“Signifying Rappers”

“Signifying Rappers,” Mark Costello and DF Wallace on rap music; Ecco Press, 1990 — Design, Nicola Mazzella; Cover design by Michaela Sullivan; Cover illustration, Untitled, by Jean Michel Basquiat, 1982; Collection Robert Hirsch, Switzerland; Courtesy of Vrej Baghoomian, Inc., NY.

I think it’s Fair Use to show the book’s original cover, but I just got it and noticed there’s a teeny bit of editing change in the main part that I find most interesting, that Tawana Brawley is mentioned, and just as I was leaving to come here today I was able to compare this first edition and then the usual or re-issued edition by a different publisher, Little, Brown I think, when I noticed this editing between the 2 copies and so will have to look at that more closely and only have 2 more days with the usual edition, so that’s mostly what I’ll be trying to do tomorrow and then the next day, check where there are edited differences. The main this is that the Notes and Discography and then some sheet music were deleted from this version here; I don’t know how they could delete the Notes but they did, and then the sheet music in the first version adds an attraction to the book. The business with Brawley is somehow closely connected to this Armageddon business onto me, that happening to her at a place I’d moved to about 2 years later, about 12 miles from “the fraud-parent’s” home and 1/2 a block from a place I’d found to work, so that I’d heard about the incident a bit and tried looking into it and, then today I notice that the Rev. Al Sharpton is likely of that “Mi-chel-angelos” -stereotyped type of the supposed “Jomon” perpetrators all over me, etc., for that that’s why I’m temporarily putting this file on the navigation bar, while the “Planet Trillaphon” that I started this second row with is obviously DF Wallace’s story, in case I hadn’t made the attribution clear enough for any readers that might stumble upon here, etc., have to sign off for the day now, 7/29/19.

[i don’t know where this is now, august 20, 2018, tuesday, but somewhere i’d typed a bit about that comment by costello that tawana had lied because once you say a lie it’s easier to just keep saying the same lie is true than to explain, words to that effect, and somehow i’d jotted about tt business with the 2 ladies named Carrie at that St. Thos. More skilled nursing and rehab facility i’d worked at in 2001-02 in hyattsville maryland i think was the address, one of the buses from 11th street in dc nw went to the end of the line there and a relatively short walk then to the big nursing home, however, now i recall the real time that once i’d told an untruth i’d just stuck to it, was when i was at berkeley in the summer of 1980. it hadn’t seemed like much of anything to me compared to that poor clown, the sfclown, what that poor dear boy was going through had made my cheating on some unimportant assignment seem trivial and when the instructor cornered me that that wasn’t my work or such i’d said that yes it was and then she bore down increasingly, where maybe-probably the whole thing had been one of these devil set ups from the blob/s on my head, the allen ginsberg-devil blobs, and they know that psychology of that once you tell a lie it’s easier to stay adamant that you were/are telling the truth so that when she’d broached the subject casually i’d responded casually because i’d thought it was insignificant compared to all what, it hadn’t seemed like a big deal till the instructor just kept asking over and over again i guess was how it had gone till i’d gone from a casual white lie that the work was my own to then a horrible plagiarism crime in i guess the same conversation about it. it was only a small essay, 1 page in that, or any of them, dreadful foreign language, where i’d been sabotaged for learning other languages by being forbidden from taking spanish in the 7th grade, [around 1968 i guess,] and forced to take french and later forced to take spanish when it was too late, etc., everything backwards and horrible wound up with an inability to learn either of the languages. The instructor had a weak/crossed eye, “bizeca,” looking at me all the time, and there was some visit to the school optometrists or opthamologists i guess the following quarter where i’d brought the clown to get his prescription checked along when i went, there at berkeley, that that’s peculiar for me to figure how that worked, but everything was lousy and then especially because of that lie about the little essay. it was one of my typical bizarre but boring and vague, blurry experiences: we’d been assigned to write an essay a week in summer quarter that was my first quarter at berkeley and i’d gotten an A on the first one in that spanish class, i didn’t know why it got an A because I was only guessing or what but when the 2nd essay came due i couldn’t think of any other subject. the first subject had been about watching afternoon daytime soap opera, that i enjoyed watching that. the second essay on any subject i couldn’t think of any subject and went to every place that sold any spanish language material on mission street in the mission district, like from 16th to 24th street, twice, every shop twice and i couldn’t find anything that would assist me and wound up copying a paragraph right out of something, a paragraph of the agricultural revolution. the instructor told me i couldn’t have written it, she could tell by the grammar, but i guess she’d brought that up after i’d said the small-seeming lie that i’d written it, me figuring that i’d gotten an A on the first page and that therefore it wasn’t like whatever i’d found would be better than that and in my personal life i had the clown falling apart about how rough things were for himself and there i was spending so much time on this spanish essay so i’d decided to just fake the essay and get it over with i guess is how that had gone, then went looking for something easy to pass off as my 1-page in longhand, a really baby-level little exercise it only had to be but my mind is a blank for thinking-up stuff and i couldn’t do it and tried to just find anything of a paragraph i could claim was mine and spent an entire afternoon up and down mission street and couldn’t find anything till that one little paragraph and that screwed my whole time, one year then only, at berkeley. That was that syndrome or psychological phenomenon that Costello mentioned was why Tawana had lied but i don’t think she had and don’t know how he could be so sure of that especially when I guess that that grand jury decision had just been in that time period, had just happened and he was saying she’d lied based on that they’d said she’d lied, is all. This isn’t really the place for it but i don’t think i’ve put it anywhere else yet and it’s hugely relevant to all my difficulties now is that that area is a longtime place for Hasidic/Lubavitchers, sic, Fishkill in particular, where the fraud-family had moved to and is still in that area now.

