p.153, Man At Crossroads

Man At the Crossroads mural, mentioned p. 153, “Limitless.”

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There’s a Wikipedia and a The Daily Beast link to write-ups on Diego Rivera’s controversial “Man At the Crossroads” mural for the Rockefellers, included because it comes up around page 169 in the Limitless novel and seems to have a whole lot to do with the rituals and brain-eating global-system industry/business. There’s a depiction of Rockefeller Jr., at the round card table between the 2 propeller blades on this side, facing us. I think he has a martini in his hand or some such. I’m starting to think that alot of what I call the “Babar boys” might have come from JDRockefeller Jr’s. young-age ejaculations. I’ll explain that further somewhere, that I see so many of these girls that look like they could have come from my ovae but it’s how my face had looked when I was young and not the same type of face as that of from ovae purloined when I was then older, a big difference, and maybe that could have happened with JDR Jr. and be where all these “Babar boys” are all only mostly from.

Chapter 13, 145-155. blackout click-clicked forward 148 the future, tomorrow =wednesday jay zollo 149 kevin first casualty 150 plateau no sleep ooo (degree symbols) to p 151 sep luched sideways into wicker stool congo bombay and tonic 151 153 cdn’t bl’d punched the guy, Congo 151, Actium 153 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actium, Columbus Avenue (Mark Antony and Cleopatra fought Octavian for control, and lost.) 154 164, Donatella Alvarez 169 70-2 190, Diego Rivera  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_at_the_Crossroads / https://www.thedailybeast.com/when-nelson-rockefeller-killed-diego-riveras-communist-mural El Anahuac Mural, Gumr51 published this to Creative Commons, 30 August 2011, a copy of Diego Rivera’s controversial “Man At the Crossroads Looking with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a Better Future” commissioned by Rockefeller Jr. for Rockefeller Plaza and its opening, 1933.

This is getting a little big and strange with Rivera, forced to read on him because they’re like the Ghent Altarpiece Pilgrim-duo, so here on a 95-page biography by Kettenmann, p. 9, it says a landscape painter Gerardo “Dr. Atl” Murillo came back from Europe and enabled Rivera to go there, January 1907. In Karl Shaw’s “10 Ways to Recycle a Corpse” I’d seen that in 1910 Rivera had gotten fellow anatomy painting students to spend 2 months on a cannibal-only diet and everyone’s health improved according to Rivera’s autobiography, which they have a copy of downtown so I should check that. I’m looking into him in Europe because I’m wondering if he and Crowley had met. It says he went from Spain to Belgium to England in 1909 and then France/Paris, then to Madrid about August 1910 and then back to Mexico, then Paris again in June 1911 and stayed in Europe for about 10 years then, returning to Mexico when he was 34.

Below, I’m trying to figure who the statue-decapitation from the Rivera mural mentioned pp.153-54, “Man At the Crossroads,” represents. I don’t think it’s supposed to be either Rockefeller Jr. or the “Gorgon” but I can’t figure who. — Enlarged detail from the “Man At the Crossroads” mural pictured at the top of column 4 here. Other sites say that those 2 big statues are of Jupiter and Caesar but the one on the right looks more like a Zeus I think so I’m checking and this one doesn’t look anything like a or the Caesar so then who is it supposed to be of. (The system has me afraid of using question marks, don’t ask why.)

— I can’t figure this statue-head’s “model,” who it’s supposed to represent; possibly it might represent that “Gorgon” depicted on the plate in the “Ransom of Hector” pottery-painting in footer column 3 here, that kid’s -looking face.

The “Gorgon,” detail from the “Ransom of Hector” Greek (Attic red I think) pottery. I got it off a book cover, where its white color somehow showed up blue here and the author’s name escapes me at this horrible particular time, moment. — This “Gorgon” is what I’d originally thought the “New World Autists” were like, them and the famous “Patrolclos” character to the far right of this famous pottery piece, it being in Vienna’s Natural History Museum, not far from Constantinople in the old days. I thought it was called a “Gore-gone” because they snuck up behind groups of people LURED out to cliff edges and ran like bulls to gore the people into running off of the cliff edges, that that was a standard practice in our human Prehistory. For all I know the “Patrolclos” -type of New World Autist invader might have set up to victimize this slightly smaller type off of their same “family tree.”