letter to 100r

3 May 2017, Dear 100r, Ms. Schemo, I would like to bring my blogsite URL to your office tomorrow afternoon, probably couldn’t get there until near 5 p.m., for the purpose of finding out if you’d want to work on this world’s worst situation of mine. I’ve written many hundreds of letters to people and groups all over this area trying to get some assistance since 2005 with that the system has got me at the bottom of how it’s getting those prophecies like in that book of Rev. at the back of the Bibles sneaked through and pulled off, me trying to explain that everything seems to come from an early accident-set that resulted in what I call “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with hallucinogin-dependence from other people’s brains that is forcing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION. Now I’ve finally noticed that what is called the Sylvian fissure or lateral sulcus in our brains is actually a big scar from what was probably that accident-set, of a stubborn people forcing their way over Beringia prematurely in obsessive quest to find where the sun starts out before it gets too high to be able to catch, that they’d brought infants into that dangerous north and east trekking and babies had gotten basically freeze burns into their skulls, and this “fissure” is a closed-up hole that had resulted from that and resulted in re-organization of our inherited brains from integrated wholes to all this language ability and probably the lobes instead of how we’d been intended to turn out like, with the New World-landed developmentally disabled Autists’ living off of and extincting the dinosaurs intended for our human food and transportation. It’s alot and I’m all alone with all this here all the time, if you could please look into assisting me with trying to get all this straightened out. In case this reaches you the blogsite URL is:

http://www.UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom. WordPress.Com

and my insecure emails are UniverseRescue.Attempt@gmail.com and the worse kathyfoshay2@gmail.com. There’s a telephone message # at this women’s center I’ve been at for the past year but I’ve only gotten one message so it seems a little hopeless and you aren’t likely to be caring to look into this either because like I’ve said I’ve written many hundreds of these letters requesting any sort of assistance in writing to get attention to that this “Autism” I think it only is is taking us to TPE, (202) 939-2060. There isn’t any point in giving you the street address because I don’t feel it’s a “secure” place for anyone to wander over to anyway but I’ll try wandering over to your address. I think it’s by the ACLU and they were long ago uninterested in this “invisible warfare” situation I’m alone with. The blogsite is full of a recent spate of letters about this car-hit that had happened to me in Maryland and now I’ve learned that it was untraceable and I can get you a copy of the police report if you’d care to help look into getting me any sort of recompense for that horror-incident. I’m a totally destitute 61-year old female that’s never been married or in any sort of an underground/underworld situation to keep me ignorant then for this long-planned Armageddon “Program” time. It’s extremely dangerous to try to get in touch with me is likely the biggest difficulty, and thereby I can’t get any donations from this blogsite on the actual Universe Rescue-attempt because this underworld largely comes off of this bizarre Bronx family I’d been stuck into, like I’ve now got wrongfully-made goons all over anything I try to do all these years, that you should be aware is my major problem and it’s largely explained-about in the files on the “French Connection” 1962 incident that’d actually wound up near where I’d lived in the Bronx, etc. Sincerely, Kathy Foshay and hoping someone would be at your office address tomorrow afternoon.