7/30/19, Tuesday, only 2 days for trying to learn about this book plus the difference — actually it’s 2 days for learning about the difference between the 2 editions and then I’d have about 2 and a 1/2 weeks for just reading the book. I’ll have to try to compare paragraph by paragraph. I’ve never had a pair of those “ear buds” for being able to listen to anything on these computers or on the cellphone — I think I can get music from You Tube or some other things but not the radio on the cellphone but I’d only tried that once. It would be good to try to hear what the — the back of the book’s sheet music, to the first edition, what that’s like. I should put away the Planet Trillaphon first file that’s just the straight typing so that I’d make room on the navigation bar for another of the inter-connected subjects here, that it’s becoming increasingly pretty obvious to me that “the c*** that followed me out of the Bronx” had then done all these parasitic cover-up things and one of them had led to this whole “DF Wallace” similarity at least. They might have been planning to gimmick on the DW name in the first git-go all along, tying-up some sucker-birth to the name that the 1st DW, the peculiar author’s son, could practice “magic” on, that that was probably thought-up without to do with then me, but I’m only just learning about this and the system might have that “666” peculiar-author’s type linked up with my “type” since the Ghent Altarpiece days, ‘nother set of all this Armageddon inter-connectedness. But it’s seeming offhand so far that DFW might even have been some group of out here and in-there people a little similar then to the Italian Wu Ming writers’ group going under the name of one person originally, and then writing that book about Joseph Nasi, the “Altai” novel, and, where I haven’t read it because I know the Nasi-types only do “Jomon-hogwash,” now it’s seeming like all the DFW publications might be similar in just being made-up c*** toward furthering that insane type’s world-takeover, unrelentingly off of me today, so that I feel real “wrecky” today, late getting started and not pulled-together and all of the standard c*** I go through as these petroleum and excrement -heads take over the planet, by “disappearing” the normal people. — I think I’ll have to make a separate file for this Tawana Brawley little mention because this book is pretty dense for me to be able to think on in the first place and then the difference in the 2nd one’s editing, back and forth trying to figure why it was edited, is too confusing for me otherwise, and, like the Planet Trillaphon story, I’ll have to type the paragraphs in order to be able to read the contents better, better-comprehend than I only have been able to read other people’s anything lately, etc., with all these blobs of torture on my skull.

