The Dark Fields, “Limitless” novel, film, TV show……….

6/30/18, I’m trying to find a copy of this to buy now that I’ve learned a little more about it or time has passed or whatever, that I don’t think they’ll worry if I use it as the example of all this that it is, but I really want to read whatever Glyn/Glynn had originally written, me only luckily having been able to see the film while stuck in a shelter on a winter day, and that was already years ago. Then I recently read an interview between him the author and Leslie Dixon his screenwriter and it’s just because of her pursuit of the rights to making a film of the book that it hadn’t escaped my notice like most anything else does. His “genius pill” or what they specifically call it is the same as the real life serotonin “brain-eating” that I’m trying to get across about that the entire global system runs on, that prehistorics under those effects believed and their descendants still believe that they’re geniuses who should be limitlessly capacitated, is our global problem, that they are rather limitlessly parasitic, and nature can’t operate in the vacuum of themselves’ over everyone and everything like things are.

Then there’s the correlation between that and having black hair, that I figure they go together, the abuse and that the black hair is a sign that something is wrong inside.