Genghis era

Portrait of an Uzbek Prisoner in a Yoke, Turkey, late 16th century. Ink with gold and opaque watercolor on paper. Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Gift of Edwin Binney 3rd. Collection of Turkish Art, M.85.237.28; from the Baburnama, memoirs of Babus, Prince and Emperor, copyright 1996 Smithsonian Institute, Oxford University Press, Freer Gallery of Art, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washigton, DC, ed. Jane McAllister from trans. ed. (annotation) by Wheeler M. Thackston.

This little picture is an example of the “yoked” story that’s important in the biographies on Genghis Khan, like a childhood trauma. What I’m saying is that the Old World people did all they could for the invading small-sized Autists from over Beringia from the New World and eventually all one could think of was to tie a hand or a leg so they wouldn’t run around and do the things that they could only do as the feral people they’d become from being “lost” over in the New World for millennium. I’d had a little collection of these “yoke” images but this is the only one that’s left. It’s merely like a restraint to try to keep them from doing the Autist behaviors onto the “normal” or non-Autist invaded people. “Yoking” the boys is the sort of thing that became war-revenged as they only had feral behaviors from the war against the dinosaurs by breaking the baby-eggs, only anger and confusion from being lost and in pain and then enjoying the high from the New World naturally-evolving drug plants fed to them as dinosaur babymash, then they’d gotten to the Old World and saw cooked food and it’s been war for more since then. People couldn’t do much with that Autism and resorted to the restraint and then it’s been revenge for that trauma as the “gimmick” to do what they want as Autists, ever since. There is a big correlation with the Abu Grahib scandal too, where that was the same sort of a “restraint” or “cargo strap” that nurse’s aides use in moving patients who can’t by themselves, and that had slipped and then that fated photo was taken by putting the “leash” restraint into the girl like me’s hands and blaming her for all the sadism. It’s always the same patterns it seems.