Physical symptoms

I think it’s page 194 the withdrawal symptom of the headaches first gets mentioned, in the Spring Street scene where Melissa tries to warn the protagonist to stay away from the MDT, and so he halves the little pills until page 244 when he learns that there’s some antihistamine that counteracts the side-effects and goes buys that. The headaches are important to me because it seems there’s a pattern of (the Autists’) complaining of a headache and getting the homeopathic remedy of a little of the “MDT” that then relieves the withdrawl symptom headache. However, I also suspect that alot of his symptoms were underworld-faked onto him out there like their pawn on the streets up here. I’m putting some of my disorganized founder of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann material here, just pictures from the monument to him in Washington, DC. Other mentions of the physical sensations are here: 31 (mild headache) 78 electric 101 104 146 156 164 170 override mech 182 c. 187 201 ch 17 206 207 224 226 230 241 248 25 Carroll, Samuel Hahnemann?