LIMITLESS is here finally

My next-to-last day in Denver it finally arrived and the whole thing is still a hoax where on page 330, that’s the “G’LYING” that it was really published for probably, the whole thing I’d just read it from Amarillo to this morning and it comes all together in the last page or two but the real reason is that bit about the money to the girls with the long black hair, is what the “magician ‘Al’s,'” were really up to in letting that publication slip through the cracks, because that that was the real reason, all libel and slander kept aside, so that the book finally got received by me and I’ll be trying to clear out the whole footer to this blogsite and collect these tidbits on this book until I have something presentable out of it, Mr. Glynn and his screenwriter Ms. Dixon and the Picador/St. Martin’s Press/Pan Books Ltd. all bearing with that I have a personal obsession for using this book as a teaching tool, that that “miracle drug” in there, the MDT-48 they call it, is what I’m talking about and the writers doubtless understand more about lots of the things than I could and the “redeeming social value” is all there in that final page or 2 but the real reason I’d reflected that it had been a published work wasn’t that redeeming social value angle, it was the concept that the women with the black hair require all of our assistance for all the wrongful horror of “the perpetrators” but the whole thing is missing that the black hair had evolved from the murder (of the dinosaur eggs and young, small enough to be killed off easily by the early Autists,) that had evolved from the hallucinogen dependence, that came from the willful disobedience to poor God’s trying to keep the early walkers back from forging over to the Americas, that poor real-God doesn’t have the tangible hands that we do, the early walkers just ignored God’s screaming, then the whole spirit world’s screaming and we’re dwindling out while these guys are still “dependent,” not “addicted” is one of the system’s tricks, that nowhere I think in this book do we hear that the drug is calling for him or him desiring for it out of control with himself, it’s just deliberate taking it because he wanted to, the system claims that therefore it isn’t “drug addiction,” so I call it “narcotic” -dependence, but I’ll be trying to fix a place for this material in the footer instead of this sort of rambling business, but the book is, right at the end it came together, what I was looking for from it. The film is slightly different and they’re both separately good. I’ll try to see if I can find anything on the 2 seasons of the television series. What he as saying more of less I guess is that we have wars/people taking advantage, because they want the chemicals/drugs/”narcotics” that come from our human brains. I have to sign off and then I have the life-support things I have to try to do for like a place to sleep somehow tonight but I’m real excited that this is what I’d wanted the book for, he really does discuss all this reality however symbolically/allegorically/hinting at the larger real world behind his microcosmic example of a person like “Eddie Spinola,” is the character’s name, protagonist’s. And Mr. Glynn and none of us individually can know about every single thing in this world and he just mistook the avarice for the drug’s victimizing the black-haired females “type” because the whole thing is beyond the comprehension of any one of us but in Prehistory they’d forced the way over here and they fell in with taking advantage of dinosaurs’ nests and eating their food and they’ve been bums ever since, the black haired guys I mean, but the females nowadays are largely because “the guys” “grow” female descended-growths of themselves based on how much more “femme” the guys can be than natural females, and also there’s the Mona Lisa whole aspect to the long black haired females’ “types” that goes into that. I put little marks on parts I want to check and there are lots of pages I’d merely skimmed and I hadn’t read the early parts about Melissa, the protagonist’s ex-wife, and then he’s looking at a girl who looks just like Melissa had early on looked like and then Melissa has two daughters, and he leaves them a bunch — I’m not going to tell the story but I’ll try to get back to this. [LIMITLESS is here to be discussed finally …]

2/26/19, Tuesday, I’ll going to be trying to move the widget-pieces to here. It might be tedious and long time-consuming: = This is blank, but copy-transferring them does work, so I’ll keep transferring the pieces, starting soon or tomorrow. — I think the book cover is okay to use because it’s my copy I’d bought and the last “S” in LIMITLESS is slightly cut off so that it isn’t a for-sale reproduction. I’m testing putting it here because a new person wouldn’t be able to tell where the book critique begins but the first piece about the ventricles is probably the main point and should stay in that anchor position.

>—————– WARNING —————–<

>In this  3rd reading of “Limitless/The<

>Dark Fields,” I’m getting the impress-<

>ion it was published with having a se-<

>quel in mind, because the ending isn’t<

<clear necessarily.<

&     I already know that my  “point,”     &

& (never puns here,) is going to be that &

&  the main point I’ve gotten from this  &

&    novel is that the protagonist (and     &

&   then the others if there’s a sequel)     &

&     would do anything to have their      &

&    MDT/NZT/LSD/clear/sunshine/     &

&  /shine/ice/other slang terms, stash   &

& and in the “by any means necessary”  &

& obsessed way, like I’m trying to des-  &

& cribe the global-“magic” system uses  &

&  me as a gimmick for and that this is  &

& really bringing us to TOTAL PLANET&

&                    EXTINCTION.                     &


This photo below is what gives me some knowledge on the subject of “MDT/LSD/serotonin” -abuse is why it’s included. In the second photo Detective Sonny Grosso on our right there is arresting the figure on the far left of the 1st photo and Sonny Grosso is still around in NYC somewhere and said to be working on his memoir and I would really like to get in touch with him. In this arresting photo he looks to me to be trying to signal that there’s some confusion that this doesn’t look like the same Anthony/Tony Fuca that he’d arrested in the Brooklyn bust the previous month, Jan. 1962. If I could get in touch with him maybe he recalls something about that.

From “The French Connection” account by Robin Moore, 1969, that had actually wound up in Brooklyn and the Bronx, etc.



1962 “French Connection” account by Robin Moore (1925- Feb. 21, 2008,) 1969, photo, where those were suitcases I’d used to play with is how I’ve become involved in this “difficulty” of the brain-eaters. I haven’t worked up a neat file on this yet:



NY Daily News, 26th or 28th of February, 1962; photo by Dan Farrell

Feb. 26, 1962 NY Daily News article on the “bust” that became that “French Connection” book and film. My point is that my having been indirectly-involved in that when I was 6 years old and then to all this “Armageddon Show/Program’s” increasing horror I’ve picked up on alot about this brain-chemicals industry, and then that they’d similarly stuck me into that book of “Revelation” horror-role and I’d traced the writing to that the author/s had been high on hallucinogens and had Autism/Autism-psychopathy and as the years have gone on to that the hallucinogens that their global-system now runs on are from our brains, etc. The “French Connection” photos are here because they’re connected then to this “Limitless” subject-set. This 2nd photo is credited to Dan Farrell, (1931-2015,) NY Daily News.

NY Daily News, 26/28 February 1962; photo by Dan Farrell. That’s Sonny Grosso as the arresting officer, and it might be good if I could get in touch with him, ask why he looks bemused, because I think he didn’t recognize this Tony Fuca as being the Tony Fuca he’d arrested in this same case in Brooklyn the previous month.






That Bronx neighborhood became Puerto Rican and that theme continued a little when the fraud-family moved to the north Bronx, then in 2001 I’d gotten a place in a Hispanic neighborhood in DC and then went to NYC where it’s about 30% Hispanic, then St. Augustine was founded by Puerto Rican governor Ponce de Leon and now I’m in Houston and starting to see where the novel’s theme of “Mexico” might have been “allegory” around this horror to myself. The protagonist’s first name is the same as the fraud-parent’s or that whole type of system-made people, and the “ola” of Spinola could be connected to the Hispanic theme. It’d brought Spinoza the lens maker to my mind, and the novel does have a big Dutch theme, with Bob Holland and Carl Van Loon, and the stock market had started as the Bourse.

I believe that these are the main self-mass-reproduce-propagating people and what I’m calling the old and anonymous culture of the Jomon people…. — Civic Guard Company of Captain Jan Claesz van Vlooswijck and Lieutenant Gerrit Hudde; by Nicolaes Pickenoy, 1588-1656; PD for age. My point is that the guys look like an early “spawn” of the “Jomon” type’s. — This Josseph/Jose Penso de la Vega (1650-1692) seems very similar to the Joseph Nasi character that this torture to me seems likely descended from. I’ll try to locate to read a copy of that “Confusion of Confusions” book about the stock market.

