Marcus Samuel family

I have to find the citations to the photos, soon. Mr. Samuel was the “Shell” oil company, joining with Mr. Deterding to form the Royal Dutch part of that big big company.

Marcus Samuel and family c. 1900/03.pdf– young Gerald in the back

Marcus Samuel in 11900, by Ahmad Rasekhi Langaridi: Mardan-e Naft, Tehran 1385 (farsi,) courtesy Wikimedia Commons, in public domain because it’s the author’s age plus 70 years.

0011-Gerald Heard, Lytton Strachey

001-Heard, Wood (My point is that I suspect that little Gerald had been “morphed” into becoming the Gerald Heard that was Aldous Huxley’s partner for a long time, that they were co-conspirator types working together and when the “Space Race” didn’t make their groups rich they just did a fade-out and are letting everything rot.

7/25/28m Now I turned this on to finally try to get one of the 2 little bits from the Kelly-gangi selection of quote from the pope but it’s copyrighted by fall river press plus I’ve got the “Marcus Samuel” influence all over me and I’d opened the door, where it’s being closed is a “sign” to stay out probably. Then, I’ll keep testing out this thing to see how it goes. These people maybe are watching that the song of music film on the tv. You can’t call up these drafts and add to them it seems, only to publish them when you go to save.