Tawana Brawley, Dec. 1971, NY —  Also it was because of the Salem witch trials that the law was made that “spectral evidence” isn’t admissible. That’s a big difficulty that I have with all this sneaky underground trick-playing, that it’s all invisible.

The Back Bay Books’ 2013 edition has a 16-page preface by Mark Costello, and then that it’s dedicated/for l. bangs. I guess at that that’s Lester Bangs: https://en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Lester_Bangs

The Acknowledgments page is switched from the front to the back on the book in 2013, likely because that way it ends with the Dedication that had been at the front of the 1990 book, saying “Pax” from them in 1990 in 2013.

The book opens with a quote about school discrimination: en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Morgan_v._Hennigan and then goes right into the Schoolly D song “Signifying Rappers” off of his Smoke Some Kill album. I’m not sure about this song, the way that the system is always convoluted. To signify is to point out and the rapper in the song is pointing out a specific problem-person who subsequently gets beaten up real badly, so he is the signifying rapper that points out an enemy. Using that as a title otherwise maybe seems a little or more ambiguous, why it’s the title of a book about rap in general instead of that specific use of the word signifying.

[Maybe this is what happened that Tawana Brawley had defamed some bigshot prosecutor: … (he) survived his wounds, and identified al-Amin as the shooter from six photos he was shown while recovering in the hospital. == Maybe she’d merely pointed at what one of the attackers had looked like and the “team” surrounding her whisked off the photo with the name on the back of it of the bigshot, while she was only trying to say that that’s what one of the attackers had looked like, where that’s a big stereotype. (I think they might come from Siam’s Rama III and he’d had many different “types” made from himself, like maybe Elvis and “Ricky Ricardo,” for instance, Lucy’s husband. That comes up because H. Rap Brown gets mentioned on page 2 of “Signifying Rappers” and I looked him up and that’s about how it is that he’s in the Tucson Prison right now. In 1990 Costello’d made up “H. Blarney Brown,” in mentioning John F. Fitzgerald, Irish background to Boston.)]

M. mentions MC Lyte, who looks to me like Diahann Carroll, and then there’s alot of space on a 16-year old rapper named Tam-Tam (Tammy Hairston) : youtube dot com/watch?v=Dp7JlRCJ7a4 — and RJam Productions.

p. 21/23 brings up that rap is from the south Bronx, “South Bronx.”

I don’t want to make any copyright violations but on p. 37/39 Wallace puts a joke that I don’t get “if anyone has any information on this,” etc: Q: What’s the difference between a telescope and a stereotype? A: Depends on which end of the ‘scope you’re looking through. — I don’t get it.

p. 45/47 they dropped a whole footnote, to that last word “converted.” In the 1990 it says:

19- Read, for example, the chilling nonchalance in a leading rap spokesman’s response to the published charge that crossover rapper Tone Loc’s song “Wild Thing” was the inspiration behind the rape and beating of a female white jogger in Central Park last spring: — then he cites a guy named Nelson George, in “Dare to be Black,” maybe a Village Voice article or other piece, that if that song had inspired those 14-year olds then it’s a good thing they don’t listen to Public Enemy, and then Wallace asks what is that that he’s really saying there. That footnote was dropped from the 2013, me only having tomorrow to do this because I can’t do this in the room overnight, paper notes never make it to anywhere for me lately, too much confusion.

