Smithsonian Castle in the far distance



This is a little difficult to learn to add text to the pictures: The point of the first one is that just barely the Smithsonian Castle is visible to the left of the Washington Monument, directly over that little shadow-bump at the bottom of the picture and visible if it’s enlarged, my trying to bring attention to that Alexander Graham Bell had worked with Joseph Henry of the Smithsonian probably there in the Castle and that Henry had worked with Alexander von Humboldt earlier***, who I think was instrumental in getting this area set aside for the “Columbian” Autists, back then that part of the New World called New Granada I think, maybe called Brazil, I’m trying to get to check the origin of that name, and then that von Humboldt had been friends with James Smithson back in Paris and maybe other places, a link from Smithson to Alexander Graham Bell who’s linked to this computer-age we’re in. — Now I realize his father’s “VISIBLE SPEECH” had led to the binary system and thence computers! (7/11)

***Terror, I don’t recall ever learning that Henry and von Humboldt had met, I have no idea how I’d said that. It suddenly hit me in the shower last night that I’d written that and I couldn’t call up the site and can’t believe I’d typed that with no recollection of them having anything to do with each other, though that’s conceivably some possibility in a system where anything might have been and be going on, but I don’t know of their meeting. It’s “conceivable” that I’d recently read some note in noticing the Henry notes in this blur of everything lately, but I don’t know of them ever being in the same place and time. Henry’d died around 1887, say in 1840 he was a big deal around Albany and — Henry has a small connection to “the Father of the Petroleum Industry” in a way, no pun, from when as a starting-out young man I think he’d done “survey work” that had presaged Drake’s Titusville oil discovery, but connection to the circa 1825 Alexander von Humboldt I can’t recall how I could say that unless there was something in my notes about a brief meeting, that this is some sort of a major mistake-error on my part. I of course just threw away all those notes after I’d sent them to here. This is just one of the many tidbits on my mind to be checked into right away now; Henry and von Humboldt had met somehow? This is a serious problem; so sorry that I can’t recall where I’d gotten that for inclusion from, am worried about that now, that that might have been from brain-tampering by these “mind-reading” parasites all over the place nowadays, etc. (July 5, I’m still trying to get hold of the main book on von Humboldt but I don’t think they ever met, I don’t know where typing that came from….)

— I found a copy of Andrea Wulf’s recent book on von Humboldt, “The Invention of Nature” and there isn’t anything about von Humboldt and Henry meeting, I have no idea where that came from. The reason I mentioned the shower is that I was being (like) subliminally taunted, reminded of that till it hit me that I didn’t know where I know that from, and now it seems it was just some weird “glitch,” maybe from all this brain-tampering invisible torture. But she didn’t have in there that Alexander von Humboldt had been friends with James Smithson in Paris, which seems like a pivotal relationship that became this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION situation that I’m alone with now.

The picture of the top of the Capitol building is trying to mention that peculiar Native American or whatever, I don’t recall offhand even who’d made it, statue at the tiptop. It’s similar to the Saint/e Foy statue maybe in that I think it’s a little ambiguous whether it’s of a male or female — I guess it’s female because it has all little pearl-like balls dangling off of it or some such.

#221, Joseph Henry notes with first a warning-page, 12-p pdf

Joseph Henry’s “surveying” job.pdf, he was from Albany and became the first head-employee, Secretary, of the Smithsonian here whole thing, which includes then the Library of Congress.

#305, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell

7/11/17– I suddenly realize that Bell’s father’s VISIBLE SPEECH method is what had led to the binary system and thence to computers, is where the “magic” comes from. They were likely trying to signal to their own kind held captive is my figuring on why they were so into communications. I’ll put the little book on Garfield’s assassination page that had led me to think on that at the bottom of this file. —

I have another page to include yet, etc.

