Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, 1949 Mt. Kisco, NY-

Vintage Wire AP Photo Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Olympic Decathlon Champion #2 1/06/77
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— They’ve got those radiating lines from either the search-engine/Wikipedia file or my cellphone and I’d thought it looked like he’d had this line down the middle of the underside of the nose like I’ve got, that likely comes from some torture to an ancestor or a traditional thing they do to us because I’m pretty sure mine is there because it had been constantly irritated when I was young and got colds all the time with nothing to blow my nose on, honestly, that the fraud-parents seem to have had that sort of sneak-sadism that let things like that happen to me, but there likely isn’t that line on Jenner, it’s just the photo-circumstance “rays” that makes it look that way.

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