Count Orgaz, Goya/El Greco

I’m wondering that alot of the portraits of the “Jomon” -type whose pictures seem to be everywhere lately, as with these I’ve been bringing up in these “You Were Wrong” complaint-type files, like with Don Quixote and Cervantes also then, all that — who’d painted that about the Funeral of that Count O.; I’d have to try to look it up. I’m wondering if these people did do that type of painting of themselves or had forced other/normal people to do the paintings of themselves, like I hadn’t taken seriously was being demanded of myself when this first started, am starting to think that alot of writing might have been like forced at knife- or gunpoint like they’d been “joke” doing to me, trying to force me to invent things for some not-here v&v, and thence the invisible-tortures got worse as I can’t do that sort of thing but if someone was here with a knife on me I might be able to wax prolific about how great and outstanding they are, and you should see the clothes and the love of family, etc. That funeral picture, Goya or Velasquez or what is that painter’s name, I’ll try to look it up next time, with a big spawn of lookalikes.

File:El Greco - The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.JPGThe Burial of Count Orgaz, by El Greco, 1541-1614; courtesty Wikimedia Commons, PD, commissioned 1586 by Andres Nunez for Santo Tome, Toledo, Spain.

I don’t know why I have difficulty recalling El Greco’s name. I think he was from Crete. Joseph Nasi had owned one of those Greek islands, Naxos, and maybe some other small ones. All these guys at the burial have the same “type” of face, look like they were mass-reproduced from disembodied ovaries and “grown” in isolated or underground place/s. We are so naive. It’s like “taking candy from a baby” to snatch the world away to themselves; I believe they were working for that because they’d been misled by the longlost Autist (polite for brain damaged,) New World invaders, and they’re still working to make this a planet just for their Autist partner-friends. And with all the inter-breeding they’ve become the Autists as well. Maybe they really did learn to paint their faces so well but maybe they’d gotten other-people painters to make pictures of themselves; I can’t begin to guess, I’m not supposed to have to try to guess, there are supposed to be other people also doing things, but it seems like they sit on the world the same pattern as they sit on me and now there’s this scam with adding the “Babar-Ainu boys” fulltime onto me as well, like a people bred and groomed to be assassins toward inheriting the planet for their and the Consortium’s kinds. It’s first in the Ghent Altarpiece that there are the many of this type of people’s faces, as though they’d painted their own selves, but, since I’m seeing not any talent for anything but drug addiction and number-computating I’m starting to think that maybe other people had been forced to paint portraits of this type of people, which I’ve been calling of the anonymous “Jomon” culture of early early Japan.

Another mention of it was: This example of El Greco’s mass-reproductions:

File:El Greco - The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.JPG“The Burial of the Count of Orgaz” Spain, south of Madrid and El Greco from Crete’s Toledo, Spain base. The planet was meant to feed people self-mass-reproduced unnaturally like that/this and it’s this whole way we’re living in/under, “Brave New World” and them self-evolving themselves.