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solar system awry
oving – #284 Challenger explosion subject .pdf, In the log 2 days ago the 1986  Challenger spaceship explosion’s oddities had come up and this pdf has a couple of pictures of the Murder, Inc. boss Lepke Buchalter on it and he and the civilian Gregory Jarvis do look alike, leading me to realize that the explosion was all “Armageddon-making Program” or tactics or strategy, via the connections between me and Ms. McAuliffe, the first Teacher in Space to-be, that the whole crew and the 2 civilians were killed on the launching, and the whole thing was a set up and linked to, unfortunate to have to add this, linked to that I’d just started learning to computer-typeset and was working say 4 computers at the same time and like an idiot savant with the field and that blow-up occurred and not long after I’d lost the job by a bunch of peculiar machinations’ adding up to that. I’m saying that blowing up the to-be first Teacher in Space was a ritual for getting me off of computers. Then I got an IBM-PC in August 1991 and set right to work making a list of all the best Shareware programmers and sent most of them copies of this “Armageddon is Now” 5-1/4″ floppy I’d quick put together on what I’d known only about all this at the time, which was all sabotage for this, and then the viruses started and the worldwideweb the future was switched to from the wide-open type Internet. Then I didn’t get back till I was sort of forced-onto this in 2015, sort of manipulated by circumstances that left me with little choice but to slowly but surely try again and this blogsite and then I’ve just been having one problem after another that requires this “arguing” syndrome, like arguing with someone/anyone to assist me same thing I’ve been doing at least since 2005 on paper, then this car-hit and the housing-search paperwork and now they’re also doing this tax refund trick-set to where I’m expected to have to write in protest about not getting the EIC refund on account of being so incredibly-low income, etc. I’m trying to let it sink in so I could try to get it across how intractably diabolical the system is for doing that Challenger explosion. It looks to me like the guy who’d blown up was an underworld-made “offspring-descendant” of Lepke Buchalter and “Lepke” had (allegedly) died in an electric chair, the boss of Murder, Inc. and seemingly caught guilty in one of the murders, of a Brooklyn store owner I think, so that for Mr. Jarvis to die by sudden fire explosion while strapped down in a big chair is like following in those footsteps, maybe a family-tradition-way for underworld Autists. And in 1974 I’d gone with a guy that looked like Buchalter and I’m pretty sure was from Buchalter, and while typing now I recall that I’d then met briefly someone I’d thought was one of those “offspring-descendants” of the guy I’d gone with, looked just like a younger version of him and Buchalter, so that I know a little bit about the type, stereotype or what terminology. The system had set up to blow up the first Teacher in Space probably, God help, because the system is pro-ignorance, in reality, how to put it into words when I’ve only got a short time on here, that the Autists despise the normal people. The system must have wanted to make a scare-example of sending a teacher, and a female at that, into THEIR space that they’d worked so hard turning everyone into petroleum for in order to get there, just to let just anyone go up and then openly discuss what it’s like out there, uhhuh, sort of a thing. It’s about the same pattern as me and the Abu Grahib scandal modus operandi to this invisible warfare, that there they were linking the girl blamed for the scandal to me trying to work a home health care aide job in Brooklyn or anywhere in New York City. First they’d killed Jam Master Jason Mizell of the Run-DMC group and the following year they did that with the prisoner abuse as I was trying to get a (temporary assignment) live-in job caring for an elderly lady in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. There are alot of correlations between me alone out here and news “events” like those but I try not to listen to news and it doesn’t do me any good to dwell on these horrors but I thought I should say that this is about the 3rd time I’ve been able to use computers and the system despises me and seems intractably Autist and diabolical, and there isn’t any explanation for any of it, really really. They want to just get away with using me like a tied-down battery-blob for themselves’ doing their Armageddon or general world-takeover or whatever all it’s called and there isn’t anything I can do about anything without having anyone to even speak with, which brings me to this subject of that I got the Lifeline SafeLink cell phone on the 1st, 2 days ago, and this “magic” is crawling all through me, even more than usual. They/it is so controlling the cell phone, ala Alexander Graham Bell’s inventing the phones I guess they figure they’ve got the right to use them as warfare Armageddon weapons, that out of nowhere they flashed the last name of that girl/lady who drew that brain-picture that I’m calling “illustration” only so far and figuring I’ll have to delete rather than be able to use it as an example of this whirr-whirr “tizzy” by running our brains in small circles where that Sylvian fissure scarring is, that the “magic” does that from the underground but it’s enabled by the fact that that’s a big fat old hole-in-the-head-healing scar that shouldn’t be there and isn’t really “natural,” doesn’t belong there, the accident-set shouldn’t have happened, but nature doesn’t have tangible hands to reach down and force mortals to give up and quit trying to catch the morning sun, and doesn’t have vocal cords for actually screaming out that the Earth moves around the sun, they don’t meet or touch each other, it doesn’t work that way, just take my word for it and quit walking north, and the early people used their “free will” they’ll argue about that till there’s no world left, really, the Autism part of the damage, that they just perseverate, persist in repetition because of the organic, real, actual damage to the insides of the young ones’ heads, skulls.

real-Mars .pdf — the “Catch-23” of all this system.

