Suburban Hospital disaster file


suburban hospital part 1 (pages 1 to 139 but it’s a 93-page pdf) to page 46 then jumps to page 93 = pages 47 to 92 missing


suburban2 = 51 to 99, 49 pages


Suburban Hospital part 3, (sib3,) 100-149

suburban hospital part 11 139-188


suburban4 151-199


and sub5 200-250

suburban hospital part 13 248-317?

subhosp6 251-300


suburban hospital part 14  318-47 28p?

suburban hospital part 15 341-90, 50 pages

subhosp8 till later 351-409, 60 p.

suburban9  29 pages, 410-464

sub10 465-536, 72 pages

sub11 537+ Kensington

suburban etc2

suburban etc.,

Practical joke on me to have the scanner on 2-sided

suburban etc., Practical joke on me to have the scanner on 2-sided

suburban hospital after visit summary part 1

(transferring this now:

This is like an abridged-version of the 500+ pages I’d written while sitting in the room at Suburban Hospital from 12/19/15 till I left for the Kensington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on 2/10/16. It’s all in my (very lousy) handwriting and isn’t particularly recommended but nor should all that time have gone to waste, and it would only cost me about a dollar thirty-five I think to put all the pages into these files instead so I’ll be working on that.

a few missing pages are in here — subhosp chopped – This is the regular first part of the long letter seeking the usual assistance I’m seeking, and I’m not sure what the rest of the files have wound up having in them. I’m going to try to add what I’ve got of the 500 pages to the bottom after thee “chopped” except for this one I think files, but I can’t delete the extra pages of the overlap, only try to explain where there are overlap-duplicates of some of the pages in the continuity, because they were some of the first pdfs I’d made so far.

subhosp chopped1  – misc. pages, check for missing here or theres


subhosp chopped2 notes


subhosp chopped21 =notes

Here’s another “abridgment,” but there’s a little dot of dirt on that first page that bothers, “bugs,” me.

suburban etc2,  This is just pages from waking up after the accident down to recently, about 40 of them from here and there that I’m trying to keep track of despite the difficulties of the homelessness and never knowing what the system might do to me next.

Here’s the attempt at the unabridged pages from the hospital, the first 30 or 40 being the same as the first file in this file, starting with the page 1 with Joe Fuca on it again. — It didn’t work, I’m not sure what order these pages are in, but they’re all likely in that selection maybe somewhere, most of the page numbers are pretty clear.)

suburban etc2