— I just found out the Basilica has some strict permissions, as I wanted to go out there on the big “holiday” to get a photo of the sarcophagus because this “Shahan-face” of that sarcophagus is a big part of all this Armageddon “Program” onto me plus likely goes way back to the Borgias and maybe that Ghent Pilgrimage of tricking people off the edges of the “flat” Earth back then, so I’m advising that they don’t want any reproductions of anything about their place till you get written permission and I hadn’t know that and since it says National Shrine I figure there’s some public domain to that, but there likely isn’t but there might be enough to cover what I’m doing except the system “lies like a rug” about everything, fights tooth and claws for their “rights” to do the underworld way of nutrition and having children, etc., so I’m trying to figure what to do as I’d like a close-up of the sarcophagus since I noticed this photo of Princess Diana with the “chicken-head stick” like the Lascaux and the Ghent Pilgrim boy and I’m wondering if the Bishop Shahan’s similar “big stick” with his image is similar to those, and instead of going there I guess I’ll look for a copy on the internet now, 12/23/17. has got great photos. (Friday, June 2, 2017) right after a photo of her with Pope Francis is the 1932 sarcophagus of Bishop Shahan’s (1857-1932,) with a close-up of that “stick” but it doesn’t look to have any reference to the “chicken-head effect,” but perhaps to more odd than that. His birthday was a September 11. Her blogspot is really good, I don’t know how she gets to get such great photos, etc., she’s been to many, many places.

mr page!

creationbasilica1 creationbasilica=dup.

lamb mosaic nsic basilica, this is gone now and difficult to get a copy of. They’re replacing it with a Nicene Creed theme I think I’d seen when I’d gone by to check something last winter.
— Here’s a little note I’ll just transfer from the above-MENU start for this file: I keep losing this (picture). The little booklet I get it from is probably real hard to find.I can’t afford the color-copies and they’re only 35-cents at that now-closed library. It’s that the circa 1920s artist Bancel LaFarge had done 2 ceiling mosaics at this Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary on Michigan Avenue, NE here and the face of the main figure in especially this, the “Last Judgment” mosaic looks just like Larry Page the Google co-founder to me, assuming that that’s what Mr. LaFarge had looked like. The other ceiling mosaic, on the East Apse on the Catholic University of America side of the Basilica, is “The Creation,” a must-see, plus both seem to have references to dinosaurs/dragons that intrigues me in the first place, etc. (Last Judgment ceiling mosaic at the Basilica NSIC, partner to The Creation mosaic on the East Apse, should be in a file here somewhere but it might not be anymore somehow.)

#243, Bishop Shahan?

Shahan_.pdf, I hadn’t noticed this resemblance anywhere else, even checking another copy of this same picture it doesn’t seem to be there. But it raises that this face and the “Cardinal Riario” in the Inauguration of the Vatican Library by Mellozzo da Forli (sp) and a character in the Charles the Bold Flemish miniatures all 3 or 4 have the same face. This is the only one that looks a little like the late Bishop Shahan (d. 1932) that I’ve noticed so far but that’s definitely something to look into. This one is the pope, Pope Alexander VI that issued the bull on the Line of Demarcation in 1492 that divided the New World finds into Spanish and Portuguese ownership. Then that was amended slightly by the Treaty of Tordesillas. I don’t understand any of it. They say this Pope Alexander VI was Alexander or Rodrigo Borgia from the town called Jativa just west of the Valencia coast of Spain and that he’d been a married cardinal, with Cesar and Lucrezia as his offspring. The whole thing might be fabrication by these world-stealers that are still doing it today and doing it off of me and there were Shahan-types all over me just prior to that car-hit and then I’ve just been all alone with all this the same as before getting tricked out to Maryland. — Also check Jean Chevrot from Flanders-time.

#134, CreationBasilica. — moved to post #312, pdf

#255, recipients of my letters innocently take them underground and face only murder-rage that I’m nothing but a

