Elise Cowen

10/14/17, I got a new “clue” into this brain-serum as narcotic scam global-system, only that Allen Ginsberg’s former girlfriend, Ms. Elise Cowen, had (allegedly or maybe for real) jumped to suicide two days after the “French Connection” bust in the Bronx, her way across west in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan, I don’t really know what the connection is except that the glass-breaking theme is one of the connections, that Ms. Cowen had (allegedly, me finding it dfficult to believe and thinking it’s the similar modus operandi to the Kitty Genovese murder 2 years later, in 1964 in Queens, etc.,) jumped through a locked 7th floor window, a big window-smashing “ritual” I can figure that was based on that the French Connection’s Patsy (Pasquale) Fuca had been involved in or committed the just-earlier Cartier-window diamond robbery and the same at Tiffany’s had been in that time-period, so that Ms. Cowen’s window-smashing is near-surely connected to those 2 incidents and then those are part of this French Connection ritual to hide the brain-serum business behind the conspicuous white powder of the heroin (which is really about “disappearing” the normal-population men, hero-in, hallucino-system ritual.) Therefore I’m going to try to make this a section in itself because that Ginsberg guy is super-scary for little me all alone by myself with the whole end of the planet Earth’s being perpetrated off of all this parasitism onto and off of my “invisible-warfare” entrapped self. because, with this new Elise Cowen part that I just found out about I’m thinking that the 2 of them were disembodied-ovaries-system-descended from Aldous Huxley and either his wife Maria or any of the spawn that she’d come from, particularly the then-screenwriter named Anita Loos. Ms. Cowen’s middle name was Nada and Loos was called ‘Nita, is some “circumstantial evidence” that they were a set-up operative pair and whether she did or didn’t actually pass in that 2/27/62 suicide-leap I’m afraid that Ginsberg was after her ovaries either way and had had army/armies raised off of the two of their’s combination of their reproductive matter in the same pattern as with Aldous Huxley and his wife Maria and then their friend Ms. Loos, so that the “French Connection” ritual, for which little 6-year old me had been trick-used as a good luck charm for, over those suitcases used for the storage, had been at the bottom of, is more a part of the larger perpetration of the whole Armageddon/brain-eaters’ system than I’d been aware of because I don’t have any evidence that Ginsberg and/or Lenny Bruce were real-involved in that Bronx business till this just came up now. Ginsberg’s father was I think like Lenny Bruce’s stereotype, and his brother was a “space lawyer,” lawyer for the rules for whatever was found in space back then, but Ginsberg’s got armies of co-operatives so that this is a lousy position for me to be in, all those adults running around doing this world-takeover by eating brains of victims from their underground hide-aways, etc. Here’s the previous notes I’ve been trying to get thrown into this file for when I can better-organize all this but I have something else to try to get done today, just wanting to open this up as a real section onto itself, a still-open unsolved crime, with those suitcases I’d used to pay with likely still in a police storage somewhere:


 This is Mr. Scaglia on the far right here^. I think his first name was/is Francois, and he’s from Corsica, where I think Napoleon was from too, that coming up with the homeopathy today. M. Scaglia went to jail right near where Kitty Genovese lived, when that big 1964 scandal happened, that is a real big subject here. Etc. That reminds me that I haven’t been able to check on the newspaper write-ups on the (alleged always anymore with anything) suicide of Elise Cowen two days after the French Connection bust, 2 days after this above photo was taken I guess obviously then, this on the 25th of February 1962 and then Elise passed on the 27th and I’m trying to look that up but these Armageddon-Program people have been keeping me away from the library of congress all year and they do violence behind my back over anything I don’t know that I’m doing out here. I have to sign off now, coincidentally probably as yesterday they had the computer run out of time by now too because they don’t want to have to kill everyone because I might have to be walking when there’s not any daytime light left, walk in the evening sort of a thing they’ll lie and do the usual trick-script tricks that are all unprovable, that I’ll get scared alone out there so not any potential-troublemakers can survive, etc.