Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, 2 August 2018

I’ve got to get away from these “Jomon/Jew” monsters and their “Babar” hallucino- proteges and other stereotyped buddies and products. This Baltimore seems to be a big hometown to them, thrashing and bashing me invisibly all over the place and it’s much worse than I’m capable of describing, they’re just LURING people to nothing, the gutter “Armageddon Program” content. They advertize to people Do you want to save the world, question mark (they think question marks are similar to meathooks so I try to avoid using things they’ll mistranslate,) and then you’re “saving the world” by being clawed into a disintegration pit to become petroleum for gasoline and rocket fuel for their self-support, them harvesting the brains for staying “LIMITLESS”-ly high off of, and supervising this torture to me for example and they’re nothing but toilet-heads. I’ll try to make notes but I have to get this s***-throwup off of and out of me, these turd-boys invisibly ruling over my evening while I try to function in real life. Just like I’d feared, these parasites suck all the $626 a month ” ss-fund” for their Arma-enriching their global-system of turning humans to petroleum. I got 2 days of looking at Sabin’s papers and then all this torture went back into high gear like to bury-destroy what I’d picked up on under this toilet-flood, which reminds me of the description in that Rev. ch. 12, etc. I’m going to try to attach the bus map to the bottom of the file/post:

That was the wrong map and if I send one then maybe I could read it more easily on the blog than when it’s just in the photo section if the cellphone so I’ll try it again tonight, because I’d like to move along to some of the Sabin things. — I’m going to try, in case there’s any reader, to send a PDF I’d also gotten while there. These things I put on this blog are all crime evidence and the “Jomon” director-type, that if the portrait, MIOC, type, harasses me constantly as though any normal human fair use of materials doesn’t exist, like I’m a criminal for sending things like this, which might not even arrive okay, a little bit connected to the “French” Connection. I was/am trying to find out which jail Claude Dubois had gone to because I really think he got a substitute to do his time, mid-1980s, and he’d gone out to the west, and the book didn’t mention which jail. I’d be trying to write to ask the author but this gutter-circus doesn’t let me do anything, destroys all my time for their profiteering… for whatever reason I can’t get the transit map under the few miscellaneous a type PDF pages. I should also mention that it’s possible that Brigette Bardot had “come from” the “pearl/ovae” selling Gabor mother, that the mother of Zsa Zsa and Eva and Magda was a big jewel-store business person, entrepreneur, around Budapest I think, where Theodore Herzl was from. That would bring up that the area was like overflow from the so-called Trojan “war,” invasions of the Autists and then with their Jomon new friends, but that goes into the bizarre a sounding belief I’ve got that Sophia Smith’s college was an “evening up” for that the Jomon had stolen what became called Hagia Sofia or similar in Istanbul, probably where the whole “war” had been. They stole that home a long time ago and did their Byzantine empire and later decided to “cancel out” or make up for the theft by giving some descendants a college to attend, and then down to today where I’ve been trying to get them to cease the secrecy and sneaking around for 25 years now, that it’ll result in extinction. and now they’re just planeticiding like it’s nothing.