I was taken to Ireland the summers of 1968 and 1969 by — Difficulties explications continued in — (link to the Brendon Behan photo.)


Brendan Behan being asked to sing again at the Jager House Ballroom 85th Street and Lexington Avenue, 1960/ World Telegram & Sun photo by Phil Stanziola. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. – This work is from the New York World-Telegram and Sun collection at the Library of Congress. It is part of a collection donated to the Library of Congress and per the instrument of gift it is in the public domain.

My photo of a bad pdf of the cover to the original “Limitless” edition, titled “The Dark Fields.”


P.3, the protagonist’s lies start on this first page of the novel where he says that he “couldn’t very well have inflicted my little mushroom cloud of woes on any of my friends, so I guess I had no option but to do what I did ….” As a gullible person and reader that had set me to assuming that he was a nice-enough guy because he did have friends and then altruistically was trying to protect them. Then you read along and get wrapped in the story but in the back of your mind you’re still figuring that he’s got people he cares about somewhere that’ll likely be coming up as characters and only one freelance co-worker acquaintance comes up, (Dean, pp. 70, 76, 78, 84,) and the protagonist only, p.87, messes with his head, and then we don’t hear any more about him or much of anyone else, like the ex-girlfriend mentioned on page 7, and her child. And the “couldn’t very well have” isn’t New Yorkese, where he is allegedly from, and goes on throughout the novel, which also isn’t very noticeable at first reading. Now I’m noticing he seems a compulsive liar to everyone, the whole book that way.


Vincent van Gogh: Sunflowers

p.4 the protagonist begins mentioning that he’s sitting in a wicker armchair. Perhaps it’s related to the 1973 British horror film about The Wicker Man or some other “reason.”

This seems to be a wicker chair, 1927, that “the real Mies” I think had actually designed, me sort of obsessed with this belief that “the real Mies” had been set up and disappeared in the transition from working in his native Germany to here. (p. 335, 336.)

P. 6 the protagonist mentions his employer, Kerr & Dexter, and later details describe that the offices are located in the old Port Authority building: Looking northeast across 9th Ave and 15th Street at Inland Terminal One of the New York Port Authority on a mostly cloudy afternoon, Jim henderson, 22 March 2009. I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide; (found through Creative Commons.) — I’d found a much bigger perspective of this photo but can’t find it again right now yet. The size of this Lusby Simpson (one place has it Simpson Lusby) building should be made more clear. It’s where the (“Limitless”) protagonist’s freelance-copywriting job’s offices are so gets mentioned a bit starting on page 6 to 70. Nowadays it’s famous for something else, too “controversial” for little me to mention. I’ll look for the fuller version I’d found from the cellphone.; also on page 293.

p. 6, “Spinola”The Surrender of Breda by Velázquez, painted by order of King Philip IV of Spain, 1635, five years after the loyal Ambrosio Spínola died as Governor ofMilan. Spinola magnanimously raises the surrendering governor of Breda. Museum of PradoMadridSpain.

p. 8, another reference to The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald where here Vernon looks and smells like money and there Daisy’s voice had sounded like money, but I’d have to check that page in the Fitzgerald, just off of general recollection now.

Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac c. 1960s.

Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac, circa ____,
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license., contributed by Found SF, 12 Oct. 2007, :// — I’m thinking that with the 1963 Kennedy assassination and I don’t know what other deaths the “design links” of those passings in the 1960s shaped this “Tsiolkovsky-Ginsberg” paradigm all over me by which the Revelation Armageddon threat-promises were snuck through, that those deaths were on purpose for forming toward what we have today where as far as I can tell the planet’s been turned into like a (human) slaughterhouse waiting room for feeding cannibalism-approved stereotypes, with the Autism and serotonin-dependence. — Now I’m wondering if one of both of the friends might not have been from the little-known rocket-maker Rudolf Nebel. It looks like they made a stamp for him in Paraguay(?) —- 1/26, it’s looking like maybe they and alot of other people, maybe me too off of there somewhere, had come from Edsel Ford. Then the “Tsiolkovsky-Ginsberg” stereotype goes after the easy host-victim Edsel Ford type, all this secret warfare going on displacing reality.

p. 8 I think he first mentions LSD and I should put some mention of that subject into here, that it seems like there isn’t anything like it, but that would only be for the information of readers who haven’t had experience with it, (which of course can’t be encouraged,) and that’s why it’s such the big secret that it really comes from brain of other people, the serotonin and other chemicals that “nature” had somehow rigged up all in our brains and throughout all the Creation.

Detail, Ghent Altarpiece’s Knights panel.

Detail from the “Knights” panel of the Ghent Altarpiece. The last time, of only 4 maybe 5, that I’d had (any) LSD a guy who’d looked like the figure in the blue hat in the back against the rock wall, looking backwards right there, had sort of made believe that I’d had a negative experience or a “bad trip” and in retrospect I’m guessing he’d done that so that the secret “underground” or wherever the secrecy-system goes on would decide that I shouldn’t be allowed to have any more of it. After the previous very positive experiences I’d somehow found myself being alone with the guy, one of the ambulance drivers at that particular assignment, and when the high kicked in I somehow found that all I could think of was things connected to cockroaches, real creepy, so the guy had gotten me to lay down with him and he kept his arms around me all night as though to comfort me away from that negativity and he did so without bothering me but the cockroach-subject wasn’t THAT bad that all those hours had passed with me like unable to move around at all then, but I was being polite or whatever and let him think he was somehow improving the situation, which it wasn’t really, and then I’d never gotten another chance to have any of that, and I think it’s because he’d reported that I’d had a bad trip and so it was decided by some strange guys or people that I shouldn’t ever be allowed to have anymore again.

I’m trying to explain that the things that the system’s “brain-eaters” think-up cannot be guessed at because the think-way is so different from regular thought processes, and that that’s before adding the developmental disabilities to this situation.

Tao word in Chinese




p.9, I’ll get a better camera someday probably, but this is all I could get right now for the character “tao,” as mentioned that that religion had been an interest of Vernon’s the 10 years earlier, Tao.



p. 9 Spinola mentions ARPANET as being the beginning of the internet. I don’t capitalize it because I’m always trying not to antagonize the system and they always do horrible things to keep me away from their computers, which I’ve tried to warn about, that they might be wanting me to be on one for building the excuse for busting this same phony inter-net that they’d built for keeping people away from other ways that could have been built, etc., that everything’s a little difficult for itsy-bitsy me to tackle with trying to describe specifically enough, but I’m sure that this internet is more of a de-education trap than it gives the impression that it is.

p.10, Vernon oddly saying the protagonist’s full name as though to himself, then the protagonist-narrator mentioning that Vernon seemed nervous unusually, where his one great virtue as a coke dealer had been “his relative composure at all times… quiet and businesslike, unassuming. a good listener,” and maybe “a little too passive sometimes, like a dedicated weed smoker adrift in a sea of coke-fiends.” That makes me try to figure if maybe Vernon had always had some “MDT”-like substance that he was using instead of the coke of his customers’ use.

page 12, “psychotronic” images of his ex-wife, Vernon’s sister.

page 17, how he figures what people’s looks are saying. (244)

The “Lipstick Building,” mentioned p. 18. 53rd Street and 3rd Avenue, NYC. (By Philip Johnson and John Burgee.) Link to an architecture file soon. This image, which was originally posted to Flickr, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on by Blunt.. On that date, it was confirmed to be licensed under the terms of the license indicated… This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. See link,

p. 19 is where the name Deke Tauber is first mentioned (and is one of the subjects that is left hanging at the end,) also on pp. 166, 270.

p. 26 The protagonist mentions that he had to keep busy, that he’d noticed that right away after taking the first MDT pill, that he’d immediately set into busyness, and that goes on throughout the novel and seems to be the way it is so that we’ve had these deviants with Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy and friends being real real busy, running circles around all the “others” of the Earthlings.

Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, 1932; modern book cover


(“Dr. Feelgood” Max Jacobson (1900-79, is on the far right,) Prince Stanislaw Radziwill laying on far right, (1914-1976, (maybe he looks like one of Raymond Loewy’s?)

Image of Martians going over canal designs, from the NASA website: try, — or else I’ll try to correct how I’m citing that, me figuring that about anything the tax payers have paid for is public domain for use and quick-replacing, temporarily I think, the 1939 Popular Science NY World’s Fair’s Martian illustration with this one. I’m going to try to give them an example of my use, but they want to see what the whole thing was like so I’ll have to quick do that typing project toward that.







I have to stick this here temporarily so I can type it toward the permission for using it:

Norman Bel Geddes with part of the Shell Oil City of Tomorrow. Photo: Frances Resor Waite c.1937, (d. 1943.) Book scan Albecht, 2012, p. 318; This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less. popular_science-Mar_1939.pdf –  (copyright request emailed to Bonnier company, 10/30/18.)

— I’m finding that there’d been alot about going to outer space at the 1939 World’s Fair in that same Flushing Meadows, Queens area, about Venus and meeting Martians or what but I always have difficulty in using material that isn’t clearly marked for public domain, that there’s a great article in 1939 or ’40 Popular Science, etc. — a quote from Raymond Loewy: I suggested to the Chrysler Corporation that it display an animated, realistic model of a rocket-launching spacecraft installation at the 1939 New York World’s Fair as an expression of the corporation’s long-range vision and technological leadership. It became one of the fair’s greatest attractions. Every twenty minutes a batch of visitors was admitted to a huge half-cylindrical area, in total darkness except for the spotlighted rocket on its launch pad installed in a shallow pit on one side of the space. The launch area showed all kinds of lights, white and colored, blinking and conveying a feeling of activity and suspense. A deep rhythmic sound, the whirling of powerful motors, compressors, and high-frequency sound waves made the whole area vibrate and pulse. The rocket seemed to be made ready for lift-off and the audience was on edge. Then at the sound of sirens: Lift off! In a moment, a blinding flash of hundreds of strobe lights and the roar of compressed air suddenly released- the rocket, through optical issusion, seemed to disappear overhead in the blackness of space. Then total silence while a gradually diminishing point of light faded away to the stars. People who saw it once often returned; it was a thrilling preview of what many believed could happen in the future. It did; only thirty years later.

Billy Rose, 1899-1966, had a big Aquatics show at the 1939 Fair. (I deleted the 1948 press photo released without a copyright, #spp54943 for a bit.)


Hendrik van Loon (pronounced Loan.)

Hendrik Willem Van Loon, 1882-1944, Rotterdam to Greenwich, CT. — 2019 note; for what it’s worth I found some odd piece of connection between Van Loon and Florence Sabin, as though he’d given her a gift of a scrapbook collection from a series on “the Most Influential Women” of about 1932, I have to check more on this and hate to let the system know when I’ve caught them at anything because then they go Big Brother back-erase things like they’d never happened, but it looks like he’d made a gift at least for Sabin if not for the other ladies involved.



I have this really bad feeling about Van Loon, (pronounced “Van Loan.”) One of “Limitless/The Dark Fields'” major characters is Carl Van Loon and I’ve been trying to figure the character with that Dutch name and cam across an odd mention that Hendrik Willem Van Loon had contributed some little something (a sample school book by the E.I. duPont company as a giveaway from their “Wonder World of Chemistry” Exhibit,) to the 1939 World’s Fair in NY and now I’m stuck trying to learn — what Van Loon was up to, no coincidence that he’s of this “E Pluribus Unum” Revelation-Armageddon takeover’s “Pill-grim boy” stereotype I think was the author of that last book in that back of that/the “Bible,” etc., etc. It seems that this is all that simple. From my little search-engine “research” Mr. Van Loon appears to have merely been a normal and nice enough person, etc., but I figure he was all involved in sabotaging everyone here except his and his partner’s, that “Jomon” type’s, business. They went into people-manufacturing, the 2 stereotypes from that “Ghent Altarpiece” that I keep pointing out from the Pilgrim panel in the low right-hand corner of the opened “Ghent Altarpiece,” etc. Probably tomorrow I’ll be switching this photo to the below book of Revelation area of this footer, but I don’t have much time today. It seems that in a relatively quiet way Van Loon’s and the Jomon type were skulking all over the place setting up this Armageddon business. Houston where I am now seems founded by them and they’re all over the place all the time, like that “rest home” I’d spent a month at in Massachusetts with this phonied-up low-oxygen difficulty breathing business was run by this stereotype, same as the Bishop Shahan and Aleister Crowley, that I’d have to start referring to the stereotype as being the 666-type, which like isn’t a real popular thing to do when they’re so rich and powerful and Autist all around and taking the earth, Earth, to total extinction with their “big-headed” egos from the Autism I guess the whole thing is, but the sneaking around NY back then, and previously he’d been to Cornell in Ithaca, NY and that’s where that whole area was St. Lawrence River infiltrated from Siberia, etc., with Van Loon’s Rotterdam being one of their big “cells” as they  hopped along out of Siberia and over to here, etc., the duo from the Pilgrim panel sneak-mass-reproducing themselves off of their “MDT” sales’ profits, all over this earth. I’ll change these long blurbs to links soon also, but I’m alone trying to explain this crime, not doing a blog so much as trying to explain that there are psychoto-psychopaths that are forcing us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION that have lifetime been using me as a LURE gimmick for their slaughter-system of procuring the “miracle drug” for their sales-support mass-reproductions of their “E Pluribus Unum” selves, that I don’t do this as a hobby but they’re all day long every day perpetrating this crime heedless of the loss of all Creation, that that isn’t their problem, they’re “busy, busy, busy” with their self-Limitless! -believing ill selves and this horror-circus all over me all day long every day, etc. Also this guy was mainly an historian and I guess that that’s how the system-people have gone around changing reality to their “1984”-type beliefs that we’re now living in. There’s one picture I always recall from one of his books that I can’t find an attribution on or anywhere else and so it seems he’d faked it, the right word for that out of my mind while I’d backtracked to add about there wasn’t an attribution on it. I’m afraid to simply say it because the system nonstop reads my mind and watches me in libraries and runs go changes things when I catch any of their dubious or made-up things. Maybe “made up” is the word that slipped my mind, as the “limitless” underworld or satellites are always sitting on my skull.

p. 31, the early days of the Grateful Dead are mentioned. From Wikipedia on that: … Other supporting personnel who signed on early included Rock Scully, who heard of the band from Kesey and signed on as manager after meeting them at the Big Beat Acid Test; Stewart Brand, “with his side show of taped music and slides of Indian life, a multimedia presentation” at the Big Beat and then, expanded, at the Trips Festival; and Owsley Stanley, the “Acid King” whose LSD supplied the tests and who, in early 1966, became the band’s financial backer, renting them a house on the fringes of Watts and buying them sound equipment. “We were living solely off of Owsley’s good graces at that time. … [His] trip was he wanted to design equipment for us, and we were going to have to be in sort of a lab situation for him to do it”, said Garcia.[30]

Cathryn ck sp “Kitty” Genovese, d. March 1964.

Kathryn Balfour ck sp., A.M. Rosenthal’s girlfriend shortly later.

March 1964 victim “Kitty” Genovese had lived near the Flushing Meadows site of the NY World’s Fairs. I’m afraid the system is repeating the modus operandi of this scam onto me but on this global-system scale but I can’t explain why it seems that way right now because of my all-alone status, that it’s too “controversial” for me to mention living people. I’m only supposed to be doing how we’d gotten into this system, not mentioning the living “stars” of it, like government employees, 2 of them, that come from those staircase-figures in that Matejko painting, plus then so does the fraud-parent and that other “Witness Protection” character I’m trying to add a photo of, will have to wait till tomorrow or Monday, that those types were involved in the Genovese crime and are all over me and likely so on the premeditated purpose since I’d gotten into the Army in 1973, the system maybe trying to get this LURE off of me into the system through that connection of me into the “government,” the system’s infiltration purpose I mean.

