PD: 1153582-19 = Incident Number

I got bit by a dog last night, like an ambush, so that involves me in having to take the bite on my ankle to the hospital tonight and then all kinds of other invented-things off of the system-invented incident. I don’t even know if it’s worth describing it all here, I might have to start a separate file because it connects into all this other Armageddon business all over me and that’s too much for this file that I’d give this address to whoever gets involved that might like to read about some of the background to “all this” just about the dog bite here last night, Sept. 4, 2019. a Wednesday, about 9:30 p.m. I guess. It’s going to cause difficulties from fear of getting attacked by the gang of dogs again for instance, like would happen this evening when the library closes at 8p.m. and I would get back to that same spot on my walk from the bus stop to the room I’m renting at about that same time of night then, so it’s going to be a running difficulty/fear problem I’ll be having to do all kinds of little things about, here in Houston. I’m likely to have to look for a shelter, a policeman gave me this blue brochure with some telephone numbers and one email address I’ve noticed on it so far. It’s always something or another in my life though, predictable that I’d be getting “invisibly” chased out of any rental I found, any place I’d find, and it will get progressively worse if I don’t find a shelter I can go to right away, etc. All the other kinds of difficulties and details connected to this incident I’ll try to put a file “the dog-bite” up on the Navigation bar here till this is gotten over.

