’d lived in that “French Connection” place and time in the Bronx and I was wondering if there was any connection with those ladies and a couple others that make up some small stereotype of that type and so I’d noticed the term and looked into that lateral line’s descriptions and it”s an old scar from this prehistoric accident-set I’ve been saying for years here must have happened and caused this “Autism-psychopathy” that had then led to that book of “Revelation” and me at the bottom of that and aaware that it’s taking us to TOTAL PLANET-EARTH EXTINCTION, all those connections are severed there and “short-circuited” the brain and that leads to this anger-psychopathy that effects the TPE situation, so I have to try to bring attention, but to these around me it’s only a further detail in some “story” the system’s given me for the LURE-“work” that is what Kathy Foshay is “really” doing with all my time of my own personal life, situation this is. Etc. When I was a kid we were taught our heart’s on the left side and now it’s said that it’s left of the middle of our chests and I’m thinking it had been in the middle but gotten shifted when this accident-set onto our genetic ancestors had occurred. We’d probably been destined to learn to fly under our own power that way but this shift changed our physical abilities into this reading and writing language business, because we’re retarded, really, and have to learn in order to learn, trying to get us out of the dead-end that we’re headed for like this, like what I see everywhere now and I am very slow to catch on. I don’t want to junk-up this file but just to mention what seems most relevant to this whole devestation from normalcy that’s represented by realizing that that’s a big scar on our brains, that we’re probably not supposed to have all those lobes but for the brain to have been working like a unified, integrated whole.

Sylvian fissure .pdf, this is the scar, to my recent new finding and belief, left from the big freeze-burn hole in the head that’d caused what i call the Autism-psychopathy that the system has got, is founded on, from an unrecognized old accident-set in way-Prehistory when the new people must have been over-spoiled by nature and took a mind to also having the sun to hold and nature couldn’t explain why that isn’t possible and the early people forced their way over Beringia and way-prematurely into the New World but had had that accident to babies’ heads from the snow on the way to there, and then of course they still haven’t actually possess-owned the sun and they’re just doing this system regardless, etc., that it’s really bringing us to the end of the planet Earth because it’s all based on this Autism-psychopathy’s desire to get high off of other people’s brains’ being ingested by (secretly) themselves, under the other side of the world and the system built for and by themselves but it isn’t sustainable, plus it’s just been living off of me being a ghost-prisoner like this back to before the millennium-change. There’s no new change on this pdf but I’m trying to update the subject, and I’ll try to get a color copy of that painting on the last page here, that it’s mostly pink and gray, by an Atlanta-based artist named Jiha Moon and hanging in this Constitution Avenue, NW, John A. Wilson building where the DC Mayor and City Council and such are headquartered, right near the White House, but I haven’t seen where in the Wilson Building the painting is yet. The painting’s title is “Air Cartography” but to me it looks like Dinosaurs on the Brain, from being buried deep inside from prehistoric-days’ evolved recollection, and peeking out now and then. I found the copy in a book titled “Heart of DC.” To me, no libel/slander intended really, to me Ms. Moon recalls to mind the artist David Hockney, like maybe she’s an “offspring-descendant” or bio-offspring child terminology like that.  Moon and Hockney, 4 p.

illustration, this is the only picture I’ve got so far that sort of gives the idea of the hole in the head that had led to the Sylvian fissure.

sfn.pdf.pdf, that I’d looked this up because the “epigenetics” is what I’m essentially trying to explain, that the environment had shaped the neurology and that shaped the lives we have now and where that’s headed, but check out what happens if you look up the address to learn more. The brunette looks like “General Hospital” soap opera’s actress that had played Susan Moore. I think her name is Gail Ramsey.

by Jiha Moon

Jiha Moons “Air Cartography,” that I call, “Dinosaurs in the Brain,” Subconscious.


img 20170630 094116

img 20170630 085710

It’s so bad out here that I’m beginning to wonder if all those “wrinkles” aren’t crack-marks just smaller than the one I finally noticed, this Sylvian fissure, named after Franciscus Sylvius from the 1600s for discovering it I guess.

sylvian fissure

sylvian fissure1

sylvian fissure2

sylvian fissure — 3 page.pdf

sylvian fissure — 7 page.pdf

sylvian fissure1

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