1964 NY World’s Fair Unisphere.

(I deleted the image so I’ll search for a better, a PD, one.) It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small…. — I think this particular image didn’t come from that 1964 World’s Fair exhibit, that I’d accidentally gotten one from the Disney-places, which are likely all copyrighted and not the point, the point being that the 1964 ones were good, I’d seen those and that’s what I was looking for but haven’t found an image of yet, the cute little wooden-looking Dutch dolls and such I guess, that I don’t recall ones all lit up like this, these might be more modern and I’ll try to get this replaced as soon as I can but the song and the concept are extremely important to all this planeticide the “little people,” the Autists, are actually getting perpetrated, that it’s, Disney forgive, but, sort of a spiteful little ditty, like God hadn’t made such a big or a big-deal planet after all, they’d taken over it, and with the belief-set that they’d be ruling from the skies soon, no more big-sized humans required after all, with their mass-reproduced selves they could sing about it out loud now almost.


#  page 33; Besides all this with getting  #

#  off-track because of extra reading  #

#  on the Rivera-Kahlo business, its  #

#  connection to Donatella Alvarez and  #

#  her husband, I’m also unable to get  #

#  this footer finished yet because I’m  #

#  stuck looking for a slang expression  #

#  that could or should come up here.  #

#  Additionally there’s the aspect that  #

#  he’s mulling on the 1916 business  #

#  with Pancho Villa that also comes  #

#  up in the Rivera Autobiography, #

#  which I’m not recommending for  #

#  others because it’s seeming that  #

#  the guy was really really strange.   # ############################

p.41 it’s mentioned that Vern has green eyes and high cheekbones, then page 196 that (Vern’s sister) Melissa has prominent cheekbones. Because of all this Armageddon plague onto myself I’ve taken to thinking of/calling them “pointy-cheeks” people. I’m guessing now that they all come from the Jomon people and perhaps the Jomon’s trying to inbreed for that trait, as with the artist Jan Matejko in that post above I haven’t been able to work on yet, where “the pointy-cheeks” are invent-creating those little-sized creations that are now all over the place.

p. 43, Bologna, Italy first comes up, along with Dublin and a Chrome magazine Spinola had worked for.

p. 74-75, the protagonist had lived in and now makes a call to Bologna, Italy. The area comes up alot as I’m trying to trace the system but I’ve never looked into anything about it until now I just heard about this Wu Ming writing group’s “Altai” novel that mentions this Joseph Nasi character that it seems to me directs this torture-set to me and the whole global-system, descendants have been creating this global-system for their world-takeover, etc., and in looking into it quickly now in Wikipedia I find this painting of Pope Benedict XIV:

Benedictus XIV, by Pierre Subleyras, 1699-1749, 52×37″ oil on canvas, Palace of Versailles; This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 100 years or less. — and offhand it looks like maybe he was a “Shahan-type, Crowley, many others,” but I’d have to try to learn more on this subject-set. — The bums have quit letting the cellphone send the images to here I guess because they want attention to this larger-sized copy. 1675-1758, check a portrait by Giuseppe Maria Crespi

Perhaps one of the greatest scholars in Christendom, yet often overlooked, he promoted scientific learning, the baroque arts, reinvigoration of Thomism, and the study of the human form. Firmly established with great devotion and adherence to the Council of Trent and authentic Catholic teaching, Benedict removed changes previously made to the Breviary, sought peacefully to reverse growing secularism in certain European courts, invigorated ceremonies with great pomp, and throughout his life and his reign, published numerous theological treatises. In terms of the governance of the Papal States, he reduced taxation and also encouraged agriculture. He also supported free trade. A scholar, he laid the groundwork for the present Vatican Museum. Benedict XIV, to an extent can be considered a polymath due to his numerous studies of ancient literature, the publishing of ecclesiastical books and documents, the study of the human body, and his great devotion to art and theology. — This came out too dark, I’ll have to try to do it over again on a better day than this.

p. 84, A girl asks him if he’s “the crown prince of Toyland” because he wants her to go for a drink and it’s only 10:30 in the morning and that is how the system has set things up, for their favored Autist males to live in a Toyland-like way. Also it’s reminding me of that song toward the end of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, (1975, Richard O’Brien,) “Fanfare/Don’t Dream It;” Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh,” etc.

p. 85, he runs into a girl (in what seems to be his only acquaintance-friend’s apartment building) who’s reading and writing a paper on Thomas Cole’s “View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm — The Oxbow,” the name of that particular part of the Connecticut River there:

“The Oxbow” by Thomas Cole

The Oxbow, by Thomas Cole, (1801-1848,) 1836, donated to the Met 1908 by Mrs. Russell Sage.


The Oxbow part of the Connecticut River


Approximately the same view from Mt. Holyoke, if it’s okay to use “the search-engine” company’s maps, me thinking that some little is fair use. The white print in the river on the upper left says The Oxbow.



(put the tulips back here)

Pp. 90-91+ he decides to learn about and go into “playing” the stock market and in trying to explain that the novel is about serotonin-thieves who believe they are better than mere “other” people I now have to look up to learn a few things about the stock market and right away somehow the old “Tulip mania” (circa 1637) somehow comes up in the subject and that’s a good place for describing that alot of the global-economy comes from the work of the Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi (1521-79) Ottoman Empire character that seems to be behind this specific victimization of myself, but then I’m learning that the NASDAQ, the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, only began in 1997, and that’s when the Revelation Armageddon-system had had like a ghost-prisoner in San Francisco much the same way they have me cornered here in Houston like that, and it seems that their Armageddon was therefore going so well that they went into this NASDAQ part of it. I’ll be trying to work on putting this into better words but these “magicians” sit on my head 24/7 and make anything difficult for me to accomplish, so they can thrive, as they have been, off of this. That NASDAQ seems mostly from that Arctic Seas area, where my explanation is that the system-Jomon and their Autist partners had taken the Yenisey and Ob rivers up to the Arctic seas and then travelled west over the top of Europe establishing “cell” bases for themselves and I guess the Amsterdam area was early-developed by themselves, then with that Tulip mania as being one of their scams. — Also there’s coming the aspect of the interconnectedness of the stock market and gambling and then also that that might be in the “Better Future” of that Man At the Crossroads mural and I’m sure that the underground does wagers on me all the time as a regular part of this unprovable “Armageddon Program” all these decades anymore now, and while on the subject of the stock market’s links to the practice of gambling I feel it’s a big aspect of the whole thing that the system lies and cheats “like water,” that to them lying and cheating to “others” outside of their book of life-family hasn’t any meaning, that, like, by whatever means necessary, they feel that lying to the “others” doesn’t count because the others had, according to the Autists, always lied and cheated the Autist-people so that any lying and cheating back to them is the same as nothing and therefore when the underground-ensconced Autists pull a poker-playing scam of mind read-cheating it doesn’t count and then that perspective is some ingrained part of their invention of the stock market as well, the same sort of “card shark” scam of feeling that their own cheating is okay.

