sr. t

sr t mc, g of p, 2800 ne, 20018, 10 May 2016

Dear sr t

Being homeless is taking up all my time still. I’m sleeping at the shelter in the old morgue at the former DC General Hospital, which is just one bus ride from you and they’ll give me a footlocker in a few days so that i can come get my bag of belongings but then i’m probably going to be able to switch to the Lutheran-run shelter — which reminds me along of mo t by the way. Then, that place and the 1 i found that i’d like to rent from have the same real estate company, oddly enough. but i can’t figure what to do to keep the oxygen tank rental going without interruption, for all the moving around. I’ll call when i know i can get up to your place, and hope everything’s okay. sincerely, kathy foshay