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There are only 2 books I’m real anxious to try to discuss with anybody about all this, (and now Glynn’s Dark Fields/LIMITLESS also,)

1- Sean Barron and Judy Barron’s “There’s A Boy In Here,” 1992, memoir about his Autism. I capitalize it because the word is so important in that Autism is about self-ism and repetition mainly, locked into self-ism thinking-paradigm and repeating and repeating, locked into repetition patterns, is what Autism is mainly about so the term best-describes the system-mentality that the difficulty is all from, that’s taking us to the total extinction of biology.

“There’s a Boy In Here,” pdf excerpts, Sean Barron, 1992 Autism memoir, just a few scattered pages of what I’ve found to be the best book on Autism. It’s from blogroll post #317 and then one earlier, same little pdf file is all I’ve got so far, having lost all my material back in 2014.

2- Suzanne Wetlaufer’s 1992 novel, “Judgment Call,” but it’s also listed under Suzanne or Suzy Welch, her current married name, in book catalogs. I, only me, think that the novel is allegoric for how Ms. Welch’s ancestry had gotten involved into this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION system and its -making.

  • And now there’s also the “Limitless/The Dark Fields” Alan Glyn/Glynn novel about the “genius pills” that are the same as the real-life serotonin brain serum I’ve been trying to explain is being sold or given away all over. I’m stuck waiting to find a copy I can buy just for having some signature illustration to reiterate that that’s the subject, that “the brain-eaters” go after, etc., etc. (6/30/18.)

Judgment Call, p.1, I suspect that the Teddie homicide policeman might be allegory for this fraud-parent difficulty I have, that the scene allegorizes how the 2 types of people had met and their relation.

0263 -Dutch Schultz, French Connection, Suzy Wetlaufer’s “Judgment Call”, here her book is the 3rd in a few scattered pages from the 3 books, one on Dutch Schultz, pages from Robin Moore’s French Connection 1969 book I’d found the photo of those suitcases I’d used to play with in and then looked at more closely the faces and recognized that that’s what I’d thought was my parent but he’d really been a role-player all along, etc., and then the pages from Ms. Wetlaufer/Welch’s book I think are in backwards order there, all material from almost to the end of the story, my point being in what would be first in this pdf, those first 2 backwards-order pages, that she’s trying to explain to her own “fraud-parent” in my opinion, about this disaster she’d gotten everything into and he should come out and look how beautiful the world truly is, down there in Florida for instance, where the novel was set except that the protagonist’s, Sherry’s, family comes from the Marblehead section off of mainland Boston.

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Mr. and Mrs. Jack Welch, the former Ms. Wetlaufer, author of the 1992 novel, “Judgment Call,” that I think is important allegory for explaining the situation of her ancestors and the Autists and other types of the global-system stereotypes. Mr. Welch is very important to everything also, like John Carroll, 1735-1815.

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This I’ll delete later as being repetitive: I hardly have anything from Mr. Barron’s book even though I’ve read the book at least 8 times, I’ve lost everything and then I got a little bit from the Library of Congress but I can’t find the pdf of the little cover from the 2002 edition of the book that I thought I’d also gotten. It might be in my email but my emails of pdfs all seem to be empty, even if I could go hunting for it, which is a good idea. I could conceivably take a photo of the screen, even though this invisible-torture “frowns on” anything I try to do as though it’s illegal to do so. All I have is about 7 pages from “Sean’s” book. I’ve mailed him a letter and tried to reach him by internet to ask if he has any interest in what I’m talking about about the Autism’s bringing us to TPE but I never hear from anyone unless it’s some sort of bad news like a hospital-bill collector. Etc., that about that should go into a file about that subject and I’m just stranded here like this, in this world’s worst situation and can’t work properly. I have that little bit from Sean that I could/should try to organize to be right here, and then the rest of this file could be this about Ms. Welch’s novel, in this Category- Books page I’m trying to set up so this appears a little less disorganized to any potential reader, so I’ll be trying to get those things into here and delete whatever menu file’s they’re in now but they should also be available in their separated original posts somewhere, which are available on the front-page footer-screen list too then.

#211, Suzy Welch’s 1992 “Judgment Call” novel seems allegory to this whole thing.pdf. (moved up to the #300’s.) This homicide detective Teddie seems allegory to the fraud-parent and perhaps to the whole “Neanderthal” situation; I only got about 18 hours looking at this book in 2013 and am trying to get attention to it ever since. This detective character might be allegory for that the type was scavengers who’d followed the rampaging Autists in early history, went behind them and scarfed the dead bodies, like some unspoken partnership between the 2 types, what I call the Autists and their Neanderthal-buddies, though that then is also a larger situation, not just this scavenging type. If I could get a chance to study the book I might be able to pick up more clues as to this unknown connection between the main character’s “Jesus father and son/magician” type and this specific fraud-parent and “Vajiravudh” Rama VI of old Siam type problem that I specifically have on top of the general Autists and then their whole system problem-set.

5/14/17,  I’ve only been able to skim this book but the scariest part for me was when she didn’t tell this homicide-detective character that I think allegorizes the fraud-parent’s type and the 2 types’ relation, that the boy had most surely been the one who’d murdered her neighbors. That bothered me for so long and finally it occurred to me that she didn’t tell the detective who the murderer was because in the back of her mind she already knew he’d been shielding the murderer by withholding the information that there was a serial murderer whose modus operandi was to shoot through the left side jugular vein or whichever specific exactly, that the boy, Manuel, always murdered the victims the same way and the detective hadn’t told her, the reporter, about that and so she figured there was some relation between the detective and the boy, the “Neanderthal” and the Autist, some symbiotic-style relation. I think it’s that this type of Neanderthal just followed the path of the murderers and scarfed up from the victims’ bodies, scavengered them, so they don’t mind the murderers or care to prevent them from murdering, and so she withheld the information that on the surface looks like it could have cleared up the whole rampage-life of the boy psychopath but it wouldn’t have because Teddy wasn’t legitimate. Ms. (former married name of Suzy Spring was Wetlaufer, now) Welch, Mrs. Jack of General Electric Welch, looks obviously from the generational-slave #2 type like in the portrait in file #6 here of the “Man In Oriental Costume” that seems to me to be the director of this “Armageddon Program” that’s all over me and is bringing on the TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION because I have nothing but sabotages preventing me from contact with people who could assist me out of this horror that I’m always in here. I ran into this book around 2013-14 winter but only had a short time before it disappeared from the library shelf, it’s about 420 pages, real good. I think, despite Ms. Welch’s probable obliviousness to what I’m talking about, that it’s all allegorical, but I’m the stupid, crosseyed girl in this Armageddon-making Program and I haven’t found a soul in all these years of this to discuss any of this with. I think that the generational-slave #2’s situation truly is described by Suzy’s protagonist Sherry’s situation there in those 420 pages and that that amounts to the eternal future’s being dumped into the hands of someone alone like Mrs. Welch, her protagonist there or herself’s type, alone with being captive to trying to figure out what to do when she can’t trust people like that homicide detective or what her parents there are which is ridiculous, like, yeah, “Adam and Eve” really were a black-haired guy and a blonde female, uhhuh, sure, and she HAS TO believe that that’s true because that’s what the psychopaths demand that you believe.