Disembodied ovaries

I’ll have to take another picture of this picture, where that girl with the eyeglasses on the right obviously came from an ova from me., found in a book called They Call Me a Hero, about the 2011 ambush around Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the book by Daniel B.

Duke Ercole II of Ferrara; Brooks, 2002

I have to fix this later, it’s about the Adam Francis Plummer research I’ll be trying to do and I’d wanted to make a new post called Trip about it, that I got a thought that is “trippy,” that Plummer might possibly have been “science” /system offsprung descended from St. Francis of Assisi, whose actual life I don’t know anything about, just that one little cartoon-like picture with the dalmatian dog, so I’ll be looking it that if possible soon.

(girl called La Chica, according to book by _____ Aelion Brooks,  The Woman That Defied Kings, about Joseph Nasi and his aunt Grancia Mendes)







8/28, Monday, everything is rotten. I was going to put a new “SafeLink” post above this but didn’t get to it and am likely better off without it, considering. Through all this Armageddon-garbage I got some thought that is relatively more pleasant, about that fiction book by Suzy (Wetlaufer) Welch, and my thought ought to go down in the “You Were Wrong, Merchant” etc. file. It seems that this SafeLink telephone has inexplicably started back working again but I couldn’t get through to the company and was trying to reach the also-new-to-me “SS” office that the # was both incorrect and put out of order by the company and boom today I accidental-style learned that I had had the correct number, that I gave to the “authority-type” SS office over me too now and that since late Friday it’s now suddenly back in order. I still haven’t done a voicemail message because my throat is all Armageddon-choked up when I try to do things like that. I was horrified this morning over the SafeLink business that it’s really like, ghost-prisoner, I just have no existence and so am denied the Lifeline telephone for that uber-reason. Everything is horrible for me all the time, and this doesn’t go here but it’s all inter-connected, the system comes from those “It’s A Small World After All” -thinking little Autists and it’s only a tiny bit difficult to describe but I’m always alone repeating this same type of stuff for 24+ years now, that there are simple explanations behind everything, blame the problems on God and move along toward a viable/sustainable future for the species and etc. Also from Jean-etc. Ingres, along with the Betty Rothschild painting, is this one of Joan of Arc. Come to think of it I think I read that there’s an Ingres Museum in Marseilles, where perhaps the Armageddon-Babylon might have originally been imaged for, till they learned that the world isn’t flat and so came over here to bother me et al. This is Joan/a “like me” trying to explain to the king, maybe Louis VIII or Charles VIII or VI, that the people should be allowed to go free. I suspect everyone wound up going off over the cliffs up there in her area north of northern France there, north of Reims, those Dunkirk/Normandy or even Etretat cliffs all up in that area, as how a great deal of the world-destruction had been pulled off, and then as the human race was repopulating the Autists went into that they’d owned everything and all the interlopers have to go-Armageddon Plan. While Joan-Kathy is trying to raggedly but sincerely explain that to the anonymous king Ingres, self-portrait in the back on the far left there, is keeping a straight face while the “Babar boy” -types are looking down to keep from breaking out laughing about her doing that, same as the situation now today.

The people in the inset (seem to) symbolize humans grown from the string of the pearls.

Ovae purloining; the perforation-dots are fetishes, a “magic” belief-way to fetch things to one’s self.


A standard little pad, but I think the “dots,” as in the enlargement on the right, are only in hope of fetish-drawing ovae onto the pads.and,