Pill-grim, Shahan, “666” …


1888-Hartford Morning Record newspaper started, after that guy killed Jan. 1887.

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On this page 19 I’d written: I found this in a 1980s Anger-management hand-out set, where an unawares wife tells her husband to make a complaint for her, but he’s stuck with the secret underground where complaints aren’t taken, so he feels like an imbecile for trying. (That’s also how my letters have all been being used! 4/3/17- KFoshay) — Now I’m calling the threatening figure the “Shahan-666-Pill-grim boy” -type, but also I’m starting to realize that there was a neighbor who’d been of the sort depicted back during the 1962 “French Connection” time, the spouse of an equally peculiar lady, that the pair must have been a big Armageddon-curse onto probably the whole birth-family I was in, not just me.


Shahan (Pill-grim, 666, etc.)