Mrs. Mabel Bell

The above picture of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell is from the National Geographic Society’s collection found through this search-engine, the Page-Brin, and I couldn’t yet find a copy of it anywhere or get a permission from the NGS for using the picture of the photo yet. I’d think it’d be part of the public domain. (I don’t know what year it was taken yet, probably in Boston.) The black and white Tanzio da Varallo painting of David with Goliath also doesn’t have a permission yet but I’m trying to get this from the search-engine somewhere with its partner-painting, the one with the unmistakably gory pose. In the blue beneath it is my discovery of this writing on the pictures ability, “draw,” and trying to point out that that’s Goliath in the lower right corner, but the picture is “flipped” and the painting has Goliath in the lower left corner and the partner-painting has him in the center. I’m trying to point out that Mr. and Mrs. Bell appear descended from the Biblical David and Goliath types of people, really. Then they’d lived just down the street from one of the places I’m stranded here in and I see people that look like Mrs. Bell and once with like a blond version of Mr. Bell, who brought us the telephones and now that I have a “smartphone” there are so many obvious “strings” amongst all this, including the horrific petroleum sitiuation, and the brain-drugs problem of course.  Etc. Now that I’m learning to do the photos I’d get around to making little captions for all of them, but that’d be after finding the color paintings to replace the little book cover by.  I didn’t bring those pictures with me today, that that’s some recent-ish book by Jonathan or Johnathan and I can’t read the 2nd name from here, but it has one of those No part of this book under any circumstances warnings on it so I don’t like to use the picture of the picture but I’m positive that using it is okay under all the copyright laws, that this isn’t abusing the privilege, but the system just makes believe about everything — probably for fear of the Autist decapitators. I’d guess that David was one of the Autists but now also we all have some of that anymore.


from Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor and Visionary, juvenile book by _____
from 13th and K Sts., NW tourist board
from 13th and K Sts., NW, tourist signboard
DC Cultural Tourism signboard at 13th and K Sts., NW, Washington, DC

mr and mrs alex g bell.pdf

I think the whole page might be from National Geographic’s website. I got the one like the David and Goliath-position picture and am posting the page of pictures now because there’s something a little peculiar about at least one of them where that isn’t Mrs. Bell in the picture, as I’m also thinking that he’d been with a “spawn” of guys that more or less looked alike and identity-switched, etc., plus there’s the whole aspect of the trick-playing maybe with that other female pictured that I’m learning things about, etc.

bell ag millard c 2011, I was trying to figure what the elder Mr. Bell was doing and where he was living here that that’s why Bell had moved to here, Washington/DC. There’s a possibility that the older Bell had impostored being the Emperor of Brazil maybe, which is what had given Bell his big break.

car-hit .pdf (Mrs. Mabel Bell), this is real peculiar, how they’d happened to “touch” Victoria while they were there, I’d read about in a different kiddy-book. In fact it’s possible that, since they’d lived so close to where the day-shelter I’ve been (stranded) at is that maybe 1 or 2 of the people there resembles Mrs. Bell, plus her first name, Mabel, happens to be the name of the lady who’d been married to the teacher Florence Sabin had formed her big crush on, who’d gotten discluded somehow from the biography Florence later wrote on the guy. I’d thought all along that Florence had been a “disembodied-ovary reproduction” of Queen Victoria but lately maybe that there were some natives in the Rocky Mountains-area that she might have come from, and now this with Bell around Victoria for that brief but odd visit puts me back to thinking it was her ovae that Florence had come from, Victoria likely conned into a hysterectomy after Albert’s death for that mass-reproduction purpose, but that was before the meeting with Bell, who’d touched her, where the Autists’ “magic” system is always “putting touches on” -to people for bizarre belief-way purposes. B.F. Skinner had touched Dr. Temple Grandin for instance once when she was in college. 6/12/17, Monday, I’ll be trying to get the picture of the Bell’s with her seated and reaching over to him on her right side because it reminds me of the picture, painting of David and Goliath by Tanzio da Varallo. I’ve got a black and white copy of it in the Clarke Letter but it’s “flipped” so that it looks like Goldiath is on the left side but I checked the painting and it’s the other way around, like Mrs. Bell is reaching for. Then the other version of the Tanzio da Varallo I should get and post a copy of too because that’s really what everything is all about. It looks like it was “Goliath’s” own idea for the little-sized David to do that and I’d guess it was based on that it was going to happen anyway -thinking, as that’s what the system-Autists and their buddies do do, etc., that the problem is, the global-problem, the Creation’s-problem.