“Man In Oriental Costume/The Turk” by Govaert Flink, Remrandt school, c. 1642 I guess, that that Nasdaq area is where they’re from with this stock market business. Check their “Confusion of Confustions” old book.
The NASDAQ seems to come mostly from that area under the bright blue spot-mark I put onto this map from the World Book Enclyclopedia’s Earth artcle. All that water-area is the Baltic Sea, about #11 on their grid map. Then St. Petersburg, Russia is just to the east there and a day-long car ride would get you to the White Sea, just below the #12. East of the White Sea you could get along to the Ob or Yenisey River down into Siber-Mongolia and that’s where I figure the system has long been base camped and reaching out from, to get the planet to their extended book of life-“family” alone, where they’d be safe from the barbarians like me that they’ve parasited on all along in order to sneak-get to where they are today, the planeticide not their problem. That right hook-like island under #13 is Novaya Zemlya, which must have been a strategic point as they made their way across the top of Europe and over to the St. Lawrence River and into the Great Lakes and this continent here, besides what all they were doing from the south up.

p. 104. PD because I took this photo of the c. 1900 Hahnemann Monument near Scott Circle, 15th, Rhode Island Avenue and N Street, WDC. Above it the words say, Samuel Hahnemann, Doctor In Medicine, Hofrath, Leader of the Great Medical Reformation of the Nineteenth Century, Founder of the Homeopathic School. (– Hofrath/hofrat was like a political counsel.)

On page 104; the image above is from the back of the Samuel Hahnemann monument, that that looks like a toilet bowl, and I couldn’t find any public domain image, — I could go take one I guess, of a toilet bowl to use to describe this little scene where the protagonist finds he’s unable to vomit, but, … “…the weird thing was” that he no longer felt guilty either. I’ll get back to this later.

p. 106, he mentions “Loisaida” and calls it the Latino quarter. I read that the term is the pronunciation of “Lower East Side” by the Puerto Rican populace there. From my experience on the “French Connection” area of Longfellow Avenue in the Bronx I guess that it’s the same people-manufacturing business in both places, as my recollection is that Longfellow Avenue was a Puerto Rican neighborhood but since then I’ve put together that that was a new demographic there, that I’d grown up while it was “morphing” to become the Puerto Rican area that it became. There’s a small bit in Robin Moore’s “The French Connection” account of that scam where he mentions that the narcotics-industry was being given over to Caribbeans as the earlier distributors had moved into conventionally respectable businesses; I’ll try to find that page number but the point is that I think “Loisaida” was because of the people-manufacturing underneath that “Alphabet City” now area. Then he goes to ask “Nestor” where he can get a big money-loan.

p. 107 the protagonist goes looking for a loanshark for no idea I can figure. The local diner counterman tells him the Russians from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, are the people for that, and that they think this country is a joke…

… Then he warns him that, “These guys are crazy… They’ll ” — do unthinkable things to torture you to death he gets warned and he nevertheless wants to speed up his profits by using a larger sum than the $35,ooo or what he’s already amassed in about 2 days of starting in with working with the stock market over his at-home PC, he goes to borrow $75,000 from these crazy foreigners, Russians with a past from the gulags, and agrees to accept $100,000 from this character that’s called Gennady, which has been plaguing me to figure out what he might be allegory or symbolism for. Three days ago I went and looked at that book that Jay Gould (1836-1892) had allegedly written about an “upstate” NY area and his description of alleged Indian tortures recalled Gennady to my mind, nearly identical description that on p.107 here is too disgusting for me to be able to type, just like that Gould had described were of the upstate NY types of the old-time tortures settlers had found, and of course I’ve got my own belief that “upstate” around the Great Lakes was all infiltrated by boats from over from Siberia, working the way up to the Arctic seas and over till they reached the St. Lawrence River and down, then making it into their “Seaway” just before my own “French Connection” difficulty in 1962 had started. They at the end of this book the protagonist describes Gennady’s head as looking like an old football or some such, which would be like the “tawny” skin color of the “native” Americans back prior to the so-called “Revolution” that was probably cover-up for the sneak-infiltration from Russia-Siberia and south of there up and over into here. Alot of words because I’m always having to beat around the bush because of this always all-alone status and that “the plug” might get pulled on me (p. 314.)

Gecko! I’ll try to finish this file later:


p. 113, 126, etc., the Orpheus Room; Albrecht Dürer, The Death of Orpheus; see link: On the Orpheus subject also: — Allen Ginsberg, poet and father of the Beat Generation, was an affiliated member of NAMBLA.[38] Claiming to have joined the organization “in defense of free speech”,[39] Ginsberg said: “Attacks on NAMBLA stink of politics, witchhunting for profit, humorlessness, vanity, anger and ignorance … I’m a member of NAMBLA because I love boys too—everybody does, who has a little humanity”.[40] He appeared in Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys, produced and directed by Adi Sideman, a documentary in which members of NAMBLA were interviewed and presented defenses of the organization.[41]— This is specifically relevant to me and my situation because the “invisible-torture” to me as a female is connected to the “Ginsberg/Tsiolkovsky also maybe” lack of interest in females beyond the ovaries’ being procured. I believe that that’s the basis of this world’s-most-invisible-torture I’ve had invisibly on me right to this moment, and of course it’s connected to the brain-eating, the “voting” to use female victims by the man-boy mass-self-reproduction “Alpha and Omegas” and etc.


p. 135-36, Ginny Van Loon is looking up the word “ferocious” in a dictionary of the etymology of words and Spinola should have checked the etymology of the Abraxas company name he then got involved with. Also that ferocious comes from “wild” and that’s how the Autist people had been when they’d first met the Old World peoples, they’d been a feral people, as far as I can figure after all these decades of trying to trace this parasitism that’s all over me for doing that Armageddon for the anonymous “Revelation” author/s that I’ve traced to being from this New World long-lost and feral people, then championed by the obscure Jomon islanders down to all living off of me for making their global-system for their Armageddoning selves, etc., brain-eater selves.

p. 142, Hank Atwood, Chairman of MCL-Parnassus;, and this Andrea Mantegna “Parnassus” painting seems a part of this all, the play-acting world:La Parnasse, by Andrea Mantegna, from C2RMF retouched.jpgParnassus, by Andrea(s?) Mantegna, 1497, in Louvre, tempera and gold on canvas, 63×76″; PD for its age. — I’m always trying to point out that these seem to me to be early “manufactured” people from a stolen ovary, and the red-cloaked little “demon” character seems connected to this curse then onto me and thence out to the universe for real, that that’s where the TPE has been being created from, and that the starting-ovary had likely been procured by an obscure character named Joseph Nasi, (allegedly) born in Portugal around 1521 and passed around 1579 in Galata, across from what’s now Istanbul, Turkey.

p. 128, MCL-Parnassus company is first mentioned and that makes me recall this small-sized red-cloaked “Nasi” character, the Parnassus demon, like that that’s a specific curse onto my kind but I’m trying to explain that the whole group and all the disembodied-ovary people were all always “play-acting,” that Nasi hadn’t had normal activities for the people he was illicitly growing and that group is all illicitly-grown people so I figure that that cursing then from a small product of the Joseph “Lepanto” Nasi type is also only “plot-story play-acting,” is contrived and not a real life scene back then but it is still all over real life, them all still cursing contemporary-product me for not any reality-connected or real life reason. — I’ll have to move the picture of the full painting to up here, had put it where MCL-Parnassus’ owner’s main pages in the novel are, around page 290, in the 4th footer column right now yet.

Detail of Mantegna’sDetail of Mantegna’s “Parnassus” I’d thought that this was just a random Cupid figure but I’ll try to learn something about Mantegna’s work, that maybe that’s a representation of the couple on the arch’s baby. I’d thought the “demon” was cursing the couple and their happiness while ignoring the “demon’s” plight. However I really think those are an early group of people “grown” from wrongfully-taken ovaries and then fertilized out of the body and planted into some other person to be grown. Now it looks like maybe he’s arguing or accusing to the cupid and not to the adults, but I’m pretty sure it’s “Nasi’s” made-up play-acting, the same as seems to be everywhere, people acting in place of spontaneous real life, and of course the “Nasi/Jomon” type are only always taking the New World invading Autist-boys’ word for what had gone on while the Jomon (probably the Jomon I’m figuring, were sitting on Japan because of upheavals the planet had been going through while the Autists were ferally running around chasing people off cliffs and setting fire to everything.

p. 142, the MCL-Parnassus owner, Hank Atwood, is called an architect of the entertainment-industrial complex. This obsession with entertainment comes from that the entertained had always had Autism and as developmentally disabled people were slow and mostly liked to sit and let others do the thinking for themselves. The obsession with entertainment is just everywhere now.

p. 142, the young Internet company Abraxas wants to buy the long-established MCL-Parnassus entertainment-complex, combining the 2 fields. Looking up something else now I just learned that Abraxas is a long-time old name for some sort of a demon or another. This illustration is from Jacques Collin de Plancy’s 1863, 6th edition, France, Infernal Dictionary. A modern version in English is off-limits right now with the rest of the whole Reference section and 3rd and 4th floors of the downtown Houston Central Library, Satanism Today being the title of this dictionary-type compilation that I can’t get a look at yet so I used this lead from Wikipedia to go to this dictionary’s site,, per Wiki’s article. This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less. — check teacher Basilides.

