TF McNair Scott

1935 meningitis paper by (thomas milton 1887-1963) rivers and scott

tf McN scott

M michael sigel = August 1951, Department of Pediatrics, children’s hospital of philadelphia, and the division of virology, dept of preventative medicine and public health, school of medicine, university of pa, philadelphia

emma g. allen, ben kaneda, anthony j. girardi, tf mcnair scott, and m. michael sigel, preservation of viruses… herpes simplex….

from a 1948 am pub health journal ny paper by scott

1936 erich traub thanks him for work with mice results

scott and wj elford = wellcome bureau of scientific research, 1930s also, Jan. 1939

there’s a dwight b. mcnair scott with the u of penn in 1958ish in a woods hole report

/archives . upenn . edu/digitized-resources/docs-pubs

/aap . confex . com/aap/2014/webprogrampress/Paper23878 . html == Dr. Joseph Stokes in 1939 became chief of the hospital and chairman of the dept of pediatrics and then tf mcnair scott became director of research, for the pediatrics dept i guess since that’s what the write-up was about, pediatrics. Then in 1973 his status changed to, beyond retirement age, but he was still there.

Box 71, folder 3, scott’s biographical materials, including memoirs, “My Century,” 1946-2001, undated.

stokes’ 70th birthday was feb. 22, 1966

ck c. everett koop

http ://dla . library . upenn . edu/dla/pacscl/ead.pdf?id=PACSCL_CPP_MSS601401 — = Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Records, (by) Meredith McCusker, 2010, Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia

now we can all figure how long it would take me to get back to this guy who if nothing else seems to have wound up well-enough employed at least. I’ve heard of Rivers but I’d never run across Scott before and it seems he’d been overlooked. Then it’s so difficult to find any reference to him at all that that seems peculiar also. I guess this is just a dead end for me unlss i was somehow able to write for a copy of that box 71 folder 3’s contents. And even then, and you’d have to compare any photos to the one from that early 1930’s one with cole and avery and everyone.

— more difficulty, where this isn’t relevant to getting me out of this horror-situation with this LURE all over me with the devil on my head moving all these shahans around and god knows what these “characters,” pawns, all are or think or are doing, but now i searched for rivers’ profile file and the 1951 photo looks like a different guy, where I’d have to double-check on the specific dates and what, that this is what was worrisome about, with the df wallace suicide on my mind then seeing that tf mcnair scott looks like wallace’s “type,” and there aren’t photos of scott, he’d just been “buried” in that CHOP, and now maybe rivers, one of the few people who’d known the young scott, had worked together, maybe rivers had been identity-switched, killed and replaced. — I’m not keeping track of the dates well enough, I’ve got a 1923 and a 1951 Rivers, there’s the big difference.

1935 scott is in

— dr. reginald archibald, d. 2007, scam from 1940-82

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