–Judge M., 3/28/16, 5-page letter

Kathy Foshay to Chief Judge John P. Morrissey, District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County

191 East Jefferson Street

Rockville, Maryland 20850-2325

(301) 563-8800

28 March 2016 (p. 1 of 5)

Dear Judge Morrissey,

On the back please find one of the 2 letters like this, nearly identical, that I’d received from the insurance company, and please give (clemency?) to the confused-seeming end of the enclosed leetter. Now it’s worse: I suspect that Mother Teresa, d. 1997 and up for sainthood, whose Missionaries of Charity Nursing-facility I’m now (like captive) in, was/is a male and, it just goes on and on Judge, where the figure marked #1 in this “French Connection” photograph on the back of the letter could even have been her “disembodied-ovae, offspring-descendant,)  that they’re all related to this phony-psychiatrist (d. 1926,) Emil Kraepelin and to the satirist Lenny Bruce, d. 1966 allegedly, that I believe Mother Teresa was actually a male identity-thief, where Sr. Teresa (Agnes G.B.,) was from what I call the generational-slave #3 type and was “disappeared” and replaced by this guy around 1946 when the “Autists'” Hitler-takeover hadn’t worked, that they went into this new plot against life and reality, and, please, Judge, I’m obviously in a Mother-Teresa house for the point of being surrounded by this now “global-system” disaster set.

I’m doing my best to get along with everybody but I’m especially “surrounded” by what look to probably be these underground-created “offspring-descendants” of this figure #6, my “fraud-parent” monster-to-me-at-least, in this photo I was lucky to run across only in August 2014. Maybe they’re “protection” for the unfortunatest– (?)

(p. 1 back, the cincinnati insurace co’s 11/30/15 letter

page 2 back, the Autism page

page 3 back, the Hospitalist page

page 4 back, black and white of the Iliad book cover photocopy


with this next to Patroclose and under that “Patroclos” name, Pael-American sneak, Autist-psychopath with hallucinogen-dependence from taking advantage of the dinosaurs in the New World. Lenny Bruce’s ancestor, for instance, etc.

-then page 5 with Altangeral Perle pic, Michael Novicek book


page 2 of 5

— as i can’t briefly explain all this convoluted peligion — and other– businesses that are culminating in actually killing off the first-created biology-planet. i think all further evolution on the others had been aborted when this “lost” group had begun the anthropophagy, and they, medically, won’t quit this “war/world without end” work to sneak-taeover the planet. It is all invalidated by this lifetime-abuse of uninvolved me for example, that an enormous percentage of this post-wwii new putsch has been off of me, standed down by the Capitol building for the past 10 years and then “farmed-out” to ambush on Kensignton and all this forced-hospitalization of myself since then that 11/19/15 car-hit part.

I don’t mean to “chew” your or anyone’s ear but i do want the freedom of speech by typing all this u unto/into computer files that any volunteer could wade through.

I’ve never been anything at keeping secrets because it usually isn’t good to do so, and now i’ve got all mother teresa’s tactics being scam-style run all over me, where she was really a “high-functioning Autist-psychopath” male i’m guessing from just the 2 biographical books on her that are here on the bookshelves, that this is where most of the, excuse the only term i can figure for this, “brain-eating” that that “French Connection” was really doing, comes from.

page 3

i’m alone w all this and it’s always more of the details. today i was looking at one of the volunteer co-workers, a “lay person” in regular secular clothing that helps in mother teresa’s hundreds of nursing-houses all  all, sic, over the world, and i think this lady, now 55 years old, came from the disembodied-ovary of a lady who’d lived upstairs in circa 1960 place me and this little “fraud-family” in the bronx just about 3 blocks or so from that basement where the “french connection” picture was taken a very nice young lady i’d only known briefly but wwho was sort of like a “single famile” role-model for 6-yar-old or so me then. It breaks my non-secret-keeping heart to see all us “orphan-abortions” who don’t know who our real kin are. this particular lady was born in paris, as our eggs are just shipped all around like this, — it’s even possible i was car-hit to shut me up because i’d met a dark-black african robbed-ova offspring from this same “fraud-cousin” i mention in this enclosed letter. and this “fraud-cousin” had likely come from an ova from bridget bardot, who mixed with someone that looks like the dali lala, with that broad smile. (ms. bardot’s pater looked similar also.) i’m made an attempt to explain this “egg-coloring,” dyeing ovae to color skin color, not tooo long before the accident, but that same “fraud-cousin” might have informed my very scary-dangerous artificial-parent about my new blog-/website and its mentioning of this terribly “science fiction” problem for me of this “nation” of mutant-like people from his reproductive-matter “donations,”

page 4

as where the accident had come from. i’m in so much danger merely because i’m trying to take advantage of the work even the 20th century, the research everyone had done for us. and noww this whole can of verbiate”” about the connection/s between this “war without end” of the longlost paleo-american “myrmidons” of the so-called Trojan “war.” i don’t have paper to describe my findings; everything is inter-connected towhat i call “TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION,” total loss of the 1st bio-planet. i’ve been trying to explain this in washington since i’d caught u with it, the autism problem, in 2005, but they do this unbelievable but true, they’re doing then these book of revelation’s armageddon-threats by making a lifelong-underground “exhibition/show” off of me as an unawares gimmick all my life and “they” are all over me, the insane “real offspring-descendants” of this horrible fraud-parent — judge morrissey, i only require protection from all the “theys” that would get me declared incompetent  or schizophrenic, that there is no reality connected to anything like that about mtyself but thee admirers all over the world of the late mother teresa are largely “brain-drug-addicts” who will (like lenny bruce annd the impostoring emil kraepelin, another identity-thief as that’s a standard modus operandi for the autists) never quit sneak-lying and murdering the normal men, will do anything to get their “LSD” or whatever slang brain-liquids are sold by, that i’m alone at the bottom of the way they’ve been empowering themselves, and would like to continue the blog-/website Universe Rescue-attempt, please, by a tiny bit of protection to me now, please.

page 5

on the michael novicek and partner mark norell mongolian dinosaur photos this notes, sic

Here the Autist (Dr. Perle) is making fools out of the “goony” Americans, the way this cover-up goes. By the way, the system does an “Armageddon Show” off of me and i’d briefly in 1986-87 had a boyfriend that looked like Dr. Perle but was Vietnamese. He’d had a friend similar to this co-worker here also, Dr. Dashgeveg. I’ve been unable to google-research this dr. mckenna yet, but when i got out of the hospital and got my mail a behesda politician that i think is of the same “type” as this guy also throwing the americans off-track about the dinosaur subject had sent me some campaign literature that has like an idea-of-reference to the “brain-eaters,” seemingly in response to the “Tuva” map i’d been showing around.


(this is from a dinosaur book by the american natural history museum 9sic0 director, c. 2005, michael novicek or similar his name is, novak or similar

(on the bottom 8-1/2″ across space:

On “Manudy Thursday,” March 24th this year, a pentagon chanplain with the same appearance as the bethesda politician and maybe as dr. mckenna’s also, gave the sermon and did this foot-washing — excuse me, it was the “Good” Friday sermon and all he was here for, friday, march 25th. They’ve had all visiing officiates, and a co-worker from the pentago was also here, is hre alot. plus, i’m really not safe here, the LURED people aren’t safe under here.