(the first and/or last line of each page is cut-off by the photocopy so far so I can only guess and leave ellipses.)

Freiburg im B.,/2/3, Sunday/ 1902

Dear Mary,

Such a beautiful, beautiful week, quite perfect!

It began last Sunday, we climbed the/Mt. Kandel. It is really the most beautiful mountain we have climbed. We took a train and did not climb up the mountain until 11 o’clock and it was a good () hard 2 hour () climb So we didn’t get there until 2. When we first started out from Waldkirch we asked a man we met if we were on the right road and he laughed and said yes and it leads to a () mitschaft. We laughed to ourselves and said “If that isn’t Echt Deutsche” but I tell you, about an hour from the top we were looking for…………..hadn’t……. __________________

…………………………………… accept.

Sunday was a wonderful day, clear bright and cool. We started off early in the morning for Gunterstel and from there climbed the Schoenersland/horn, the highest mountain near Freiburg. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed it to the full. We had just a glimpse of the Alps and a beautiful view of the hills around Freiburg.

(the beginnings of the lines are cutoff here also)

For our afternoon coffee at the ()lyburg when we met with the Zieglers and then went home. The evening Miss G. and I spent on the Schlossberg. It was moonlight/it was beautiful.

I left Freiburg this morning at 9 a.m. Was up early to say goodbye to the (Munsters) Miss HD Pullman and Dr. Ruigsburg were at the train


that there would be a Windschaft at every turn and Miss H. was sure that there was more on the mountain. At last we reached the lift and just over the other side was a Wirtschaft where we had an excellent dinner. My but the view was beautiful and the air fresh. We sat out of doors for a time and then had to go indoors for the cold. The other guests were for the most part peasants with big bushels of berries. On the lower part of the mountain the black berries and (were the more fill) higher up were the last of the red raspberries and the blue berries. Coming down we went through the Simmondswald, which was really the most beautiful walk I have had in the Schwartzwald. () I have put way down the hill by the side of a most beautiful mountain stream, which in the valley widens out to quite a river. We waded in the stream and altogether had a fine time. We stopped at a little inn for milk and were ___________________

……………………. get milk at a Wirtschaft. So we took a little very bad soda water – Where at all the men filed out the room passed us and said was, durstig und trinken sie wasser! as if that was the last thing in the world to take when one was thirsty. We had supper at Waldkirch and then went home on the train.

On Monday we decided to go to Basel. It was a holiday in Freiburg so Herr Ziegler place went to take a day off and we decided to likewise. I did so enjoy the Buchlen pictures. I have already written of them. That sea scene is simply great; one feels all the joy of going in swimming while watching it.

After looking at the pictures –

by the (way) there is a splendid ___collection of Holbein’s drawings there, which we didn’t have half time enough to enjoy. We then went to Colmar. It is a town the () side of Breisas where there are very old German paintings. They are almost all Biblical and most curious – a () collection of pictures purely German that we saw at Berlin. (IthenMan) who was beheaded and his head brought to a woman on a platter figures very largely in most gruesome form. The feast/first consistries of what appears to be a cooked dog…………………….


(Hotel d’Angleterre, Mayence/Mainz letterhead stationery/-ary)

…was a laurel. In the nature() part was one very beautiful Rembrandt.

We went to two or three evening concerts, one to celebrate the Herzogs birthday and one to finish the season. The theatre opens next week and so the concerts have ceased. We planned to ()treats Thursday and Friday but the Zieglers invited me to dine on Friday and the Bechts with whom Frl. Hartshorn lives invited me to tea Friday afternoon so we postponed ________________________

(6) our trip until Saturday. The dinner at Ziegler was very pleasant. Her husband was there. He is not nearly as fine a type of man as Herr Ziegler. It was a regular German dinner and very nice. Herr Ziegler is fine. The more I saw of him the better I liked him. He proposed my health and drank it with wine. After dinner we had coffee in the parlor served served from a coffee pot two hundred years old.

Miss D. is living with perfectly delightful people. The father of the family is the highest official in the Baden System and sometime I’ll write some of the stories he told. The mother is charming, also the son and daughter. The daughter is a music teacher. The son …………………………….. ____________________________

(7) Saturday was such a gray day and the barometer ()stow so low that we didn’t venture out and I finished up with Ziegler at noon. (illeg) I was in partners with Frau Prof. R/K, the Zieglers, Frau Bolza and the Morses. Frau Bolza found the trip up the Bletcher a hard one. She went up from Baden wside as we did, rode as far as possible and then walked the rest. Said that she was pretty used up when she reached the top. She was there 8 days.  Fraulein Seisler called on Monday and I returned their call/was asle to say that you had called me then from in Chicago the while Frau Bolza was much pleased – She…………………… __________________________

to see me. I have had a beautiful month at Freiburg. The work has been most pleasant and Miss H. and I have had some splendid walks and talks. I liked (Jiegler?) immensely and I think that he did not find it so bad to be working for a woman. He gave me a beautiful book of the Schwartzwald as a parting gift, really fine. I must send it on to you when I have read it Miss H. gave me two books to read on the boat, me &___________________

…………….. Shall write from Bremen for mail goes by a faster boat than mine.

Very lovingly, Florence (R.) R. Sabin __________________________

(10) Sudenman. & Die Vereinkeine Glucke. Also she gave me a very beautiful illustrated magazine.

I got you a few ribbons at Freiburg and I hope you will like them.

I thoroughly approve of changing the wills. I haven’t naturally much interest in Uncle Charlies and George’s and ()() rather have everything go to Uncle Albert and the boy. That was my wish at the start but I thought that it would not be nice for me to make a will different from yours. Then was too little involved to make it of much use. My interest centers in Uncle Albert. Of course I’ll send him the handkerchiefs but are you sure you want to live


(11) stranger () to wear a ladies handkerchief. If I have any spare cash I’ll get him them Monday. At first I think I should have in Bathman – will $40 but I shall hardly make it.

Will you please send me at Battiman a statement of the bills I paid out of Dr. Mall’s money so that it will be there when I come. The bills for the two artists and for the flannels. You put them down in your book.

I’m going to bed now. Enclosed the last card I could find of the (Dom) here. It is in well math study. Arrived here Monday. Tuesday I take the Rhine trip and go by night train from Koln to Bremen Am due in Bremen at ________________