P. 151 the protagonist mentions that he found himself all of a sudden lurching sideways and then into all the trouble, so I think this would be a good place to put a link to a file on the Physical Symptoms mentioned throughout the book with my explication that mainly they come from this “underworld” manipulation of all of ourselves up here. The protagonist had undergone sleep deprivation and then went out and found he felt manipulated unnaturally or uncharacteristically for himself and it’s my experience that when the “Armageddon-making Program” wants to do a “big show” invisibly off of me they generally do that so that my brain is weaker and more vulverable so I’m more easily manipulable as with how this character had felt this sudden lurching. In the same paragraph it mentions that the placed he’d been lurched into had wicker stools and starting on page 4 it’s repeatedly mentioned that he’s sitting in a wicker chair and I can’t figure what wicker might symbolize. Wikipedia says an English term for it is rushwork is all I’ve come up with so far. Physical symptoms are mentioned as in pages: physical sensations 31 mild headache 78 electric 101 104 146 156 164 170 override mech 182 c. 187 201 ch 17 206 207 224 226 230 241 248 250, 123 brain tissue, vomit 12 18 90 104 157 221 319 320, 280, 281,

p.152, oil subject mentioned. 

p. 153, he winds up in the lobby of a restaurant named Actium after the town in Greece, which was also the site of a big sea battle in 30 b.c. between Roman emperor Octavian and Marc Antony, Octavian winning whatever it had been about. – I don’t know how these “free Download” sites really are, am terrified of bills I can’t pay so that’s the site to get a good look at the Battle of Actium site that I took this overly-dark photo from, thinking it’s okay to download the image but not positive about it.

Battle of Actium, citation below:

p.153 mentions the muralist Diego Rivera and I guess it’s inter-connected that he’d gone to NY from doing a mural-set in Detroit, as back then Huxley’s “Brave New World” honoring His Fordship all the time had just been released, that mass-producing cars was much on the system’s mind at the time of Rivera’s “Man At the Crossroads” mural for Rockefeller Center, and also I’ll try to fit in that the Barnum & Bailey co-founder James A. Bailey had been from Detroit, that the town was a big deal to the evolving-here system, is where the elephant Jumbo had been killed by the railroad train, which I think was set up so the inside of his brain could get explored, as being of Bailey’s interest, who’d then used to commute from Madison Square Garden through the Bronx up to his new home, The Knolls, in Mt. Vernon, NY. They won’t let go of this stranglehold on the unsuspecting normal people, the “Jomon” that I figure Bailey also had been disseminated from…

— This one mention of Rivera has led to a whole lot of having to learn more about him and what was going on back then; he seems to have been a big system-character. It’s taking me alot of time to do this extra reading that comes up off of reading his Autobiography and it just goes on an on, all Mexican and Communist history and then it’s looking like Mrs. Mary Surratt of the Lincoln assassination death penalties is also coming up into this, that Rivera and his contemporaries seem to have “envisioned” to have people-manufacturing like Ford had auto-manufacturing going and Rivera was a big worker toward that, but alot of this material is too close in time to us that it isn’t public domain and that makes it time consuming. I’m trying to write to this one group that has an old newspaper photo where it looks like Rivera was from some sort of a stereotype that had been peripherally involved or more in the Lincoln business and such, and none of this is really of any interest to anyone except myself contemporaneously for me to get so bogged down into it and away from just doing this on this one “Limitless” novel, but Rivera and many other of the “artistes” were/are probably serotonin-demanders, the Autists getting sick unless they’re kept happy and then that makes them the Autist-psychopath even bigger difficulty. Rivera’s work seemed to range into all this behind the scenes political stuff.

p.153-54, Man At the Crossroads Looking with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a Better Future, mural, circa 1933, by Diego Rivera. — I’m starting to think that that’s a “petroleum-making” or people-rotting tank over the center, with the armies on both sides walking into a pit that becomes that “refinery” maybe and then the pipes into the underground where then green stuff sprouts. Also it’s like they’re for decomposing those large-sized statue-people so as to “grow” the sedentary well-behaved and propagandized disembodied-ovary birthed-people. I’ll try to make a bigger copy but there’s a little file I’m trying to start on or for it also, suspecting something, and then I just noticed that Rivera really looks like a “Shahan-666” -type in one of the photos, that he probably was, like the pair from the “Ghent Altarpiece” again, the St. Christopher in a small-grown size or what and in a female lifetime and then the Pill-grim boy is a large size that lifetime. And I think the mural was about turning people into Standard and other companies’ petroleum oil and putting it up was a ritual that satisfied the “magic’s” requirements so then they staged getting it back out of sight as though normal people’s reactions caused the truth to be covered up from their “barbarian,” like I’m always called too, selves. Those are supposed to not be propellers but slants of light about universes large and small, but really those propellers and engine equipment were scary things in the hands of psychopaths, everyone scared that they’d be jumped and thrown into a machine that would kill them, quietly intimidated, and it seems that those Shahan-666 etc. types are always dangerous, and they smile and laugh and joke alot too I think, that that does seem like one of the Gennady character’s traits also, while being bottomlessly sadistic at the same time. the Man At the Crossroads mural, mentioned p. 153, “Limitless.”


1/24/19, — This has got his Allegory of California and more of his work than I’ve seen listed anywhere else so far. Now that I found a copy of that to look at about this Helen Wills business, that she looks like Rivera’s (first/second) wife Lupe Marin, I recalled to also check the main figure in the middle there against Mrs. Mary Surratt who’d been hanged for the Lincoln assassination, 1865, and it does seem that maybe Guadelupe Marin and then Helen Wills (and many others) might have come from the ovary that I guess was gotten after Mrs. Surratt was hanged, which might even have been the real reason for accusing her of that crime, everything very staged by this global-system in its making itself. I suspect that when they did go to get the ovary they’d found only one, her other ovary already gone, then haggling over the ovae would have ensued, between the church now kitty-across from Washington’s main library where I’d spent about 10 of these Armageddon years and a similar church up on North Capitol a bit.

Also, in Rivera’s Autobiography I notice that he was a collector of Precolumbian figurines, to where he’d opened an archaeological museum in Frida Kahlo’s hometown just south of Mexico City; he called the figures idols and I can’t look up the exact pages and descriptions right now because really nobody’s listening to me right now and I’m always in this horrible emergency-type situation 24/7/365 all over me, it’s really bad right now. But John D. Rockefeller, Jr., with whom he’d had the mural-making contract, was also a Prehistory figurine collector, was also a hobbyist of buying those, specializing in them, so I think that that might be a too-odd a coincidence, that both males enjoyed collecting little people-figures, Rockefeller early Chinese jade figures and Rivera Mayan and Aztec ones. — The boa feathers in the “Sunday Dream” mural below represent the Quetzlcoatl bird-serpent god — and the guy lifting his hat is said to be Cuban poet Jose “Guantanamera” Marti, 1953 Havana – 1895, Cuba.