Also I’d have to explain this about the “I am ‘Infinite Jest.'” That was the title of an enormous book published in 1996 where people die from seeing a lethal video cartridge and that’s a great part of how the system’s been perpetrating its world-takeover Armageddon off of sneaking around behind my back all my life, that they’d collected hidden-camera pornography of me and for many decades now have been LURING crowds who are then in death-traps, the “Rapture,” where they wrap you up for dead, — and it’s all difficult to describe and all the pieces of how the system’s been “suck-living” off of me all my life back to around when I was four, circa 1959, so I’m trying to get it up on this blog but I don’t seem to really have any readers. I guess the system only let me start using computers in 2015 because they wanted additional LURE-scam tricks, and then they’d staged, like the staged dog-scene last night only much bigger, a car-hit in 2015 where I was somehow abducted for a week while they seem to have made “medical teaching-aid” video off of the inside of my female parts or what, me unconscious and woken up in an ICU across the street from the National Institutes of Health and stranded there in that Bethesda hospital and then back on computer till now, but if they make me hospitalized again the VA doesn’t let me have the “internet” or what way to get to this blog, so I have to try to keep myself healthy and am trying to take myself to Arizona based on that this is all this Armageddon world we’re in and they’ve got the big monopoly on things-Armageddon there, all illicit-wrongfully connected to where all the computering is based in Mountain View, CA, that some odd lady in Arizona had misled the town into thinking the townspeople had voted to call the town Sierra Vista, back in 1956, when she’d just thrown away all the votes and said the winner was the name she wanted for the place, so in Spanish Sierra Vista is the same as the English Mountain View, “magically” linking the 2 sites, in the system’s way of going about this Armageddon. It’s so bad that I figure I can only possibly upgrade this horror for trying to find a way out of the end of the planet that this all is really headed for, by going to Sierra Vista and the library at the “military intelligence” fort right there and working right under all the Communications experts’ nose, in plain view while I try to pull all the different parts of this end of the world making horror together onto paper for assistance in trying to get out of the situation. I call that situation TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION and have written to hundreds of people in Washington all about all this but “this devil” that does the “magic” -system like rides on me and perpetrates its Armageddon wherever I go, so last night they sprang their dog trick onto me and I have to get out of that lonely, dark area but additionally I do have to get some money saved so I can go to Arizona as my retirement social security only covers the room-rental and food and few necessities and I’ve been living month to month like that and it’s getting worse, where something really did have to give in order to get me out of there but I’m not finding anything this way, “let me” now try to look up about some of these places on the blue brochure the policeman had given me last night. — That didn’t take long, there’s only one or 2 choices. The Star of Hope is all the system’s going to let me try to get to. “They’d,” the anonymous system, had wanted me there when I’d first gotten to Houston, that it’s a great place for its “Armageddon Program” that they/it does off of wherever I go. I don’t think the Houston Area Women’s Center is going to assist me. It isn’t a clear case of domestic violence. It’s just all system-tricks, they’ve been preparing those dogs for something like this since they were litter-birthed in the spring, and then some neighbor had come out and gotten into his car last night as I was trudging up the street to where the dogs are and I’d waited for him or her to finish getting in the car and pull away and when they were gone it was like the barking dogs had vanished and I started walking and was saying, Where did they all go, and they sprung like out of a jack-in-the-box and lunged to all around me, these dogs I see most every evening around that same time, etc. I figure they know to get away from that one neighbor who was getting into the car so they’d retreated to some spot they stay in that’s out of sight and then I was just there alone when the underground, however they do it, signalled the dogs to spring as I’d started walking up the street again, one block from the room I’m renting, so that I’ll be scared of those dogs, it was just a disgusting scene with them lapping the blood that’d come from the bite, that’s about an inch and a half one of the firemen had said as he’d cleaned and bandaged it but I don’t know how paying them for that goes as I’d gotten a bill from the car-hit that I still haven’t been able to check on either yet. The boy I pay the rent to at the bungalow I’m renting the room in had come up the street shortly after the attack and he’d scattered the dogs as I was trying to get a cellphone photo of them lapping my blood’s puddle, and then he’d kept walking but had cellphoned the firehouse I guess and they’d put peroxide on the blood puddle and me and left as the ambulance had arrived and the ambulance was making getting into the ambulance too difficult for low-oxygen short of breath me and I said that my oxygen was just up the street and I’d go there instead of going through the ordeal of being tied into a stretcher and then lifted up into the ambulance, they wouldn’t let me just walk into it and I would have been beset by this worse “trick” the system does of giving me an “anxiety attack” and I wanted to avoid that so I started walking and then the policeman arrived and met me up at the front of the bungalow and took my ID card and gave me this incident number. The ankle is really painful and I’ll bring it to the VA tonight because I’m afraid to walk up that street to the room at night and Monday and Thursdays the library’s open till 8 so it’d be dark by the time I get on my way to there, usually having to run some sort of an errand for food or supplies after the library-time but I can curtail alot of that only not this evening and there’s not any telling how long the emergency-room visit might wind up taking, what it might entail since I’ll have to be using oxygen while I’m there also, which might wind up getting me admitted, I have to be prepared for contingencies, etc., but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to find anything though the HAWC. — I sent them an email about the dog-bite with a copy of my first letter to them. The second letter from last spring probably didn’t get typed-up onto here, is in a pile in the room. I’m horrified at the idea of going to that Star of Hope, but they had seemed extremely casual about my oxygen tanks last year. I was all disorganized and gotten there too late in the day to be able to get a place that day anymore so then you have to go back in the morning, real early they said. That’s what I could go do with myself tomorrow morning. I don’t know if they do interviews on weekends and should check that. — They had a Contact form so I filled it out:

I’m homeless renting a room and a litter of dogs has grown up into a pack and attacked me last night so that I won’t be able to walk past them to the room like I had been and I have to find somewhere to go asap. I’m on retirement social security of $643 per month. I have oxygen tanks that I use before and after sleep that I’d have to have space for. The oxygen had seemed okay with you when I’d been out to interview with you last year before luckily finding this room. I’m hoping you’d have some temporary shelter space I could move to like over the weekend.kathy

