Gardiner Greene Hubbard 1822 Boston -1897 WDC

1. Robert, b. 1847, d. 1849.
2. Gertrude, b. 1849, d. 1886.
3. Mabel Gardiner, b. 1859, d. 1923; married Alexander Graham Bell.
4. Roberta, b. 1859, d. 1885.
5. Grace, b. 1865, d. 1948.
6. Marian, b. 1867, d. 1869.

d. 1909 in an car crash accident, capital traction company truck ck

ck her mother was gertrude mercer lee mccurdy 1810-76 m. to robert henry mccurdy 1800-1880, and then w 8 siblings: McCurdy married Gertrude Mercer Lee (1809–1876), niece of Theodore Frelinghuysen, a United States Senator and former vice presidential candidate.[2] Together, they were the parents of a number of children, including:[2][5]

  • Gertrude Mercer McCurdy (1827–1909), who married Gardiner Greene Hubbard (1822–1897), the first president of the Bell Telephone Company
  • Theodore Frelinghuysen McCurdy (1829–1897), who married Carolyn Hubbard (1826–1868), sister of Gardiner.[7] After her death, he married Anna Hubbard Gillette (1841–1927).
  • Richard Aldrich McCurdy (1835–1916), who married Sarah Ellen Little (b. 1835), the daughter of publisher Charles Coffin Little.[8]
  • Sarah Lord McCurdy (1842–1914), who married Dr. Elias Joseph Marsh (1838–1908),[7] a Columbia University graduate.[9]
  • Roberta Wolcott McCurdy (1845–1920), who married Charles Mercer Marsh, Esq. (1841–1902),[7] who practiced law with Benjamin T. Kissam.[10]

McCurdy died on April 5, 1880.[11] His funeral was held as a joint ceremony with Herman D. Aldrich, who died on the same day, at the Calvary Church.[11] The funeral was attended by Peter CooperWilliam E. DodgeFrederick Theodore FrelinghuysenJames Watson WebbThurlow Weed, etc.[12] His sermon was given by George L. Prentiss, a Presbyterian pastor of the Union Theological Seminary.[13] He was buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery next to Aldrich.[11]

McCurdy’s portrait was commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York in 1886.[4]

dayton in manhattan dot blogspot dot com/2014/01/the-1904-robt-mccurdy-mansion-no-39 dot html

Richard Aldrich McCurdy and Sarah Ellen Little had the following children: 25 1= Gertrude Lee6 McCurdy was born in New York, NY June 27, 1857. Gertrude died November 24, 1930 in Morristown, NJ, at age 73. She married Louis Andre Thebaud date unknown. Louis was born October 24, 1859 in Orange, NJ. Louis was the son of Paul Louis Thebaud and Mathilde L. Pillot. Louis died 1939 at age 79. — (2&3=and rchd and rbt sons.)


find out where on brattle street his house had been, then about he’d had a bunch of houses built for harvard there on that west side i think

times machine dot nytimes dot com slash timesmachine slash 1897 slash 12 slash 12 slash 102406632 dot pdf == his obit. I think he passed at his “Twin Oaks” estate outside of WDC, his wife being from NYC, but I didn’t catch how he was there and passed, unless he was in a hospital there waiting to pass. == Wiki has nyc he passed at but this nytimes obit says he passed at home outside of wdc. I have to check about the connections with the Grossman family. There’s that monument in wdc, hubbard bell grossman pillot.

