Erich Mendelsohn, 1887-1953

C. 1940, Erich Mendelsohn, Walter Peterhans, Ludwig Hilberseimer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Chicago. Photo courtesy the Ludwig Karl Hilberseimer Archive, Ryerson and Burnham Archives, The Art Institute of Chicago. I’ll make a better copy soon.

ck Wells Coates founded MARS in 1933, the British wing of CIAM (Congress International d’Architecture

the radical ninth Earl De La Warr, mayor of the small south coast resort of Bexhill, with Serge Chermayeff, former dancer, interior designer, pleasure palace far smaller than the original design but still okay, opened 1935. Architect’s Journal complained about the employment of “these aliens.”

(didn’t make social housing estates or plans for urban renewal)

explore dot chicago collections dot org= the photo is in hilberseimer’s papers, 1885-1995, bulk 1938-1967, Archival Image Collection; RBA DIGITAL FILE NAME 070383 dot HilbsGroupChicago dot jpg; ARCHITECT DESIGNER OR CREATOR Burnham, Daniel H.; Beman, Solon S.

the photo=circa 1939-40, walter peterhaus/Peterhans, 1897-1960, hilberseimer (Ludwig Karl) 1885-1967, “Mies,” 1886-1969

on Michigan Avenue across from Symphony Center/Orchestra Hall/Pullman Building, Michigan Avenue and Adams Street

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Oct. 25, 2019, I just found this while trying to get the cellphone’s emails to work again, but after this I’d found the Oskar Beyer copy again somehow I think, because I really ought to get a permission from the lady who’d likely gotten this from the Beyer biography on Mendelsohn, and then there’d been some younger person I think that I’d found this also in a dissertation by, maybe:

Erich Mendelsohn is like my “nemesis;” I shouldn’t be being bothered about contemporary goings-on and should be able to just work on the Prehistory and long-ago stuff like the work by Mendelsohn. I’ll put this in a file on him under the Stereotypes category soon, a little ditty-poem he recited for the opening of his Schocken department store in Nuremburg:

Why This Architecture?

Only think back a hundred years:

Crinoline and wig,

Tallow candle and spinning wheel

Sedan chair, and post coach

General shops and trade guilds.

Then think of us:

Bare knees and short haircuts

Radio and film

Car and airplane

Banana wholesalers and combines that run department stores.

Do not think these are merely external things

The inner things lie behind them

A hundred years ago as today.

… to want to deny our way of life is self-deception,

it is pitiful and cowardly.

… So be brave, be wise! Seize life by the forelock,

At the point where its heart beats strongest in the midst of life, in the midst of technique, traffic and industry.

Take it straight, as it is, take its tasks as it presents them. To you, to us all.

Do not let yourself be hurried, master the age.

Do not let yourself be duped. You are the maker. Be a creator, shape your own age.

These are your responsibilities. Hence this architecture.


poem is in the Oskar Beyer, 1926, page 93, Letters of an Architect, page 93-95, 1927

page 72 and 73, the Biblio, 74-76, 1926 Nuremburg store, 29246895-MIT.pdf

Erich Mendelsohn: From Berlin to Jerusalem; Alona Nitzan-Shiftan, 1988, Israel Inst. of Tech/MIT Libraries 1993, docs

— Maybe hers is the only place I could find it, — it’s also in that Einstein in Berlin book, think I’d managed to find another copy of that somehow and had sent it to here but somehow I can’t find it anymore. When he wrote and read this aloud they’d believed they’d be conquering space for their kind, against the ordinary earthlings, and my point is that their beliefs were disproven in 1969 by receipt of all those moon rocks and the actual landing there and looking alot around. They’re still doing that SETI business, won’t accept that this is the first evolving planet and we have to get on with evolving again, leave everyone else alone you cannibals, = what they do with all that “jazzy” energy, from the brain-eating highs’ self-beliefs.

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