letter, Ronald K.L. Collins


Mr. Collins,

There are about 5 topics I’d like to write to you about and will be trying to get a letter off to your Washington address but everything is always an emergency for me so I’m trying this way of communication-attempt because there’s nothing I can do over long weekends when the libraries are closed.

1- The main thing is that your Facebook pictures at least look like Dr. “Leo” Kanner to me, the Austrian doctor credited with defining “Autism” which has led everyone astray and nobody understands what I’m talking about about Autism now then.

2- He’d gone to Humboldt University in Berlin and then come over here to Yankton, South Dakota mental institution in 1924. Humboldt was created by the Alexander von Humboldt family and he was a naturalist explorer over in the then-New Grenada/Colombia area and after about 13 years here I’m beginning to feel pretty sure that the “District of Columbia” was actually titled after that South American country and not Columbus or any such stories, that there’s a link between trading a piece of here with rights to the isthmus of Panama that was negotiated by “drug-buddies” back then, people who liked to get high had made arrangements all concerned except that everyone was under threat of these Autists that I’m always trying to explain had invented this global-system that we’re in because they’d developed what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with hallucinogen-dependence from other people’s brains. More later, I always have to be computer-using in 10-15 minute spurts only, sorry.

3- Allen Ginsberg (=generational-slave type behind this specific invisible torture I’ve long been under.)

4- Lenny Bruce, high-functioning Autist-psychopath and likely descended from Germany’s Emil Kraepelin Autist-psychopath phony psychiatrist I figure had turned that new field to opposite, making the Autists seem normal and the normal people seem crazy and then there were the world wars I and II, and then I think that that “Mother Teresa” was actually a male or group spawned from the Kraepelin line and then to the Lenny Bruce line of thee prehistorically-developed Autism-psychopathy carriers.

5- I saw a guy with your type of face but very tall and skinny when I was in Suburban Hospital, Bethesda last winter, and that’s likely a coincidence but thought it might have been you. I was there because a guy in Kensington (ritually) hit me with a car, like that Washington, the District, had had homeless me tricked to go out there and have that happen, and I don’t have any sort of legal-minded assistance anywhere near around me. This is all a big first amendment business also.

If you really live nearby you could easily get in touch with me and I could take a bus up to any one of the libraries. I’ll have a new cell phone number next week or so but have to rush this note-attempt off to you because this crazed-Allen Ginsberg-type torture is generally out of control, as with that a car can just mow me down (ritually) and no one will do anything, and I’m a LURE-gimmick all my life, please read the WARNINGS file on the menu, a gimmick for petroleum and brain-suckers and the general “food” industry and the Autists’ world-takeover obsession and I have about 10,000 details I’m never allowed to simply sit down and organize for presentation.  My name is Kathy/Kathleen Foshay, I’m homeless and using a day-shelter’s address, 1333 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005, my email’s kathyfoshay2@gmail.com, my semi-working cell phone number is 443-630-4914 and nothing of mine is secure, everything is pretty dangerous, sic, and I’ll try to straighten out this better after the long weekend, but the situation is really the worst in the world, with this sadism-system’s passing it off for being an amusing LURE, but they really are extincting the entire Creation and I’m the only one trying to get this all straightened out but the system keeps everyone away from communicating with me, and when I read that you live nearby I’d thought maybe you could break through this, but then I saw that comedic Facebook picture-set and then I realized that you look like Dr. Kanner,  maybe you’re close-related, and he’d, like Kraepelin but less voluntarily I’m sure or as nearly sure as one can be about these system subjects, helped turn reality off and this Autism-system to everywhere all over everybody and I’m totally alone and this is like a town of savages and now I realize that that’s because the “Colombian” -planted Autists back then had been given rights to being in this semi-diamond. More later.