letter/s to PayPal, 2016

kfoshay, kensington nursing and rehab center, 3000 mcComus ave., kensington 20895


c/o Bill Me Later, Inc.

P.O. Box 5018

Timonium, MD 21094

9 March 2016 (10th?)

Dear PayPal,

I hope you got my email of the 1st and letter the month before that and have found someone at PayPal that could try to work with this problem-set I have so that I could install one of your free “Donate” buttons on my (free) blog-/website, URL:


I’m 60 years old, got (lightly) hit by a car on 11/19/15 right after finally having gotten someone to read the TransUnion credit-report to me and I’ve been hospitalized with no access to a computer ever since and now I’m going to a super-dangerous location for this Armageddon-creating LURE horror that I’ve been underground-system sneak-used for all my life, and it’s virtually impossible for me to explain — in fact that’s how the LURE-horror does work, that I can’t explain it before the individual-listener is isolated and surrounded, and masses of people similarly,() and these LURED targets are like all jumped from behind and killed, that these sneak-ways invented this global-system.

New page I’d written yesterday:

page 2 of 5:, the french connection photo

He’s a generational-slave type

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type —>


This is a lousy photocopy, but I’m lucky to still have one to try to illustrate this to you by.

The guy on the far right isn’t really agent Ben Fitzgerald who did look similar back then, but this is what I call my “fraud-parent” in this photo from the 1959 book, “The French Connection,” by Robin Moore.

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That was in 1962 and that “fraud-parent” must have been an underground “sperm-donator” all these years and I’ve been secretly-used for this LURE and never guessed at any of this and it’s too much to explain so a blog-/website is all that’s left to try tut there’s a whole “nation” or “race” of underground-fertilized offspring of this “fraud-parent” that are secret Armageddon-weapons and I can’t explain through all the barriers put up against reality by this global-system. Now I’m going to a super-peculiar locale and I can only hope that PayPal could be trustworthy not to take advantage of lifetime-system-surrounded me because, again, the system uses my real pleas for assistance against all its own malice to trick the normal people into death-traps, i call it “killing-and-replacing” the individuals and populations of people (,) is how it works and it’s all run by “mentally-retarded” but hypersensitive people with what I call “Prehistoric-descended Autism-psychopathy” with dependence on other people’s brains, they use brain as “medicine” and won’t admit that their ancestors’ original “greed” to catch the sun had led to forcing their way across Beringia

page 4 of 5…across Beringia, like in that “Tuva” map in my first letter. Now I’m writing to ask if it might be possible for PayPal to let me type a notice on the opening screen of the UniverseRescue attempt-site that donations could be sent directly to PayPal without me actually installing the “Donate” button.

I’m always taken advantage of so dealing with all this is scary to me, everything is since my efforts have always been twist-perverted to this sneak-system’s malicious uses. These have zero remorse, will really take the planet to smithereens after having sadistically tortured everybody to death, don’t care, just want oblivion for everybody just because their eons-ago ancestors had had a preternatural-stubbornness to catch the golden sun before it “gets up off the ground” in the mornings. They use my real pleas for assistance against those book of Revelation “Armageddon” (Rev. 16:16,( and other threats for world-takeover to trick people underground to death, and lifetime-using oblivious me and/or my image as a pornography-LURE, then they “kill and replace” the tricked normal people with “creations” like these countless ones from this bizarre fraud-parent I’d never ever guessed about, and I’ve hospital-written lots of this onto scanable paper now. I was afraid to read that TransUnion

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credit-report because since March 2014 these system-people here (illeg., have awning ) (doesn’t look like it’s “began using,”) this scam of calling ambulances on me all the time and so I’m always homeless and can’t keep up with the mail-tampering and other tricks to run-up phony medical bills on me. Right now even though this latest is supposed to be completely covered, I’m all alone in these strange places surrounded by strange and stereotype-made people/s, i’m afraid to look at this “crap” they send me through the mail — which circles around to me, always looking for any one sober or sane adult’s assistance, like in this letter to you.

Alot of this Armageddon has been done off of that Catholic Charities was running this section of the Federal-City Shelter in D.C. that I’d been stuck in from 2005 till they’d left in 2010/00 and a similar group had taken over that area, and now I’m going from this nursing facility to a similar SAFE-SOUNDING (religious) -place that might actually be the biggest source of danger to Earth and its normal people and this might be getting me the most taken-advantage of ever, making the mentally-retarded monsters’ world-takeover more secure than ever. The LURE-problem behind my back and under the ground could become worse than ever between them and also PayPal is all strangers also, and Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria and there are these underground-made “offspring-descendants’ from her all over the place here and they are also really “twisted” mentally, in all this. Please try to get someone at PayPal to work with me having an account with you under all this PLANET-SMITHEREENS nightmare I’m alone with. Kathy Foshay

(I think they I’d put a note at the top by the addressess that I’ll write when I get settled at the new place.)


(again on the map letterhead here)

Dear PayPal,

In my 3/10/16 letter I forgot that I’m hoping you’d have some way I could have a free “Donate” account with you were people could go to one of your websites to donate to this UniverseRescue atttempt without putting their names and addresses or information where the spies on me would see it as the system is all-dangerous in keeping normal people lied to and away from me. This new place I’m stranded in is a big-time sontinuation of this “Armageddon Show” off of me that’s been how those ill Revelation threts have been being pulled off and these are really “war without end” Autist-psychopaths, meaning that the system is medically unable to help themselves from this Autism repetition-disorder, descended from Prehistory days.

