out-takes3 letter that might be connected to some of this=? IG

(type-up of old letter to the DC office of the ig, August 27, 2016, dear ig dwl,

I don’t want to make my or the situation worse than it is but I’m writing to ask about protective custody for myself. I’ve been homeless here since 2005 and am at the shelter near the jail on the DC General Health Campus so maybe it would only be a move up this little valley.

Since 2004 I’ve been trying to explain by letters that I’m used in a LURE for fulfilling the book of Revelation prophecies and doing that will end in TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION as they were authored by someone/s with what I call Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopahy with dependence on hallucinogens from other people’s brains due to an accident-set of ancestors’ having forced their way across Beringia in futile quest to possess the sun and then accidentally extincting the dinosaurs that were meant for the future’s food and transportation by smashing the baby-eggs in over-zealous competition for the hallucinogen-laced baby-food mash that the adults brought back to the nests, where the travel-battered humans had found to camp. I’ve put this together from the many years that this “Armageddon Show” LURE has been being sneak-run off of myself, trying to figure where the problems are coming from, tracing them to that.

— The next 3-5 pages of that first letter to him are on disk, are on the blog here somewhere, it’s the same stuff I always write just with variations for whatever I think the recipients interests might be. I figure that after (many many) thousands of years of developing alone in the New World like that the Autists had found their way to the Old World/China and met the Jomon there after having been sporadically terrorizing the mainland like with that Trojan “war” that was really just a continued invasion where, like the dinosaurs, the Old World humans finally couldn’t take the being invaded anymore and had, snorted, for the Autists to get off of themselves, and the Autists seem to only comprehend psychopathy, really, that that’s how the trip, forcing themselves across Beringia despite nature’s trying to keep them from going over to the New World, and the subsequent addiction to the evolving hallucinogens and not having any other humans around and not supposed to having been over there where volcanoes and such were still going on as the area was being evolved, left them, just angry and confused and wild and, I gather, searching for more plant-highs, that evolved to being searching for our brains for getting high off of. Then they’ve got this “worldview,” as with this Wm Casey “case-ee” learning about that I’m going through now, of just seeing life as being a search for food all day long everyday and this misbegotten belief that humans are for that. (This keyboard isn’t doing alot of the commands and I can only do very limited things on it, have to leave these posts like this till I get a better terminal. I was afraid to go to the usual branch library I’ve been going to because this “Armageddon Program” is getting really vicious and it moves in on wherever I go and nobody says anything but I try to “damage control” by not spending too much time in any one place so the parasites don’t get too settled in like they seem to be. Again, I’ve been tracing the computers to AG Bell and his parent Melville and now I noticed that his wife’s father looks alot like this alleged Matejko artist that alot of this torture invisible seems to come from. Then that ties-in to the Ghent Altarpiece, thinking I should put a picture of that front character of the big “Mystic Lamb” panel because it’s likely, he is, was, the parent of Vlad Dracula, like the Ghent character was Dracula and the son was secondary to the depicted there probable parent.)