Here, I think that this was his church in Washington, that the obit mentions, and-or there’s a write-up at find a grave that mentions the church but I can’t find the rev. dr. hallin mentioned in conjunction: == misspelled, it’s rev. Teunis S. Hamlin DD

== wm. hubbard grad’d harvard 1642, 38 yrd pastor at ipswich

his mother mary was the daughter of boston’s gardiner greene


ggwash dot org slash view 7908 slash lost-washington-church-of-the-covenant


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English: Title: Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Greene Hubbard, half-length portrait, facing left Abstract/medium: 1 photographic print.
Date between 1890 and 1897
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(i’d read that hubbard had joined kirk’s church in boston and then moved it to cambridge when he went there somehow, took it with him where there was already a branch there maybe… and then hubbard’d est’d tt one in wdc) edward norris kirk, e 1802-74, en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Edward_Norris_Kirk

and charles sumner circa 1857 abolition speech

1860 Hubbard of Boston and Prof. Guyot of Princeton

says kirk knew gertrude hubbard since her girlhood

princeton feb 1797 mary norris dau b 1774 to thos d. 1790 and mary wade norris/wm norris 1774-81 = it said they aren’t related to the pennsylvania norrises.

george kirk, magazine street presbyterian church, revdr john m mason


www2 dot cambridgeme dot gov slash historic slash cwhp slash bios _ b dot html ==

Mabel Gardiner (Hubbard) Bell (b. November 15, 1857 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, d. January 3, 1923 in Washington, D.C.)
Founder of education association, suffragist
Mabel Hubbard was raised in Cambridge on Brattle Street. Her father, Gardiner Greene Hubbard who had a Boston law practice, helped establish a city water works in Cambridge, was a founder of the Cambridge Gas Co., and later organized a Cambridge to Boston trolley system. Between ages four and five, Mabel became deaf as a result of scarlet fever. Her father founded the first American school for the deaf at Chelmsford, Mass. and served as trustee of the Clarke School for the deaf, which Mabel attended.
After Mabel went to Germany in her teens to study chemistry and the German language, she returned to Cambridge at the age of sixteen. Alexander Graham Bell had taught at the Clarke School and was then professor of vocal physiology and elocution at Boston University. He was hired by Mabel’s father as a private tutor. Hubbard was also financing Bell’s experiments on the telephone and helped organize his company. Mabel and Alexander became romantically involved, and at first her parents opposed the marriage objecting to the age disparity and fearing that their children would be deaf (since Bell’s mother was congenitally deaf), but the two were engaged in 1875. In 1877, the couple married. They had two sons who died in infancy and two daughters who lived into adulthood.
Mabel supported her husband in his work, notably in his interest in aviation (the Aerial Experiment Association). In 1910, she became a strong supporter of women’s rights and marched in the women’s suffrage national convention in Washington in 1910. During World War I, she sponsored benefits to raise money for the Red Cross and fund lifeboats for the US Navy. She later founded the Montessori Education Association and became its president. Later she opened a school in Washington, D.C. and started a magazine, Freedom for the Child.
She died on January 3, 1923 in Washington D.C. and was buried on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada where the Bells had a summer home. Many of her letters to and from her husband are in the Bell Family Papers in the Library of Congress.
Bell Family Papers , Library of Congress, Washington DC
Lilias M Toward; Mabel Bell: Alexander’s Silent Partner (Methuen, 1984).
Ann J. Bishundayal, Mabel Hubbard Bell Protea Publishing Company, 2002.
Waite, Helen Make a Joyful Sound Romance of Mabel Hubbard and Alexander Graham Bell, Philadelphia: Mcrae Smith 1961.

check, book history of the first church cambridge in connection with the Shepard Congregational Society, pub’d 1872, riverside, cambridge, h.g. houghton and company, (Nov. 1851 the hubbards) nathaniel appleton d. 1784, early pastor — check for this thomas shepard

1631 newtown, aug 1632 the braintree company arrived and built public worship house, largely from thomas hooker’s group, he arrived w samuel stone 1633. says in 1636 they picked up and moved to hartford. 16635 rev. thomas shepard from england to boston to newtown, and then a quote from winthrop.



forbes dot com slash sites/berniecarlson/2018/06/15/when-mark-zuckerberg-meets-gardiner-hubbard-what-telegraph-reform-can-teach-us-about-facebook/#2744bef2227d




https :// househistree dot com slash houses/aladdin-s-palace

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