Again, while trying to get a “Donate” button for my blogsite

UniverseRescueKathyFoshayWordPressCom.WordPress.comI got (ritually) hit by a car on 11/19/15 and this now is the 3rd medical place I’ve been and all of them have had no access to a computer for me but I’ve been continuing to write down about all this problem that has us headed to what i call TPE because the system come from people I’ve learned alot about because I’m lifetime-abused (now 60) for their Armageddon-LURE.

the Hundreds of letters little note.

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Where the system is sneak-killing all the normal people it can get itself’s hands onto but replacing them with these mass-self-reproduced and whatever, steretypes, and alot of them come from this fraudulent-family I’d grown up thinking were all normal relatives, the system using the reproductive-matter to make all the brainwashed hard-working slaves, and this goes on and on with both what I’m going through personally and what I’ve learned from trying to figure everything through book-research. While at the hospital the nurses got me Wikipedia and such printouts on the history of psychiatry and i realized that emil kraepelin, d. 1926, turned psychiatry upside-down to make normal seem insane and kraepelin’s own Autist-psychopath with dependence on hallucinogens from other people’s brains type seem normal, all that transferred to this country. But now i’ve been shunted to learning that that “Mother Teresa” was likely 1 of Kraepelin’s wrongfully-made “offspring-descendants” that has carried out Kraepelin’s work, me now in one of this “charity” houses that are all over the planet plaes, and she’s just one of Kraepelin’s “children,” secret-children, the d. 1966 comedian satirist Lenny Bruce and that Tony Fuca guy in that last letter I’d sent you, in that “French Connection” photograph along with my fraud-parent posed as though a narcotics agent, and many others, all running circles around to get the normal people deceased so these obsessed Autists can own the world, even though that by 1969 it was obvious anymore than they weren’t going to find silver and jewels or even food in outer space that they’d killed

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millions and millions of people to get the rocket fuel to get them up there to claim for themselves and their world-takeover Plan accomplished even though that all was incorrect they keep that a secret and insatiable-relentlessly pursue this world to themselves alone Plan, and kathy foshay is really alone at the bottom of how this system is relentlessly pursuing their world-owndership desire, when really they just have understandable childhood Autism that keeps them from being able to just quit keeping the whole planet now enslaved to themselves.

Please PayPal, it’s too dangerous for normal people to have this address because these guys are super-brutes who thrive on the chance to show off and please the system by beating, torturing and killing normal people, especially men.

They have a wide net of stories they ell to trivialize my requests for assistance, and that’s largely what makes this nonstop “Armageddon Show” off of me, the pornography-LURE tactic probably the biggest part of that. For instance, they have Clinton-era people swear that I fell for tricks, stories some tall guy told me that caused my Armageddon/Revelation beliefs but that overlook that there are about 100 million copies of that Revelation-chapter all around the world and the millennium was/is in my generation so I’d been keeping an eye open for those “signs” and had lots of books and maybe 5 different versions of that Bible/New Testament around in case i’d want to try to look into this someday, at the time that the guy’s story-scam had been run on me, that i was already aware of that strange Revelation writing.

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This mother teresa’s sisters nursing-place i’m at only let me go off the premises for 7 hours a week now and i don’t think there’s enough time for me to be able to get a library-computer and install the “Donate” button without “breaking” the blog-/website UniverseRescue like I did last time i’d tried to do this.

I offered this group 10% of any future-profit from this blogsite’s donation-attempt when i had my admission-interview early this month, and paypal could also have 10^ if they’d make the little extra effort in helping me to get some income started because i’ve been living on hardly anything since 2005 except seasonal gifts from this “French Connection” fraud-parent that’s got the “Science Fiction” i mention this under in the blog-/website “offspring-descendants” all over the place sabotage for this whole country to mass-mass-reproduce people — and i was barefly touched by this car accident, God help me, but woke in the ICU a week later like all beaten up and with a fractured skull and all these things are unprovable by tiny goon-surrounded-life me so all i have to do is mention any of these subjects and the thinly-veiled Psych ward threats start getting dropped to shut me up again but i have about 10,000 details and my strategy is that a person would have to read alot of this writing i do before being able to point any fingers, even i don’t ever point fingers at the fraud-parent much, but the global-system strategy is to make it seem like the U.S. is comprised of crappy-type people, which is how the Autists then feel like “superior” people, all-the-time pattern. Please try to let me hear from you or get a phone # or name of some contact at paypal . thanks, kathy foshay, kathyfoshay2@gmail.com, gift of peace, 2800 ne 20018

page 5 added in fear/from insane character again

2/1816, PayPal, Please, i only require a little cash for busfare and photocopy fees, help me to do a little Shareare-type writing in exchange for voluntary donations toward really rescuing the Univese from the total extinction of all created-Biology just by quietly explaining the  approx. 10,000 details i’ve learned about about all this so-called “mystery” of life, that all life’s troubles only come from at errant childish geting lost in early  walking-days of man, but i can only explain aspects of evyerhing in any one sitting and i’ve never had any normal mature adult allowed around me so i could be abused for these horrifying errant world-takeover “global-system” run by Autist-psychopaths’ purposes and i’m totally surrounded by mentally-ill and bainwashed performers for this Armagededon-creating and Earth wan’t meant to be owned but to be, like, spiritually-lauunched off of from toward out and filing up this now-barren of life whole, enormous Universe of empty space while these Autists only want to own anything that they can see and the Autism prevents usfel learning becase they underground-breed their own kind by “top-crossing” inbreeding unnatural bizarre methods and every little thing is a secret because it is all founded in this medical problems they, their ancetors, had developed from “disobeying” nature and forcing their way over Beringia back in the dinosaur age. The dinosaurs in North America were then kind of them and wound up getting extincted by the Autiss and these same patterns are still going on because of the underground ways. please let me hear by mail or email that you received this but don’t give out this Mo. T’s address for me, please! kfoshay