page 63/69 (M.) has a peculiar footnote, in a peculiar write-up around the I Dream of Jeannie television show, 1967. The footnote is the same in both editions, off of saying that Barbara Eden was a mini-Marilyn Monroe*: *Literally. Barbara Eden broke in on a short-lived small-screen version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes from ’63, with Eden in Marilyn Monroe’s film role. Her real last name is Schlanjansky, or something. == So now I go to look this up and it was “How to Marry a Millionaire” 1957-59. her playing character Loco Jones according to Wikipedia, and her married name back then was Ansara, married to actor Michael Ansara, for 16 years. She was born in Tucson but moved to San Francisco young and went into performing young, did alot of work before the big Jeannie role. That’s alot of uncorrected errors in one footnote. It got my attention especially because of the link to Marilyn Monroe, me figuring she’d been a major system-victim (like me and Ronald Reagan, for instance, the 3 of us. Uhhuh.) Wikipedia says her name was Barbara Eden during that show, which I recall I’d enjoyed watching I guess in reruns around that 1962 time.

p. 87/100, the numbers just seem to have skipped that way from the lot of white space layout of the 2013, here there’s a little bit dropped, where it goes in the original, and Ed Koch was a hungry young reformer

Johnny’s in the basement

Mixin’ up the medicine

I’m on the pavement

Thinkin’  ’bout the government…

… set to a bluesy krush groove Dylan himself gleaned from Chuck Berry records. — The 2013 just puts a period after “reformer”.

p. 111/126 there’s a paragraph dropped, after, they stole his beat.: The process has already begun. One of the teens charged with the brutal gang rape of a Central Park jogger in April ’89 worse, the night of the attack, a t-shirt emblazoned DARE TO BE BLACK, a slogan as familiar in the rap Scene as ‘I love ya, baby’ is in mainstream pop. Brooklyn teens on the set of P.E.’s “Fight the Power” shoot were incensed, felt the need to correct the ‘bad name’ the rapists had given the rap-inspired (at least -reinforced) practice of Wildin’: ‘Yo, that wasn’t Wildin’. Wildin’s just going out and having fun,’ one 18-year-old told the Village Voice. Another added: ‘Wildin’ aint that shit in the Park. It’s going to B. Altman or Lord & Taylor and boosting some shit. Brooklyn niggers take money.’ Boosting, for those in doubt, means stealing.

check p. 114/129, Rap is the bloody turtleneck. I can’t quick-find what that’s referencing.

Last page is 134/151. The material seemed to match on all those pages.

Their 6-page Notes & Discographies looks good that I might have to make a photocopy so I could look things up later, and this is where I’d read that there’d been some controversy, first that a Run-DMC album was left out of Wallace’s discography and then that Costello had misinterpreted the song words “hunted child” to be “honey chile,” but what I’m reading in the 1990 version is that he was asking or they were for further information on the song. It’s the 6th page of the discography and goes that M’s favorite rap is an untraceable cut taped off of their local radio… “The untraceable jam is a first-person recounting of a young killer’s flight from the law (and from his former pals) across South Central L.A. , and has gone by the name ‘The Honeychild’ because of its inscrutable chorus: ‘Honeychild, I’m the Honeychild.’ If anybody knows anything about this rap please drop a note c/o Ocean Records, Roxbury.” I’d read that because of that ear-mistake and the left-out album title the book hadn’t done well or something to that effect, whereas looking at these “errors” there isn’t anything saying that this was any full discography of rap music or any group’s albums, it’s just a selected discography it looks like for an introduction to rap music, not a compendium, and for Costello’s “error” it appears to not only be an honest mis-hearing but he’d only happened to catch it once on the radio and wanted to hear it again and hadn’t been able to come across it again is what it sounds like.

It’s by Ice-T, 1989:  google dot com/search?q=Rap+song+Hunted+Child&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS860US860&oq=Rap+song+Hunted+Child&aqs=chrome..69i57.5191j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

The 1990 version also ends with 18 pages of sheet music with the notes and impossible for me to read lyrics to this song, as the only Appendix material: en . wikipedia . org/wiki /Paid_in_Full_(Eric_B._%26_Rakim_song)

7/31, Wednesday, before I return this book I have to go over Mark Costello’s added-on Preface for the 2013 Little, Brown/Hachette edition, about 16 pages. On page 11 he brings up about the pornography article Wallace was trying to write (April through June 1989)  and I have to type the paragraph because it’s likely inter-connected to all this invisible torture to me and the planet Earth:

