Heinrich Schule, 1840-1916 ck

Heinrich Schule, 1840-1916, circa 1900, from WikiVisually, PD

(Heinrich Schule, 1840-1916, early psychiatrist, circa 1910, from Wikipedia, PD,

this is the first person to use the term Dementia Praecox and that term became the circa 1910 schizophrenia term coined by Eugen Bleuler. He looks like Alexander Graham Bell and-or Bell’s father Melville Bell from that Visual Speech language that I figure became computers.

http://www.renegadetribune.com/the-germanic-pagan-art-of-ludwig-fahrenkrog/#&gid=psgal_12263_1&pid=16 – Ludwig Fahrenkrog, 1867-1952)

Heinrich Schule (1840-1916) older. He looks like Melville Bell, Alexander Graham Bell’s parent, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I have yet to compare the birth dates, but they both seem real important to all this. Schule seems to have largely been in northern Switzerland, where I’d first read he’d worked in Baden. Switnerland comes up in the Ira Levin research I’m forced now to try to do, the “Rosemary’s Baby fiction” author, Boys From Brazil, Stepford Wives, all that “fiction.” I have to learn about this real quick because they seem to be running the earth like it said in one of his 1970s “fiction” books. Melville Bell was the one whose Visual Speech appears to have led to these computers, and alot of interconnections with the world-takeover on account of belief in high-living off of other people and their heads.


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