Now I did this: Dear Victim Services Unit, I got bitten by one of a pack of dogs that have been growing up there on E. Magnolia between Medina and Fennel streets. I’m going to get to a doctor tonight now to see how the healing will go but the dogs will still be at that place and so I’m looking for a shelter space, with the assistance of this blue pamphlet the policeman gave me. I don’t like to tell police anything about this or anyone who might naively attempt to try to assist me because that’s the main difficulty I’ve got that I’ve been staying in such a crummy situation, live this way that I was open to getting attacked like that and now have to move anywhere because it’s also come up that I’m not really welcome there anymore, in addition to the fear of those dogs every day now. The underworld has been sneak-perpetrating that long-threatened Armageddon off of my little Bronx-born nobody self and it is especially dangerous for any “hero” types like cops to get caught into this scam, that that’s the way the system’s been methodically disappearing all the nice people, by putting me into these controversial situations so please don’t let anyone get over-involved in thinking how simple it might could be to assist me into a better position, like I’ve been having on my mind to take the train to near the big “military intelligence” fort in Arizona and doing this working on my blog right under their noses so they could see how simple all this complicated-seeming system really only is and that its runners are taking us to complete planet extinction, that this has to get worked out because the system-people are truly only insane primitives carried away by centuries of getting away with running everyone off the earth and into the oceans and such and they won’t quit, except for that I’m trying to alert everyone to that they’re nothing-to-lose insane brain-ingesting primitives all along. I’ll likely write if there’s anything significant about the doctor’s visit or shelter-hunt but in the meantime it would be nice if someone could discreetly look at this blog I’ve been trying to pull together on all this Armageddon horror on and off of me: UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.wordpress.com I’m really the biggest victim ever but I can’t look for help because that only spreads the Armageddon around, please don’t pass the address around or the system would do its “going viral” trick-set for toward their same Armageddon, really, etc. Kathy Foshay

It’s one of the 3 worst tortures of this lifetime-long more or less Armageddon torture, that these brain-eating bums go after the nice guys and they do that by proffering me as a pity-victim, like, leave the kid alone, she’s not doing anything much to be annoyed about, and this has been getting worse all my life, attracting normal males for the purpose of trick-disappearing them when the doors have closed behind them and they’re alone with these insane, “Jomon,” I’ve been calling them, thinking they’re from an old island culture and they might be. — Something new now that they’re wanting computer space, big announcements going on perhaps — I should take a break now. The Jomon business only goes around in a circle and all of it’s nearly moot, that whatever they come from they’re only insane for brain-eating, and that’s how they’d developed all the high finances and now the computers for everything and they’re grinding the natural planet out of the picture and — “believe it or not,” little me got saddled with these bums’ perpetrating their Armageddon this way, and they tell everyone I guess that I’m an Infinite Jest, don’t pay any attention, whatever she says we’ve got it covered, they’ve got their made-up cover-up stories ready for anything anyone might ever say to anyone about any of this, they’re just insane and the only way to deal with that insanity would be for other people to be informed of it, you cannot talk to these insane brain-eaters, nothing does any good except procuring brains of humans for themselves and it’s even worse as I’m afraid that they only like the brains of the nicest of people, that they get their preferred highs and visions off of that type of people’s brains, and they use little me and keep me like a ghost-prisoner and keep all contact with normal people away from me except for attracting people to entrapment off of how terrible all this abuse is, and they’ve got all this humorous pornography to marathon-entertain any questioners by, etc., there isn’t any dealing with them, not any getting them away from playing tricks in order to keep staying high and in charge of this system they’ve built.

About kathyfoshay

I'm all alone with the real end of the world and always looking for assistance and no one's ever contacted me from the hundreds of letters I'd sent while at the big homeless shelter, 2nd and D Streets, NW, as though anyone that tries to contact me gets disappeared, my life used as a LURE-gimmick that goes to how that Armageddon prophecy in that book of Revelation has been being snuck-through, and this is sort of the bottom of the barrel of ideas for trying to find assistance, thinking I could get all my various writings on this in one place that letter-recipients could then look up if they're interested. That means I'd have to see if I can send my emails to here, how to do that. Wordpress said there is a way but it entails that spam would also get the email address. My time for now it up I guess. Working in this sitting position isn't healthy for me but I've always got to be doing something toward trying to get hold of someone to help me. It's like I'm a microcosm of the Earth or the human race and if someone could help me out of this torture then that'd be a start on trying to get the whole Earth out of this. 5/1/17, still all this, etc., same situation. (7/14/18 now....) Now it's 2019.
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