Exoplanets, exoplanets .pdf, I really think we were meant to form spirit-lives and go “fix up” those planets for ourselves, go scout one we could work-up into being a useful planet for spirit life or get it like the Earth is as a model for a great planet, after we’ve formed ourselves through these mortal lives we live.

img 20170712 100513
img 20170712 101133
I drew that cartoon, it says

backwards, Let’s go find and fix-up a nice planet for God, as though that’s how visualized words would be seen as they come out and leave the mouth. The obsession with visualized or readable language might be altogether deviant or not, I can’t guess. Alexander Graham Bell’s father’s Visualized Speech I was unable to figure, which had sounded like a possible way to translate this work I do, I’d looked into the possiblity of being able to put it into the Visualized Speech symbols but there isn’t really that much there except probably basically this “Morse code-for help” attempt to signal-out to find humans to assist you, and that that became this computerization world we’re living in. I’m so messed up with this “generational-slave #2” type that Bell and his father were from that I’ve started wondering if they hadn’t “stolen” the coding-idea that became this computerization of everything everywhere now, that’s my big question today and lately, that the radio signals and all come from prisoners’ trying to figure how to reach help from anywhere to get themselves out of the prisons the Autists thrive in and on, holding normal people captive as cannibal victims, so the normals seek ways to signal, but how come the computerized system hasn’t any interest in this simple whole business that I’ve only been working on all these decades now, that it’s only childhood Autism I’d finally specified this to be from but even before that I was still trying to explain the same few simple things and I’m just invisibly thrashed and bashed in one “trick” way or another all day long everyday. This isn’t the place for complaining about it though, and what I want to do is work on a Shareware-type business that ignores this system and tries to work on what we’d do if the system ever subsided so that people could try to re-create the spirited world and get off of this planet and out into like you could think of space as being like a huge ballpark that nature had created for us to move into and the whole thing’s never been discovered, is just all empty and going to waste for eternity now because we can’t get over this hump of the childhood-level mere developmental brain damage that the system has got, “signalled” by the hair’s turning black whereas the direction was gold like the sun.

Catechism for Space, 1966, in German, chart, by Hermann Oberth

I’d done a little translating and he seems to be saying to memorize and never forget that formula and everything would be okay, where the formula’s about those 12 little proteins or what, which remind me of “dna” which I think is really “ova-dye” color’s formulas from super-refined “petroleum.” I’ve tried to look them up but all my papers’d been thrown away and I’ve nearly never been able to spend time looking things up, because of all these curses on me which of course includes that it isn’t wise for me to even be doing anything except agonizing at the bottom of this trick LURE-horror all over me, please be careful, they seem to be using me as this petroleum-LURE alot/a lot, and I can’t do anything about it since it’s all always all top-secret, everything is in this system. The wildest thing I think is this thought I’ve got that this secret-slave Oberth was actually the old WWI pilot Roland Garros, captured and given facial-reconstruction and set to learn how to get rockets up into space for collecting all those “free” riches out there. It’s unlikely that they’re the same person but Oberth’d spent most of his time in Transylvania and he might have been older than he’d looked for all the system-work to keep him working on the space project. (k.foshay)

File:Auroraborealis yukon.jpg Prematurely crossing Beringia they’d likely spotted this “rainbow” Aurora Borealis and been attracted to it and gone in circles for no telling how long.

#319, tilted Earth

solar system awry

#142, Tilted Earth subject  Tilted Earth subject.pdf

Nobody ever gets through to communicate with me in any real-life way but if I could get out of this disaster I would love to be able to learn and discuss all about this, that I believe the planet really has been tilted as the beginning of this TOTAL PLANET EXTINCTION we’re real-time headed for because no one can do anything about this Autism problem, Autism-psychopathy because the system refuses to let anyone criticize itself, just wants to rid the world of all the “others,” and there are not many “others” that are normal people left anymore, and this is about the last area of normal people left too, as this “tilt” was long, long ago and they just steadily move around getting rid of normals