I have to copy this better, Sternberg quote, 1965

The Autist people don’t like spirits because spirits were always trying to yell to get the Autist-people to quit being destructive, like a war between the Autists and nature everything became, and their system really has gone around de-spiriting by all kinds of means. My main concern in opening this file is that Kathy Foshay me is used for getting up the hopes of people that we’d get out of this prison-planet terror and then something stupid or ordinary puts me out of commission and nothing’s changed or is going to be able to because the system’s too confusing.

Also there’s the mechanical-type way the system has been de-spiriting people, with that circa 1960s business of “astral projection,” out of body travel, it was/is also called, that the system attacks people invisibly as we’re sleeping, had happened to me quite a bit back then. You’d feel paralyzed while about to or just having fallen asleep, sudden total paralysis and this vacuum-suction vibration all over your body and your spirit is sort of sucked out of you to loosen it from yourself, your body, loosen the fabric-connection between your body and soul for other attacks as they collect spirits so that we’re not in the environment. Then below was previously typed on this start on the general subject, and also there’s the slight difference between dispirit and de-spirit, dispiriting being part of the morale-hurting process toward the de-spiriting then:

I’m always afraid that also I’m being used for purposely mass-getting prisoners’ hopes up that the system will give up and just leave everyone be because this is all such a simple mix-up with the developmental disability of childhood Autism,  and then they never quit torturing me invisibly like this so that I never get any actual adult-level work done toward getting this straightened out and i pass and the hope of that is gone because the parasitism is the problem and the system wouldn’t even leave one little area not-parasited on so it’s useless to try to have creation, etc., and a related thought is that perhaps the 1963 JFK assassination was really for the national de-spiriting purpose, which thought also arises from that that judge that had then sworn-in LBJ on Air Force One was wearing a multi-color polka-dotted on brown sweater that looked pretty odd, polka dots being some symbolism for the tiny dot of the “LSD” that was all over the place back then, created in 1946 to be that name but for disguising that it’s all from brain. (8/19/16, kf.)

— A little confusion that I’d tried to add to this without being able to find it, re-typed here:  The system has a standard modus operandi of purposely de-spiriting people, and that JFK business seems all pre-planned for that purpose and this “hope” theme is like garbage all over me behind my back, the whole of everything a joke for the system-sadism way of taking over the planet because the Autists like to be alone so they can feel comfortable, they have brain damage from the very young evolutionary stage, organic actual damage but it’s the hangers-oners that do most of the dirty work, and these hoochy-coochy types behind my back and other participants and the sadists all like to make this torture to me seem like a good party, so be careful, that the system likes to get the normal people’s hopes of freedom from the system way up so that they can all be crushed when the hope then is crashed, etc.
10/4/17, now this file’s wound up the last one on the new format, with nearly nothing under the Spirit subject and then just this, so I’ll reiterate that that still does seem to be a big possibility of what the system’s doing with me, as i’m in this awful situation but it seems like the system is making a big deal about me changing the blogsite format now as though that has anything to do with anything while this death-by-parasitism secret exhibition of me is always all that’s “really” going on, which I’ve been warning against for 24 years is the sabotage real-deal about this “Armageddon Show” onto me, etc. -30-