This 1947 self-portrait as a youth of Diego Rivera in his “Sunday Dream/A Sunday in Alameda Park,” is on the cover of this copy of his circa that time-period autobiography and I’m going to have to detour here for awhile because this with Rivera and his mural and his whole “Pill-grim boy” -type stereotype has me getting detoured into looking into he and Frida Kahlo as being descendants from the Ghent Altarpiece and into all this Armageddon-Revelation business, that the system’s only as intelligent as Kahlo’s making the big deal out of Rivera and that is all that’s taking us to TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION, their stereotypes and the consortium of serotonin-addicts they’ve been mass-reproducing from the wrongfully disembodied ovaries of ourselves, etc.

Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso were good friends starting about 1914, 3-4 years after the “Witchcraft Cure” mentioned in his Autobiography of his old nursemaid’s throwing a hollowed egg, a bone needle and a small package into a fire and I’ve come to feel that that’s connected to keeping the extinction of the dinosaurs (the New World ones were the main ones but there were also smaller-sized ones in the Old World that had also been extincted,) a secret from general populace and that’s what I feel this fifty-foot statue by Picasso erected in Chicago’s Daley Plaza c. 1966, around the time of the popularity of the song “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” was also for, “magic” rituals for making like the vandalism of the egg-smashing that resulted in no more dinosaurs for the future’s food and transportation had never happened. Nobody but me says that this is a sculptural depiction of a dinosaur but I think it’s real obvious, with Janus-like human mouths in silhouette and then the big egg, the humans replacing the dinosaurs’ own young for getting the food and then turning on the dinosaurs by killing the eggs, because the parents brought back mashed hallucinogenic plants and toads and mushrooms, to the nests for the young and the humans had grown dependent on the hallucinogens, so the system and its people like Rivera and Picasso know that that has to be their secret. — See below for the citation on this from J. Crocker through Wikipedia..



Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait “Diego Rivera and Me,,” him in her head and an eye in his head.


, -Seagram-Building/:

“Mies”-designed library at 9th and G Streets, NW, WDC, where I’d been most of this millennium:

The WDC main library was “Mies”-designed also. It was full of little doorways, is being revamped now.

p. 161 he mentions “swanning” and gliding into the Four Seasons restaurant at the base of the Seagram Building. As bad as I’m learning the system has been it’s occurred to me that when it had started the “Four Seasons” restaurant might have been twist-translated by the system as to “Force-Ee-Sons,” that men were cornered into having to quietly use their system-“grown” disembodied-ovaries bio-progeny as meals. The new owner of the Seagram Building I read had forced the Four Seasons restaurant out, and maybe he’s a “Shahan.”

PD detail of “Holy Grail” by d’Espinques;. This is my first “click-on,” or try the link above.

p.169, Was he being hugely irresponsible?

p.171, … The Dreadful Ordeal of Donatella Alvarez… reminds me of El Greco’s The Burial of Count Orgaz …… p.175, then he goes looking for a new apartment(!) whatever happens with her and his possible connection to that (pp.177-81.)

P.173, the same Keeping busy as Vern had said.

p.177, he first learns of the building called the Celestial that he subsequently leases and moves into, but in thinking over the name, like, Sell-est-t’-y’all, it occurred to me last night that like the circa 1933 “Goo-machine-home,” a small-scale refinery for trapping humans to be decomposed into petroleum that’s above the head of the central figure of that “Man At the Crossroads” mural, that in the 1990s Rodolfo Alvarez the novel-character is reprising the mural, in the 1990s in this real life the system is now selling at-home private or individual machine-like method for making your own at-home serotonin “MDT” smart drug/s, and that I’ve been being used all along like a poster-child for being the type for that decapitation, and that that’s part of the meaning that the protagonist moves into this fantasy-like Celestial building. — I don’t know where I’ll be able to fit this in and pull it together but the system gimmick-runs on that “Art” is of a primary importance and so they’d had this Y2K millennial-putsch done by “art pieces” like this Armageddon Show/Program sneak way of doing their New Jerusalem Armageddon from their old Revelation threat-promises, and apparently now to me this novel was a part of this “arts show” way of doing the Armageddon, but another big piece of that that I’m aware of was that trilogy of that “Lord of the Rings” book, that that was strategic for stealing victory from “the good guys” or whatever goony things these Jomon think like, by that tongue-flick near the end of the trilogy of the films. It had been played over and over when I was stuck staying in an odd $15 a night I think it was place on Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right near the Marcy Projects and those subway lines that the performer JayZee then took or got that stage name from. His wife is from here in Houston somewhere too come to recall. While I was at that “flea bag”-type odd rooming house they’d played that film over and over, the noise of those battle scenes all of the time, (like next decade it was the Jurassic Park noises I still hear all day long whenever there’s traffic to under-growl pollute-noise to,) and I did pause to watch it once or maybe twice and see that tongue-flick I think right after the wedding scene of Aragorn and the elfin princess or what, and that tongue-flick seemed to me to be like a direct to you the viewer invasion of privacy to flick back any positive or spiritually-uplifting feelings you might have gotten from the happy-type ending after the long hours of watching all that that’s basically like the war of good and evil or sons of light and dark or this Armageddon and, really, this parasite that 24/7 has been hanging on me for around 20 years or back to my high school days or what, it really has come to seem alot like that Gollum character, some destroyed-by-greed soul with the only hope for Earth being that it would be annihilated, would finally but non-dramatically just self-annihilate and leave the Earth alone, the people and the normal eternal future that’s just sitting there available but getting thrown away by these unfathomable bums.

p.183, that “It’s a hard graft” at the Lafayette, the day-trading world, and his short-selling spree.

The founder of Homeopathy; Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) Monument, WDC,. “Similia Similibus Curentur,” is carved in his pedestal, that “Like Cures Like.” I translate that to that for the Autist patients a little brain is they have a headache and alot if they have a migraine p.186= the cough syrup to make him drowsy and slow himself down.

p. 190, he doesn’t believe he’d had anything to do with the lady’s being in a coma, as also alluded to on page 165, but on page 153 he can’t believe he’d hit the guy in the bar either yet we saw all the circumstantial evidence to that and it’s obvious that he had done that act of violence. — Personally I think a sequel was/is planned where you find out that that hotel room scene had been staged by Rodolfo or his friends for the purpose of creating trouble against the Norteamericanos to do with all this “narcotics” serotonin industry. And to do with the general Revelation-Armageddon promise-threats.

p.193 the pharmaceutical-client is first mentioned, then on 199 that maybe his name is Todd.

p. 196, that Melissa’s allowed her brain to become damaged and permanently so by the unknown pharmaceutical product, — I just want to fit in here that if you try to discuss anything about any “voices” to your brain the only thing you’re going to get is any of all those unknown pharmaceutical products that really do then damage your brain to who knows what degree, etc., that it seems it’s against “rules” to discuss this problem at all, you get punished by getting your brain dulled, to who knows what extent. “Do what thou ‘wilt'” then that reminds me of too now, finally getting a mention of his in just before the end of 2018 when I’m just learning about Crowley-Pill-grim type and his “Aiwass” voice friend or guardian angel or what, that those “medications” do then just wilt a person

p.197, damage limitation exercise of taking deep breaths and whispering the word s*** every couple of seconds, — that I do that all of the time, where any syllable or phrase will do, whatever feels best at the time, similar to chanting the syllable “Om,” and taking deep breaths, or sometimes the phrase would be one like “rectal garbage” over and over till I can catch my breath and I’m sure that more or less all of my physical such difficulties really come from the underworld’s pulling on me, like I’ve got a lasso around the under my ribs area all the time that these corral-chief Jomon Frankensteins rotely do, all kinds of bizarre-thinking activities they’ve made up while under the influence of other people’s brains’ being ingested by themselves all these centuries, that that slowdown and forced-expulsion from your lungs seems to help set them back a little from all their hanging all over me.

p.211, maybe the worst lie is that he agrees to his new boss’s request not to go back to the (Lafayette) trading house to avoid undue interference with the big deal but to do any trading in the company’s trading room, which he declines to look at it, and then 10 days later, on page 229, he goes there anyway to cheer himself up, and then there’s the big crash, of the tech stocks bubble, his actions ostensibly causing the crash unprovably, way that the global-system “magic” always works, some individual (like me for an instance)  does something wrong and there’s some big natural or unnatural disaster that then befalls the fellow countrymen. The manipulation of the protagonist caused him to forget about the assurance that he’d made because the system felt like doing the crash and needed some “real story” excuse to blame it on. He just went and broke his word without a thought for it. The book is very unrealistic for how the boss keeps working with him but I guess the system figured their larger-picture would be explained in the sequel and the protagonist is mostly unaware that any underground exists to notice that he’d gone back to the trading house or what.