“But Vacationing Dave was always working. He had come to Cambridge in April fired up to write a long essay on the making and the watching of pornographic movies. This project grew and swallowed others. Often I would come home and find him with his notebook, trying to decode the awful yet addictive anti-fantasy of porn. The work, commenced in hope and inspiration, had become a maze of paradox or simple contradiction, the gushing, the effable, the gross. Porn’s stupendous umbness (hokey sets, bad dialogue) was a central attribte. But how to write smartly of the many functionings of Dumb? How to write with dignity and distance of store-bought arousal? His answer, when inspiration faltered, was often to chart and stack the paradoxes, creating ever more elaborated mazes. This was writing as compulsion, not as pleasure. He left his chair and notebook to escape to Cambridge clubland with a growing sense of stalemate.” … == then to the authors’ panel in Manhattan where a fellow panelist launched an attack on rap music and Wallace took issue and Lee Smith suggested he write-up on rap.

Now I think I’m through with the 2013 version and can return it the few hours early that it is since the invisible-torture’s been spreeing onto and off of me and I got here late today and want to move along with some of “all this,” in fact, come to notice, Wallace had just left Arizona and spent some time in Illinois with his family and then called Costello, Arizona being where the “milint” I’d started trying to write to at the beginningish of this month has been since 1971, and where Ed and Al Schieffelin had founded the town of Tombstone in 1879 that is what I’d like to try to get back to looking things up about, me now thinking that communications, electronics and all these computer things and signalling had decided to base there as the system realized it was totally incorrect in its space venture, then going into that milint focus, but the area had been founded by these Schieffelin family people from I think Baden, Germany, SW Germany I guess it is, me always having difficulty trying to place it and then I can’t really figure how way back in the 1700s the family had gotten from Baden to Philadelphia or New England, that Baden is all landlocked and there came to be alot of Schieffelins in the east here and those then got involved with Edwin Drake’s oil “discovery” and 29 years later Ed and Al of them founded and then sold the following year Tombstone, AZ. I left off with trying to re-find the mention of their selling their mining interests or what from there, who they’d sold to, me figuring it was likely to simply be to relatives back in the east, in NY or Philadelphia, and then they’d gone to around L.A. somewhere and then kept looking for gold. Going by the modus operandi it seems like is behind all these decades of this invisible-torture to myself I’m guessing that the Schieffelin-property purchasers were likely to be behind the 1971 establishment of the milint base as being near Tombstone’s mining underground there, and then that Wallace’s time in Tucson about an hour and a half straight north from there was likely connected to “all this” that’s been following my life since before that 1962 “French Connection” serotonin-trafficking they’d slightly involved me into as though a lucky charm for their phony and insane-people’s “magic” and world-takeover hallucinating selves, etc., etc., that Wallace was “directed” by the nearby milint that was established through the Schieffelin work out of Tombstone and its area there, and in 1963 I’d been move-transplanted to that newly-built housing project with the address on Schieffelin Place, and inter-connected into this Arizona business then off of that, whatever these hallucino-bums are thinking. In that Schieffelin Place area there was the new-built Cardinal Spellman high school and I’d gone to the John Philip Sousa junior high school, which is a little of a coincidence that there were 2 of the “bald, round-headed” -types like the fraud-parent that were names in that area. There was also a Hebrew Home for mentally retarded children right across the street and in the opposite direction the huge Edenwald housing project, — and then this “play” -world put a first boyfriend named Cesar Romero onto me, which is really like Seize-her Romeo, for how this filthy LURE has been doing the Armageddon, LURING normal males by illicit pornography and then capturing them for food and brain serum and petroleum uses….

Add to the lying description that Berkeley error’d made w spanish class, the “little” plagarism trick tt didn’t work at all misery, tht it was trivial, compared to trying to assist the clown, etc etc.

and one reiteration before or after the abortn, tt it was from steve and not that prior doof, when of course it was some planted seed the whole planet’s way better off for what I’d done then without.