bad slut, etc., then all the (non-Autist) witnesses get holocaust “disappeared”  .pdf so I therefore hardly give this URL to anyone, only a few of the medical and then the legal and insurance people but I’m growing increasingly desperate to get out of this (Catholic Charities) shelter at the end of Massachusetts Avenue by the Anacostia because there isn’t enough air circulation where I sleep. I’ve been stranded with some of these same people and staff since 2005 and I can’t get the bed changed basically because it’s just a “joke” that I’m all by myself without surviving witnesses to any of this behind-my-back-under-my-feet “Armageddon Program,” Armageddon-making show nightmare invisibly all over and off of me. When I got the mail from the Maryland car driver’s insurance company I thought I’d get restituted (sic) and could use the money to go read Florence Sabin’s voluminous (12 feet or so) letters mostly daily to her sister in Denver and that that could explain how circa 100 years ago the system had been sneaking around setting all this up and then into all the medical work she’d done. Also she’d got alot of letters at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore I could look at after Smith and the whole medical system could potentially get straightened out, then the legal, insurance, government, etc., but, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and I’ve just been stranded here in this sneaky “Armageddon” strategy since 2005, writing as many letters as I can that the system (merely) comes from an obscure people under the other side of the planet who’ve got Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy with dependence on hallucingens from other people, which makes them parasites and parasites have a self-limiting future, we are really going to become extinct and those’s ancestors had long ago destroyed the developing solar system because nature can’t create just to turn over the new lives to Autist-psychopaths, etc., I’m always trying to explain but I’ve gotten absolutely covered-up to nowhere. Please, please be careful not to let my material get taken out of context, using it as a LURE for normal people is how the Armageddon-making has been getting accomplished for decades now and in general back to that 1962 “French Connection” photo where those are suitcases that I’d been “tricked” into playing with before they’d disappeared for that. They’re likely still in police storage, but I’ve always got to try to “make contact” with one human-level being and so I send out these letters and the system contacts the recipients and over the years has grown completely strong so that I’m just sitting underneath all sabotage still trying to do the same thing but my health is bad from these “show” condtions plus the (horror) library downtown has closed so I don’t even have anywhere to be during the day, am in walking distance to your building though. The American Chemical Society and the NIH live in like a parallel Autists’ world that doesn’t understand or notice anything that I’m trying to say.  For a hundred dollars I could get a bus up to Smith College and $400 would buy 5 days in a hotel within walking distance to the library and then they seem to have reasonable bed and breakfasts in Northampton because there might be a whole lot I could find in her letters that would help that could  make an extended stay, toward clearing up this Armageddon-situation as I figure she was a predecessor to this same “magic,” the magic, science and religion situation that I, and the planet, solar system and universe, have got. I hardly get any time on computer and am thinking back and forth between this and a letter to some social work-type and hope you can realize that I’m only this tiny thing and the most-tortured person because I’m aware the this system comes from that mere developmental disability and the system just purposely uses my letters for assistance as a war-gimmick, so again please try to be more careful with the material but try to figure a way anyone could work with me. I hope you got my email from over the weekend, about Dubos’ photo. Sincerely, K. Foshay

Things are going really badly for me out here and there hasn’t been any email-receipt, 8/24 now, so I haven’t been able to get back and explain these illustrations yet, as it’d taken me months to finally even get that “the root problem”  gotten back to, now I’m trying to coordinate it with this big-deal ceiling painting from this Basilica here, that these dark-haired boys are not the natural mates to blonde females, the blondes have been their obsession for thousands of  years, like the sun had previously been their obsession that led them to force their way over Beringia against nature’s attempts to keep them back from that northern area where they’d then gotten lost and we’re going to lose the Earth and therefore the human species because their psyches keep everything covered up. I have to get off of here and will now try sending that mate-ceiling painting to this Creation one, that then leads into some other whole kind of Armageddon-disaster type-problem for me but they do go together and it’s all relevant to what I’m trying, safely, to get across. (8/27, as usual everything is generally rotten for me. Like, out of nowhere I realized that this housing-employee is likely also one of my relatives, through “Brave New World” writer/author Aldous Huxley, that that’s how we’re getting that BNW in real life, offspring-descendants of pro-“LSD” people like Huxley working for the brain-serum they feel good off of, all over the place in “diverse” disguises. Plus the place is making innuendoes/ideas-of-reference that they’re going to get me psychiatrically confined or hit by a car or whatever other means of getting rid of me, as I’m getting all this insight to how this housing/real estate business is being run, off of those generationally-enslaved captives’ thinking for all the different types of “Autism” and “Neanderthalism” that there are in the system holding captives so they can get what they want, which in the Huxley-line seems to be mainly the narcotics, but now there’s also the odd factor that I’d grown up with this fraudulent-relative female as something of a role-model and I can see how she was, to put it non-euphemistically, always a liar and coverer-up for the horror-situation I’d always had but with no idea how such could be possible.

I’m having a little trouble getting this matching ceiling-painting onto here, that goes with the “The Creation.” It was difficult finding out who’d painted these and after many books and some questioning there I finally got the name Bancel LaFarge and that he’d passed in the early 1930s, a son of artist John LaFarge but they don’t look alike, me assuming that Bancel looked like the “Adam” figure as that’s the same face in the “The Last Judgment” painting I’m trying to get onto here, and then they have this huge “Christ in Majesty” that’s important also that I’ll get to, but also now there is a 1959 photo-lie of me to do with housing I’m going to try to dig up out of the Library of Congress soon as I can that might get in the way of trying to keep these post-files in some sort of organized order for trying to get across what all I’m talking about. That “aunt” had never noticed anything wrong about the way I was being raised and I couldn’t figure it out and all of a sudden I realized she was likely the “egg-mother” of this housing worker. One of my college teachers in retrospect and then comparing pictures I figure also had come from Huxley, a well-known lady, and the guy that tricked me into being the doof-bait in this horror-LURE “Armageddon Show” was likely one of Huxley’s offspring-descendants I call the “Brave New World” disembodied-ovae-fertilized “products,” for lack of anyone to assist me with all this. I don’t know how to describe it all or why there’s never any comment-feedback to all the writing I’ve distributed or not to this blogsite. I don’t want to advertise for readers because tricking people through my writing is how these system-people have been doing their getting rid of the normal people, kill and replacing the normal people out here and wherever they all are, the undergrounders, because people who like to stay high on LSD/brain only can stay underground to feel secure against getting caught or bothered by others, they just want to sit and enjoy themselves.

I’m having this same “technical problem” with the words’ all being like black bars like the whole thing is censored, that i’ll have to try to figure to fi — straighten out.

#307, An Extra WARNING, really

This is more or less what people have gone through in broaching the underworld with the concept of getting some assistance to me.