Page 233, that the Nasdaq had rallied after a great plunge “… thanks to a few brokerage houses and mutual funds who’d seen the bottom coming and started buying on the dip. Some commentators were hysterical,” talking about a repeat of the Great Depression of 1929. When I got surprised by this “visions and voices ‘Armageddon Show'” in Feb. 1993 I’d spent 3 days trying to explain that the author/s of the book of Revelation had something wrong with them and were able to build up this system off of the resources the planet had already had to start with but that they couldn’t sustain the growth exponentially and seem the type who might prefer to purposely let the whole system crash and collapse for not any real reason whereas we could work on what could be done to not force “the end of the world” by working our way out of this unworkable to nature’s purposes parasitism, as represented by the visions and voices surprise for instance, me being one of the last to find out about this I’d figured and still do as they’d previously used this as a weapon against so many “normal” and uninvolved with themselves people, non-undergrounders. When I’d had to go back to Washington in 2005 one of the first places I’d tried to contact was the IG at the Treasury because I fear the Autists would “get a kick out of” watching everyone in an economic “end of their world” crash, and so I’m mentioning this page 233 as ways that the normals within the economic system might find ways of trying to keep the economic system afloat in the event of a purposeful sabotage by the descendants of the inventors of it, because I don’t know anything about financial business, have always been kept impoverished and busy reading and walking around in the gutters trying to stay afloat just my own self. — page 231, Standard and Poor’s check on, started around the railroads.

p. 243 or 244 he learns about an over-the-counter antihistamine that counteracts the “side-effect” of the blackouts from the MDT use. I think it’s peculiar that similarly the only thing that counteracts what I call the slug-pneumonia horror I’ve long been beset by, the underworld in fact trying to cause it to me all month so far, is some allergy antihistamine called loratadine and that’s available over-the-counter in some popular name brand and then other brands too I think. I can’t figure and various doctors haven’t been useful about what makes the loratadine counteract the devestating slug-pneumonia green-phlegm “can’t breathe disease” work but that’s how it is, antibiotics or what don’t work, just those little allergy pills and the system does some torture-trick to my throat so that I’ll wake up with a sore throat as the first sign of impending can’t breathe disease and that’ll scare me into taking a loratadine and I guess they do it because the system’s interpretation is LURE-at-a-dine. I’ll link up some starter-files to here as I’m trying to work this subject up into a presentable file. By the way, the main name I connect to this slug-pneumonia is Oswald Avery (passed around 1953 I think,) and he, and Florence Sabin shortly later, was a recipient of the Lasker Award that I’m now trying to look into toward “explaining” this system-obsession with getting the brain chemicals (like the fictional MDT,) for themselves….

p. 260, the Abraxas company’s Dan Bloom goes here, Le Cirque; Hank Atwood, 261 (trim and wiry, 164, short, balding, 256, vision lock, the future mention, and then that’s also on p. 148,)

p. 292, the “‘designated’ relatives” subject, that that’s all most of us only really have as the Autists have taken over with their people-“creating” book of life family for themselves.

p. 292, the Witness Protection Program is mentioned. — and — — I’ll try to get this straightened out. Page 294 mentions the subject of free will. The Autists would filibuster yak on that till the planet’s gone, on purpose. For spite.

p. 298, the pressing the elevator’s “down” button scene got me to thinking that the phrase “Touchdown!” likely has the double-meaning of success in reaching a female’s privates….

p. 311 of the “Limitless (The Dark Fields) novel.— Page 311 says, “… then what was to stop me from learning how all of that stuff worked? … I could study neuroscience, and chemistry, and pharmacology and… neuropsychopharmacology… What would there then be to stop me from makeing my own MDT?…” and that’s like the way that I’d even thought when I’d started realizing the Autists were also serotonin-peculiar (per Baron-Cohen’s little mention in Autism: the Facts, 1993,) and started looking into the subject of serotonin,) and then the protagonist goes to a Barnes & Noble and buys a bunch of textbooks and goes back to his new apartment …..

p.314-16 is maybe the best part, when he gets a phone call that explains some of the things that have been happening to himself, that he’s been being watched since Vern’s (alleged) death. But then it goes into the protagonist’s saying he’s got money… “clutching the receiver tightly to stop my hand from trembling. ‘I’ve got a lot of money in the bank. I could–‘” but they, the caller, hangs up on him. He’s trying to buy more of the MDT from whoever it is that’s been running the scam to and off of himself, willing to make any sort of a deal they’d like. He calls his banker and the next day goes and picks up half a million dollars in cash but they never call him back and then he has to leave his new “celestial” apartment with the money and his laptop…, but this is my biggest point from the “Limitless” novel, that the protagonist (and then the others in the group of users and potential users, etc.,) doesn’t care about much except how he can get more of the supply for himself, and that’s the same thing I’m trying to get across about this LURE that the system runs off of me and the system itself in that they really don’t have any “compunction” or remore or second-thoughts to speak of, they always choose for more of the supply for themselves and always will automatically behave that way, that “you” or we the earthlings or normal people or whatever can’t “hope” that the system will quit itself, it and they aren’t going to, they don’t think about much else except how to keep themselves supplied. In this instance the protagonist does give the money “away” to its more rightful owner as it seems that he’s headed for death from the withdrawal symptoms because there isn’t any source of the MDT except the guy on the phone that didn’t call back, so that he can’t pay for more anyway, it would seem. This though is my point and I’m mentioning these other aspects of the novel as I’m trying to clear my way down to the examples to use here of how the protagonist is just content only so long as he has the MDT/NZT/serotonin, and then I’ll pack this up and try to get onto this same taking apart that book of the “Revelation” to try to show that same point, that they don’t care about anything except their “Limitless!” Alpha and Omega selves and their Armageddon against the rest of whatever moves on this earth.

About p. 332: “The staircase-beings” from Matejko’s “Dymitr of Goraja,” c. 1870.

p. 335, he reaches the motel and pays “In advance.”

“Two nights.” — and then proceeds to record this account and prepare for possible death from the jonesing of being out of the MDT, but the motel’s just going to start knocking around 10 a.m. on the Sunday to inquire if he’s staying and when/if he doesn’t answer they’ll open the door and then call an ambulance and he’ll wake up in a Vermont hospital under the false name he’d given the motel. That’s a reason to suspect the system plans some sequel, that he’d only paid for 2 days and of course the motel’s going to knock soon. If he’d paid for a week there’d be a chance he could have part-starved to death along with the alleged symptoms.

p.336, he switches off from the newscast to cartoons. Was he being hugely irresponsible (p.169.) Would I be being hugely irresponsible to put a PD image of Bugs eating a carrot here? (Is it worth reading a book that ends that way….) Contempt is one thing but subjecting one’s own brain, in its last dying hours, to cartoons, is that what a person really only wants to do with it. I might put a PD image of the Bugs here on account of this pandering thing if it weren’t for that I’m not trying to reach any crowds of readers anyway, just some sober neurologists or something out there. What’s up doc. Of course I’ve got the difficulty with that I don’t like to use question marks because they bring those lameds to my mind and whatever’s’ preying on and off of it.

I am ‘save’ and I get pressed all the time all these years, decades now, as how they do the tricks to work up the anger for their “rapture” of the normal people, non-brain-eaters.

Back cover of “The Dark Fields,” 2000 edition maybe, by Alan Glynn; text from pp.21-22 on his first impressions of the “MDT’s” effects.

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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